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Dec 28, 2010

Wow, my lucky day, and a princess no less.

I have written before:

People in foreign lands who share a surname with me have really rotten luck, in fact lethal luck. Some time ago I received what is the third notification of someone with my surname meeting with a fatal accident in a far off land, after depositing a large sum of money in a financial institution, and leaving no will.

Owing to the fact that these invariably involve a deal to share in the proceeds of the account, and out of concern for my unrelated namesakes, I advise them to;
(a) Change their name before travelling overseas.
(b) Don’t deposit tens of millions in foreign banks, thus tempting fate. And
(c) Make a will, so your family can benefit.

Today though I got one from no less than Princess Josephene of Cote D’Ivoir with an offer too good to refuse. Here it is:
Hi, Dearest one, (A very affectionate first contact, must be the French influence.)

How are you today, i hope fine? I am a female student from University of Cote D'Ivoir. I am 22 yrs old. I will love to have a long-term relationship with you and to know more about you. (Hey, it works for Hugh Heffner and he is older than me.)
I would like to build up a solid foundation with you in time coming if you can be able to help me in this transaction.
There is this huge amount of Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand united states dollars. ($7.500.000.00) which my late Father Deposited for me in the Bank here in Cote D'ivoire as his next of kin before he died out of sickness.

I want you to help me to transfer my inheritance money into your personal account in your country for investment purposes on these areas:

1).Transport industry, 2). Five star hotel, 3). Real estate, 4). Company.

If you can be of an assistance to me, I will be pleased to offer to you 20% Of the total fund. I will be humbly waiting your soonest response.
(I guess I will just have to give her my banking details.)

Of course I will have to check out her bona fides which will be difficult from here, but perhaps I can get that nice Nigerian banker who occasionally gets in touch to do this for me.

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