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Feb 13, 2009

PLF defending property rights.

This is a video produced by the Pacific Legal Foundation, which is essentially a fund raising effort in order to continue their work. I have posted it in order to raise the issue of property rights, and to publicize their efforts. For those who feel they are worth supporting, visit their website here.

Charlie Johnson is a cranberry farmer in Massachussetts. The Feds fined him for not asking permission to put more of his land into cranberry growing. This is after all, his own land. Pacific Legal Foundation who specialise in property rights cases and have a great winning record, is defending him pro bono.

According to the video the case is based on the desire of a government agency to extend its powers into areas they were never intended to be in.


  1. Thank you, Jim, for helping us go viral.

    Richard Fields
    Development Officer
    Pacific Legal Foundation

  2. Mate; Anyone defending property rights is welcome on this site.