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Aug 29, 2012

Obama posts himself as Armstrong tribute

Remember where you where when Obama looked at the moon?Andrew Bolt alludes to the JFK moment.

Image: real ‘tribute’ with thought bubble by The Peoples Cube

Just about every newspaper, or other media had some sort of tribute to the late Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

The standard was an image of Armstrong, either recent or from the time of the landing, or an image of the landing. TV tended to give a montage of clips, in all media there was of course the words of tribute to his courage and ability.

So, what does a President of the US post in tribute to a man who has received them from everywhere? Well, of course, what could be better than an image of him looking at the moon?

The President has turned narcissism into an art form, giving gifts of an IPod preloaded with his speeches, and lets not forget the way he injected himself into many of the Presidential biographies on the White House website.

Another prime example is the way he claimed credit for the work of SEAL Team Six, who performed the dangerous task of going into Pakistan and killing bin Laden.

Unfortunately, there seem to be quite a few Democrats who share the President’s view that it is really all about him, and reinforce his ego in the process. First, there is Bill Clinton, a man who we all thought was better than that with, “Suppose the Navy SEALs had gone in there . . . suppose they had been captured or killed. The downside would have been horrible for him.”

Then we have Joe Biden, a man we all knew was not better than that with, “Does anybody doubt that had the mission failed, it would have written the beginning of the end of the president’s first term?” “On this gut issue, we know what President Obama did.”

Few would be so out of touch and narcissistic as to claim that it was an act of extraordinary courage to give an order from a place far removed from the action. It is incredible though that even the most devout political flunky could view the possible deaths of soldiers in action only in terms of political consequences.

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