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Aug 6, 2012

Rand Paul on public perception of government

Rasmussen Reports are consistently showing the approval levels of congress being at extraordinarily low levels. In the last poll on the subject (Jul 13), ONLY 7% felt that congress was doing a good job, as opposed to 60% who felt it was doing a poor job. Rand Paul gives his opinion in the following video:

While the time of Rand’s speech was not mentioned, the fact that it is 600 pages long and was delivered that morning is a clear indication that no real in depth perusal of it was possible prior to the vote in “half an hour.” Had an advance copy been read in the days prior, it would be out of date, owing to the changes of the night before.

It is questionable whether these documents need to be as long as they are. There has to be a way of simplifying them, unless the purpose of making them that long is to ensure they are not fully understood, and possibly hides some aspects until after they are voted on.

The novels of Tom Clancy are often used as an analogy for documents that are long and complex, but they are normally 1,200/1,300 pages long. Obamacare, was as long as two of them read in succession, were they read at all. It was longer than War and Peace, and Atlas Shrugged combined, and created the memorable quote; “It will have to be passed so we will know what is in it.”

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