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Feb 5, 2009

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Calls for tax cuts.

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is the only political party in Australia with a clear cut aim to reduce the size, scope, and cost of government in this country down to a level where it is no longer a costly imposition on the people which interferes in most aspects of our daily lives. Traditional political thought here is based on the belief that nothing is kosher unless it has the blessing of some form of government. The LDP on the other hand wants the government to get out of the way, take its hand out of our pockets and let us get on with advancing the nation.

The following is the latest press release from the party in which they call for bigger tax cuts, and in particular for the abolition of payroll tax.

If anyone were to suggest that in a situation where high unemployment was a serious risk, a tax on business for employing people was the way to go, they would be dismissed as cranks. Unfortunately every state government does just that: -

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Press Release

$466,000 per job Mr Rudd?

The government’s $42 billion “stimulus” package will cost Australians $466,667 per job created, assuming it even reaches its target of 90,000.

Every Australian will be stimulating the economy to the tune of $2,000. More accurately, taxpayers will be paying around $5,000 each of their own money.

Future generations will also be left with responsibility for paying for the budget deficit, reducing the ability of governments to reduce taxes and fund the things it ought to be doing.

“A recession is unavoidable,” the Treasurer of the Liberal Democratic Party Mr David Leyonhjelm said.

“What the government should be doing is laying the foundation for recovery, so that Australia comes out of the recession with an economy ready to benefit. When times are tough in the business world we have to downsize, become leaner and more efficient. The LDP believes the government should get smaller, leaner and more efficient, not larger, rewarding inefficiency and planting the seeds for future economic problems.”

“The Rudd government is showing its true colors with this package. It really believes politicians and public servants know how to manage the economy better than millions of individuals and businesses spending their own money.”

The LDP calls for much more significant tax cuts than the $2.7 billion in the stimulus, including abolition of payroll tax by State governments (an obvious drag on job creation).

“If the government is serious about stimulating employment it should also be reducing or eliminating company taxes, at least until the recession is over, and doing nothing to increase the cost of employment with changes to industrial relations laws.”

“The government does not create jobs; it costs jobs. Every dollar it takes in taxes, every regulation that increases the cost of business, has the effect of reducing employment. The correct response to the recession is to get out of the way, not hand out taxpayers money in a frenzy of frantic activity,” Mr Leyonhjelm concluded.

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The Liberal Democratic Party is anti-left, anti-right, pro-liberty

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