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May 23, 2011

Oh well, the Rapture's passed and I'm still here.

The latest Rapture seems to have fizzed, like the two or three others that have come and gone that I can remember. There could have been more, as at times in my life I have worked for extended periods in isolated areas with minimal communications.

At least I don’t think anything has happened, no one I know seems to be missing, but then the kind of people I tend to associate with, albeit good honest folks, are generally not the types I would expect to go.

Bawb just commented, Angry, Dondero, Pat Conlon, and others have posted, Ranty is running late, but I expect him to be OK. (Not casting any aspersions there, Captain.) I still have to check on our LDP Federal Executive, but after what Fred Nile from the Christian Democrats has to say about us, I think we will all be here.

Actually I thought of revising the party’s preference deals to take into account the absence of the CDP, Family first, and other Bible thumper groups who maintain that we are incapable of individually conducting ourselves in a manner compatible with Eternal Salvation, and believe the whole thing needs collectivization and a little legislative help. The thing is though that we are more likely to get preferences from bin Laden than them, and now the prick is dead, he is probably voting Democrat in several swing states in the US.

The real problem with Rapture predictions is that they always seem to emanate from the US and presumably, are based on US time. The bloody Yanks complicate things by being at the arse end of the world’s time zones. We in Oz kick things off by being the first country (apart from some mini Island nations to our East) on this side of the International Date Line. They, on the other hand are the last to join us in today, by the time they get to midnight yesterday, we are heading home from work today. Recalcitrant pricks!

As result it is possible that we can be well into Sunday thinking it has not happened, just in time to see that irritating, holier than thou prick next door start ascending into Heaven accompanied by a choir of Angels.

Anyway, I guess there will be more of them to come.


  1. Only 10% of the world's population live in US time zones, and anyway, you don't hear about 80% of world-ending predictions because they aren't by English speakers, or don't get picked up by Western media. So if any prediction is actually true, we are most likely to disappear without knowing what on earth is going on.

  2. Good points, its just that after we pass their predicted event time, we have to wait around 14 hours for the first of them to catch up.

    When you come to think of it, this shit is probably going on somewhere right now.