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May 12, 2013

‘Skywhale’ just what you always wanted, but were afraid it would seem silly

Canberra is celebrating its centenary, and nothing shouts the name of the federal capital quite like an enormous hot air balloon with ten enormous pendulous dugs hanging down the sides. (This is not satire folks):
According to most reports, this monstrosity was built for around $170.000 but the budget for the year is in the order of $300,000 dollars.  This is published as having come from ACT taxpayers, but given that the only major industry in the ACT is government for which Australians pick up the tab, it’s fair to say that it comes from us.
While you all wonder what the hell ever inspired this act of stupidity which despite its size, only carries a pilot and two passengers, the artist who designed it has stated that it is designed to make people wonder, so it seems to be serving that purpose.
The theory here on RWL is that ‘skywhale’ as it is called is actually something else.  It is not logical for a whale to be used as Canberra is a landlocked city in a landlocked territory, so this has been designed as misinformation.
Anyone who has watched “The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy” will recognize the image of a Vogon (Left) in this artwork/balloon, a true symbol of government and bureaucracy.
It is actually a clear representation of all that Canberra itself represents, along with huge boobs, symbolizing the welfare state and crony capitalism.
It has to be queried though, whether those who call it 'money well spent' have much between the ears.