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Aug 28, 2012

But is it safe for nanny to be on steroids? School bans handstands

"It's really frustrating because they ban everything and there is not much else for us to do.” - School kid.

It appears that Old Nan has been hitting the steroids and has come up with another idea for keeping the kids safe, and fun free of course. Drummoyne Public School, in consultation with the State Schools Sports Unit, a branch of the Department of Education has decided that handstands, cartwheels, and somersaults need to be banned, even after the P&C spent a lot of money on soft fall surfaces:

The move has confounded parents such as Rebecca Chown, who has collected more than 250 signatures on a petition calling for the rule to be overturned. "It's ridiculous, what's the world coming to when kids can't do handstands and cartwheels at lunch time,'' she said.

Ms Chown said she understood the principal "felt she was doing the right thing.'' "So many principals are wary about children injuring themselves, due to the growing litigative culture we live in,'' she said. Ms Chown first heard about the ban when her daughter Estelle, 10, came home on August 17 and said children had been told they couldn't do anything that had them "upside-down.''

Estelle said: "It's really frustrating because they ban everything and there is not much else for us to do.”

While Ms Chown said she understood the risks, children were playing, not training to be gymnasts. It was especially frustrating since the school's P&C, which her husband has been active in, has raised about $200,000 for playground upgrades, which included soft fall surfaces so children could play in a safer environment.
First they stop physical activities, then they will call for banning of various foods and drinks to prevent the now sedentary but safe children from putting on weight. The nanny state motto; “Total bliss is just one more regulation away.”

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