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Feb 1, 2009

A diversion into footy.

I was putting some stuff together then CB contacted me with a query about Russell Crowe and the South Sydney Football team, and I decided to pick up a couple of videos of the two popular codes here for some of my overseas readers.

The first is our own AFL, a fast paced running and kicking game. This is about the best I could find, although the quality of the video is not too hot.

Rugby League is our other footy, although there is some Rugby union, but that’s not all that much of a game. Some call soccer football, but as they use a round ball nobody really takes them seriously. The highest any League player can aspire to is the State of Origin team of Queensland, or New South Wales which is sometimes nearly as good. There is a national team selected from these, but they lack serious opposition which makes State of Origin the best.


  1. Jim - what is this 'lack serious opposition' business! New Zealand are the current World Cup Holders mate... Mal

  2. Well unlike you Kiwis we Queenslanders tend to be a bit parochial. You did after all play an Australian team to win it and it, not a Queensland one.

    On the serious side, you guys are turning out some bloody good players, which makes the future of the game look brighter. Keep up the good work.