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Aug 27, 2012

Has the LNP forgotten the battlers?

by Viv Forbes assisted by volunteer editors.

It seems certain that the Greens-ALP Coalition is doomed. The main political question is "Can we rely on the LNP to clean all the rubbish from the Climate Stables?"

Unfortunately the answer seems to be "No". The Liberals have too many light greens in their ranks. Instead of an open well-identified carbon tax, we will still have the insidious RET Tax, hidden green energy subsidies, and a huge carbon-credit/carbon-farming bureaucracy. All of these will benefit the pockets or the consciences of the well-to-do at the expense of ordinary working families. Too many Liberals have forgotten the battlers and now stand for the beautiful people.

The carbon war continues. Please help us spread the word.

Nothing New about Extreme Weather

"Global Warming" has lost its credibility; "Climate Change" does not sound very scary; so they are now relying on "Extreme Weather Events" to scare us into giving them power over every aspect of our lives.

Unfortunately for the Alarmists, there is nothing new about Extreme Weather Events.

The Real Agenda:

If you wondered why every productive enterprise was under attack, why farmers are finding their land sterilised, why explorers and miners are demonised, why foresters are locked out of the forests and fishermen banned from the sea, maybe this video provides a clue:

Meanwhile, here in Australia:
"Some Local governments have a particularly important role to play in preparing SoE (State of the Environment) reports and a number of NSW councils are at the forefront of SoE reporting in Australia. An increasing number are actively working on Local Agenda 21 strategies for their local areas.

"This is a trend the NSW Government strongly supports and I encourage all councils to do likewise."
Ernie Page, M.P.
Minister for Local Government, NSW 1998

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