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Dec 7, 2010

No Rerun for “Rudd’s Folly”

Image: Britain is in the grip of two weeks of subzero temperatures. (We are to be told that this year is the 3rd hottest on record. – Ed.)

By: Viv Forbes,

The Carbon Sense Coalition today said that Australia must not renew its Kyoto Agreement.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr. Viv Forbes, said that the current failing agreement was signed without due diligence by Kevin Rudd and should be referred to as “Rudd’s Folly”.

“Appropriately, the death notice for the Kyoto misadventure was posted by Japan, the birthplace of Kyoto, when their representative at Cancun Resort announced:

“Japan will not inscribe its target under the Kyoto protocol on any conditions or under any circumstances.”

“Thus the four biggest economies in our region (USA, China, Japan and India) will not sign; nor will Australia’s big competitors in Brazil (iron and beef), Indonesia (coal), Chile (copper) or Canada (wheat).

“If Australia is foolish enough to renew its Kyoto liabilities it will find itself isolated in the Pacific with only gullible Kiwis and faraway Europeans for company.

“The old Soviets have benefitted from Kyoto by outsmarting everyone on choosing the base year. No one else will achieve the unrealistic Kyoto targets, which is lucky because they could not be achieved without a repeat of the Great Depression or the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“The use of carbon fuels, more than any other index, indicates the health of the real economy. The only way to kill carbon is to kill the economy.

“Japan was shocked to realise the billions in liabilities they had accumulated by not meeting Kyoto target cuts.

“Australia avoided a similar fate by robbing Australian landowners. They stole carbon credits from landowners by imposing vegetation clearing bans. This trick can’t be pulled twice.

“Kyoto also spawned many other wasteful schemes like pink batts, wind and solar toys, carbon burial schemes and regulatory empires.

“The Kyoto Agreement is a costly failure, and the international meetings which document the failure have degenerated into the farce now on display at Cancun.

“Minister Combet should enjoy his tropical holiday, keep his pen in his pocket and sign nothing.” More Info:

Wind Power Lessons from Germany

The bottom line:

“Germans will have to prepare for significantly higher electricity tariffs – and more frequent blackouts.

“If all German wind power projects are realized as planned, the country will incur economic losses well over 100 billion Euros by 2030.

“The only word that describes this ‘world improvement’ strategy is suicidal.”

From: “Germany’s Offshore Wind: Wasted Resources, Environmental Blight”
By Edgar Gaertner, Master Resource, Dec 1, 2010

No Warming for 15 years.

The chairman of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri was interviewed recently at Cancun. When asked about the fact that there has been no statistically significant global warming for the past 15 years, Pachauri became evasive.

Most tellingly, while Pachauri agreed that global carbon dioxide emissions have been increasing for the last 15 years, he was at a loss to say how much global temperatures had increased during that same time. That seems like a pretty basic piece of information for the head of the UN's climate panel to know. See the following minute and a half video from CFACT:

Even Phil Jones, a climatologist at the University of East Anglia and a prominent global warming alarmist, admitted there had been no warming for 15 years.

A year after Climategate, however, the IPCC's Pachauri still refuses to face reality and clings to the deeply flawed 4th Assessment Report, which has been completely discredited over the past year.

"This interview revealed that the IPCC chair is ignorant of some very basic facts about global warming," said CFACT's Executive Director, Craig Rucker. "This is particularly striking in light of all the criticism being poured on the IPCC by scientists and independent review panels for its sloppy handling of key data and vital information."

Britain on the way to Coldest December for 29 years.

Britain was braced for another week of chaos last night as forecasters warned temperatures would plummet to as low as -15c (5f).

With some areas covered by up to one metre of snow forecasters said Britain had already seen the deepest and most widespread snowfall for December since 1981.

And if the temperatures remain below average for the rest of the month it could also become the coldest on record since 1981. See:

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  1. It often amazes me that the wheels have stayed on the warble gloaming wagon for as long as they have, but then I remember how heavily Big Eco has invested in it and how strongly they've lobbied governments and media. Still, with a bit of luck it won't be long now, though the smartest ones in Big Eco will already have determined the next great scare and have their fingers in the appropriate pies.

  2. When will you guys start taking global warming seriously? It's now causing helicopter crashes!

    "Three helicopters crashed in separate incidents in west Palm Beach County early Wednesday as they tried to keep frost from damaging crops during a night of record cold, authorities said.",0,7829814.story

  3. I've passed that one on to Viv, Bawb. If I remember correctly Florida was pretty damn cold last year as well, I seem to recall seeing something on that.

    Still, there will be some reason they will come up with to blame it on your excessive use of fossil fuels.

  4. In case you missed it last year, this is hilarious in a sick Bawb sort of way. It's so cold in Florida from global whining that the endangered manatees have to flock to warm water discharges from power plants to survive. Oh the irony! Scottish sheep are taking a beating from all this global whining, too.

    Only lefty politicians and a willing agenda-driven media are keeping this farce afloat.

    Ooops. They have help. I almost forgot this item. It seems Amazon is censoring books authored by global whining skeptics, too.

  5. Hi Bawb, I missed the email alert on your comment and just found it. I saw these and remember them and I think mentioned one of them to Viv.

    I have passed it all on to him, he may refer to it in future posts.

    We are into summer here in the sub tropics and have only reached 30 C once since April. I am still reasonably confident in my prediction that in January, climate scientists will tell us that this year was one of the hottest on record. But then, it happens every year.

  6. It's the suppressing of the "skeptics'" books on Amazon that really pissed me off. Positively Orwellian.

    Someday this will all fall apart and come to be Piltdown Man II. But even with that obvious hoax, it took the media and "science" 40 years to finally admit it was a fraud. I shudder to think of how much damage these agenda-driven (and funded) global whining "scientists" can inflict upon the Western world in forty years. I probably won't be able to talk to people in Australia anymore as we'll all be living in mud huts eating algae.

    BTW, that story manatees freezing their 'nards off in Florida was an article from last winter, but I'm sure that was also one of the hottest years on record.

  7. That was the one that got me the most wound up. The GW truthers have demonstrated repeatedly by means of 'climategate' and its various repetitions that they will stop at nothing to suppress reality.

    Few of them would support the Nazi Kristallnacht, but in their own way are exponents of the art form.