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Dec 16, 2010

GW ad.

H/t Bishop Hill.

The extreme language of the climate change truther movement, such as calling for treason charges against rationalists, war crimes against big emitters, combined with governments willingness to play along for the taxes and control offered, sometimes blurs the line between satire and reality.

This is of course, a spoof:

It is reasonably close to reality, or what passes for it, given this illustration from the Discovery Channel Little Shop of Horrors, and if you are inclined to think this is an aberration check out the 10:10 exploding children ads, after which nothing should really surprise you:

I have been predicting that despite the ‘unseasonal’ cool weather here in Australia’s summer, and the freezing northern winter, that we will be told that it is a record hot year. Told you.


  1. I was rather surprised the BBC let anything that could even appear off-message be broadcast.

  2. Well, its possible they thought it was just a real government message. :)