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Feb 20, 2009

Gillibrand, and those guns.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to assess the real beliefs of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on the issue of guns. Coming from a conservative leaning House seat in upstate NY she has been a supporter of 2nd amendment rights to the point of apparently becoming the centrefold girl for the NRA, getting their top rating. She recently announced that she’ kept two rifles under the bed’ to defend her family. That seems to be a reasonable precaution, I mean, could anyone except criminals disagree with that? …. Oh yeah, the Democrats, her party, that’s who.

Democrats tend to believe that the method of dealing with people who break into your house with the intention of killing you is to call the police. You then hope they respond in time for their hostage negotiators to deal with the situation, or if not, that they treat your corpse with respect and try to find your murderers. You just can’t have the public taking matters into their own hands. It’s just not on.

After copping flack from party members on the issue, she seems to be adopting more positions than Bill Clinton in a room full of interns.

First she claimed, "If I want to protect my family, if I want to have a weapon in the home, that should be my right.” One of her aides pointed out that rifles were not required to be registered in NY state.

After this things seem to go really haywire, along with her credibility. During a meeting last week at the school of a teen killed by a stray bullet, she vowed to write legislation cracking down on 'illegal' gun traffickers. I am sure there are already plenty of laws to deal with this issue, why the hell does she want more of them? It’s just a silly knee jerk reaction. She said she rejects gun bans or limits on legal firearm owners.

She then claimed she no longer slept with them under her bed and has just moved them. She said she and her husband hidden the weapons in a different location in their home. OK that’s fair enough.

Then those guns she was about to defend her family with suddenly became locked and inaccessible to children, and apparently always were. "No responsible gun owner would keep their gun where they're accessible to children. No responsible gun owner would keep the gun loaded in the presence of children," she now says. This is of course logical and I have no qualms about it.

However then the claim is made that the rifles, which until now were for the defense of the family and needed to be readily available, were kept, unloaded, in a locked case under the bed, with the ammunition in an entirely different location. Lets just hope that NY home invaders are decrepit and slow enough for her to get it all together.

The trouble with this is that now it becomes really bizarre with the claim that the senator does not know how to operate either weapon. Kirsten, its about time to learn if there is to be any point in keeping them. Frankly she seems to have moved herself from being a gung-ho NRA backed gun moll, to a rather silly woman who appears to be the Democrat version of, “Rebel without a clue.”

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