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May 13, 2013

Politicized bureaucrats try to stamp out dolphin feeding, get stamped on

Photo: Dolphin feeding time at Tin Can Bay. Credit Craig Warhurst Gympie Times
Tin Can Bay is a mall township on the mainland opposite Fraser Island, where for many years wild dolphins have interacted with the people and arrive for feeding.  This has been the cause of considerable outrage among greenies, the DNR, and Labor governments for nearly as long.
This opposition should have ended a few days ago when Environment Minister Andrew Powel arrived, fed the dolphins and announced that the activity could continue as long as the dolphins kept coming.
Within twenty four hours, a group of bureaucrats from the Transport Department arrived seeking to get involved.  It is not well understood why this group were doing the environmentalists dirty work as the dolphins arrive at the feeding spot by swimming, not in cars. Anyway they settled in to make pricks of themselves: 
A party of Queensland Transport officials threatened the continued operations of both the Barnacles Cafe dolphin feeding facility and the separate Rainbow Beach business, Dolphin Ferry Cruises, according to Bay fisherman, conservation adviser and dolphin feeding advocate Joe McLeod. 
"They arrived at about 1pm and demanded to see a copy of the new conditions for dolphin feeding, to see if they breached Barnacles' lease. 
"They also said that Transport Infrastructure regulations would prohibit ferries, including the Dolphin Ferry, from operating out of the boat harbour area, which includes most of Snapper Creek. 
"They claimed the regulations also prohibit people living on boats, even though the marina is in the harbour area. And they also prohibit anchoring a tinny for fishing.  "But they were really only interested in Barnacles," he said. …
The Transport Minister, Scott Emerson on being informed launched an investigation and has demanded the names of those involved in this action.  These people will probably join the other 12,000 public servants who have found themselves surplus to requirements since Newman took office.
Labor, like the left worldwide has a habit of politicizing the bureaucracy.  In some ways this is not dissimilar to the actions of the IRS in the US who have now admitted to targeting any group with Tea Party, or Patriots in its name.  These political hacks need to be weeded out and cast adrift into the private sector where they are going to have to learn and adopt a sense of reality if they are to have any hope of succeeding.

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