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May 28, 2011

Nobel Laureate Lech Walesa snubs Obama.

Image; Lech Walesa.

Lech Walesa is one of the real heroes of liberty. Leading union action in Soviet occupied Poland was the sort of thing that could cause arrest, imprisonment, and constant state harassment, and in his case did. After years of leading his people in the face of oppression and state tyranny, he was able to negotiate a deal for a return to democracy and the withdrawal of Soviet troops. This was the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983, became president in 1990, and implemented the necessary reforms to bring about a free market economy. He has now refused to meet with Barack Obama, another Nobel Peace Laureate who was awarded the prize for … er … well … being Barack Obama.

From IBD Editorials:
Lech Walesa, the former Polish president and heroic leader of the Solidarity trade union that helped liberate the entire Eastern European Soviet bloc from communist rule, has his moral courage indelibly engraved in the history books.
At 67, Walesa is a living legend with nothing left to have to prove.
But on Friday, Walesa once again answered the call to duty and announced he would not accept fellow Nobel Peace laureate President Obama's invitation to meet with him in Poland after the G-8 Summit in France.
The decision makes perfect sense, considering the obvious rationale behind Obama's Polish visit. Obama is meeting Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski and Prime Minister Donald Tusk not to help them defend their state against its obvious enemy: Russia under ex-KGB thug Vladimir Putin. …
... Close observers of this president for the two-plus years of his rule know he isn't interested in listening to the likes of Walesa, any more than he wants to hear the leaders of former Soviet satellite states explain how the low, flat tax rates they adopted in recent years led their nations to double-digit GDP growth.
For the sake of preserving Poland's hard-fought freedom, Komorowski and Tusk should be joining Walesa in giving Obama the cold shoulder.
The president hadn't even had a chance to redecorate the Oval Office before he felt the need, in fall of 2009, to appease Moscow by scrapping plans to build a missile defense shield protecting Poland and the Czech Republic from attack by Russia, Iran or any other aggressor. …
… His replacement for that "tragically misguided view" has been the appeasement of the Free World's enemies — from favoring Palestinian terrorists over Israel, to allowing Iran to move steadily toward becoming a nuclear weapons power, to compromising Ronald Reagan's dream of functional missile defence.
The ego-based Obama foreign policy is designed not to defend liberty against its enemies, not to recognize and act effectively against the greatest threats in the world — a soon-to-be nuclear Islamofascist Iran being at the top of the list — but to score PR points and shoot for big deals. …
… The message Poland's leaders should deliver to our self-satisfied president is the one Walesa is delivering by his absence: Neither your Nobel nor bin Laden's head, Mr. President, is a substitute for U.S. help in keeping a liberated Eastern Europe liberated.


  1. ...Barack Obama, another Nobel Peace Laureate who was awarded the prize for … er … well … being Barack Obama.

    Oh, be fair, Jim. It was also for not being George Bush. Joking aside it seemed to be having a nice wish list, at least for the right on crowd. His pre-election speeches could have consisted entirely of singing the Coca-Cola song over and over again and the Nobel mob would have gone 'Teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony, eh? Well, he's got my vote for Peace Prize.'

  2. The award to Obama was one of those events which years later you can remember just where you were when you heard about it.

    I had just got up and was having a coffee and a smoke out on the verandah before getting ready for work. I had the radio going for the on the hour news and didn't quite catch it, but I heard mention of Obama and the Nobel Prize in the one sentence. I assumed that he had made a comment on someone winning it.

    I nearly asked the other guys over breakfast if he had been awarded it, but thought, "No I'll only be laughed at, theres no way."

  3. Ha! I've got two Nobel Prizes now. After Obama got one, the value plummeted to the point I found one as a toy inside a kids' breakfast cereal box and the local lube shop threw in a free medal with every oil change for the entire month of May.

  4. I know just what you mean, Its got me beat just how satirical sites like the Peoples Cube, and the Onion, keep going given the current state of reality.

    Of course, Will Rogers once claimed, "I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts."

  5. A man of honor who personally lived through the savageries of a hard left Socialist regime. What a breath of breath of fresh air! In my view, like “the bitch slap heard around the world” as someone put Bibi’s lecturing the clown prince few days ago we once again see a real leader lecturing our child president. Good for him! If only our leaders and so much of the electorate in general had the balls to stand up for their ideals and rights as Lech Walesa!

  6. Welcome aboard Joetote.

    I have to agree, there is a great deal of difference between the Obama medal for talking about hope and change, and the Walesa action of standing in the way of tyranny, putting up with numerous arrests, imprisonment, casual state bastardry, and the ever present danger of being murdered.

    A great man.

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  8. Lech Walesa is perhaps the greatest man of the last half of the 20th century.