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Feb 7, 2009

Pommies Need Food Police.

Cartoon by Ramirez.

H/T Liberator Online and Steve McIntosh

You have to wonder whatever happened to what was once known as the “British bulldog spirit.” Where are the intrepid people who in past ages were capable of damn near anything, who went out into the world, colonized countries, tamed hostile environments, brought modern civilization to millions, stood alone in the face of overwhelming odds on countless occasions, and created an empire on which, “The sun never set?”

They now need to be told how to feed themselves, by the state, and be supervised while they are at it. I now get the impression that a trip from their mothers basements down to the shops is about as far as they will ever dare to venture into the world. As per Liberator Online: -
The headline in Britain's Daily Mail newspaper sums it up:

"Food police come knocking on your kitchen door... to tell you what to do with your leftovers."

Yes, it may sound like a Monty Python skit -- written by George Orwell. But alas, it is all-too-true.

In a new program that is the very personification of the phrase "nanny-state," government agents will be visiting British citizens around lunch or dinner time, and bugging them about what and how they should be eating.

These "food police" -- or, as the government absurdly calls them, "food champions" -- will quiz and lecture citizens on correct food storage, proper meal portions, healthy eating, avoiding wasting food, proper use of the freezer, reading expiration dates, using leftovers, and so forth. They will offer green lifestyle tips, like how to compost those rotting refrigerator science experiments.

"By hitting people at home, rather than in supermarkets, we can get inside their lives," beamed an unnamed Department of Health source.

"It's only by knocking on doors you can find out what they are having for their tea and offer some healthy suggestions."

The pilot program will take place in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Officials have been hired to visit 24,500 homes, and if it is "successful," it will be expanded to include perhaps all of England.

Not all British citizens are gung-ho about the plan, needless to say. TaxPayers' Alliance campaign director Mark Wallace said: "This is a prime example of excessive Government nannying, and a waste of public money and resources. ... If the Government has money sloshing around, it should give it back to the taxpayer, not spend it on schemes like this."

Government officials point out that citizens will be under no obligation to speak to the food police, if they don't wish to.

At least, not yet. 
Its no wonder someone came up with this: -

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