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May 9, 2011

The left’s latest cause; Osama’s “murder.”

Cartoon ; by Foden.

I frequently sing the praises of Quadrant Online on this site for their insightful commentary and editorials on current events. Here is another.

It didn’t take long; the body was still sinking to the bottom of the sea when the leftist ideologues began their anti US rhetoric about the killing of bin Laden. Even though the final approval of the operation came from one of their own, the very idea of the US taking decisive though not politically correct action was an anathema to them.

One of the favorite themes is the celebrations that occurred at the news of his belated demise at the hands of specialist US troops. I mentioned on a previous post the reaction of one Australian Islamic Mullah, or whatever title he claimed, in criticizing the reaction. This is only one aspect to it. Perennial lefty sad sack Bob Ellis, notes that there was no celebration on the death of Hirohito. In it he fails to mention that by that time, the war had been over, and we had lived in peace with Japan for 44 years.

In other words many of those old enough to remember the war had died already, and two new generations had grown to maturity since. Many older people probably had no regrets over his death and some were glad, but there was no real cause for celebration. No doubt though there would have been a few glasses raised in the various RSL’s to honor the occasion and wish him in Hell.

Quadrant gives a good run down on this phenomena and its similarity to Meer cat Manor:

The Left’s reaction to the death of bin Laden was nothing if not meerkatish. As usual there was a lull before someone broke the silence and signaled a line-of-spin. I think it was Geoffrey Robertson, QC, who was first out the barrier with the idea that the US President, Barak Obama, had either ordered an assassination or an execution. And just in case his worldwide audience didn’t get the message, the message was “cold-blooded assassination” and “summary execution”.

And to add to the meerkat flavor, Robinson delivered his message from what looked like a camera mounted on his home computer. He sure looked a bit like Zorro the meerkat, as his distorted image appeared on TV news channels. He opened with:
The US resembles the land of the munchkins as it celebrates the death of the Wicked Witch of the East.

Then Alan Austin popped up on onlineopinion, from his base in Nîmes in France, to tell us “It was an illegal execution without trial. It was murder.” And, “That is certainly the view of some here in Europe, including Anneli Hautala the Finnish chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament.” He added, “Ms Hautala immediately questioned ‘la nécessité qu’il y avait de le tuer’ — the need to have killed bin Laden rather than to have effected his capture.” He then followed with an extraordinary rant against the evil intent of the USA.
Well worth the read.


  1. I'm not sorry he's dead, but I am sorry that so much time, effort, money and blood has been used up to get to this point. As for flag waving crowds celebrating his death, it just means that those who were jumping for joy are no worse than all those people in Islamic nations who celebrated when the World Trade Center towers fell down - yes they did, lefties, we watched it on TV. Thing is, it doesn't really make them any better than those celebrating the towers' collapse either.

    More to the point I really wonder what there is to celebrate. If I thought Bin Liner's death would mean not having airports more concerned with security theatre than security and governments locking our liberties away from us for safekeeping I'd be celebrating too. But the sad fact is the bastard probably hadn't even reached ambient temperature before we were told that the need for vigilance is as strong as ever, yadda uadda yadda.

    Soon, as Orwell predicted, we'll have always been at war with Eastasia. We'll just be calling it "terror".

  2. Because I profess to be English and prefer my nationality to be English - I'm a Racist
    Because I don't believe that "climate change" is man-made,I'm a denier. A swivel eyed Maniac, A Troll etc.
    So, to believe, strongly, in the rule of law is to be labelled "a leftist ideologue".
    Let's hope that the "death squads" don't coma a calling for you or yours.

  3. I personally didn't celebrate although I gave a 'thumbs up' and a good on yer. I can't judge the Americans who did as they have a much more personal stake in the issue.

    I agree that this is unlikely to wind back the powers the state has grabbed in response to 911. Governments love those additional powers, especially if they allow them to employ lots of new 'public servants' for us,and even more so if those 'servants' can be given the power to make real pricks of themselves.

    Anon; What the leftist ideologues call the rule of law, tends to be the rule of men, and is an irrational concept where the state has unlimited powers over the individual.