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Dec 24, 2010

Time to Topple the Pyramid of Frauds

From Viv Forbes, Chairman,

Thanks for all the messages of support and Christmas Greetings. We may not answer them all but we do read them all, answer some of them and appreciate most of them.

The deep freeze in the Northern Hemisphere has many people saying "If this is global warming, we have had enough". It is true that one blizzard or one heat wave does not prove climate change. But this one illustrates that the people claiming to forecast the climate in 100 years time cannot get it right even for next month, and they use the same massive computers to do it. But small private forecasters like Piers Corbyn, who do not feed speculative warming effects from carbon dioxide into their forecast models, are calling the shots better.

The public do not understand the scientific arguments about the global heat balance and the radiative properties of carbon dioxide. But they can see the snow, they know what heat is and they do remember the official seasonal forecasts. So scepticism is suddenly becoming fashionable. Sceptical scientists and commentators are being noticed at last.

Please help knock down the tottering house of cards that has been erected on the simple but erroneous proposition that earth faces runaway global warming because of man's industry. The short statement below covers a few of the main myths.

We will continue the battle next year. The main activity will be the Carbon Tax Battle. Gillard and the Greens have a committee of warmist patsies coming up with their wish list of ways to boost our electricity costs, ration our travel, stagnate our industries and control our consumption of everything.

We appreciate all the help we have got over the year. Next year let us all try to at least double the number of people we prompt to take an interest in the battle of our times. Don't stop for casualties, seek out fertile fields and help arm those who need ammunition and encouragement. Help us to spread Carbon Sense.

Best wishes from
Viv Forbes
And the small group who help keep Carbon Sense alive in this mad, mad world.

Time to Topple the Pyramid of Frauds

One of the fastest growing industries in the world is based on a pyramid of frauds and its inevitable collapse will be worse than the sub-prime crash.

The Global Warming Industry is now fed by billions of dollars from western taxpayers and consumers. It is based on the unproven and now discredited claim that man's production of carbon dioxide causes dangerous global warming.

The basic fraud is this:

There is no evidence that carbon dioxide controls world temperature – just a theory and the manipulated results from a handful of giant computer models that very few people have checked or understand.

But there is clear evidence from historical records of atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature that carbon dioxide does not control temperature. Rather the reverse – as solar or volcanic heat warms the oceans, the waters expel carbon dioxide. Global warming causes an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, not the reverse.

Moreover, every day provides more evidence that current temperatures are not unusually high. Over the past 2000 years there have been two previous eras of warming ("the golden ages") separated by two mini ice ages ("the dark ages"). Both the Roman Warming and the Medieval Warming were warmer than today and there was no human industry causing that warming.

The next fraud, invoked as the first fraud started to falter, is the claim that carbon dioxide is a pollutant in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the food for all plants and thus the food source for all life on earth. It is not poisonous at any level likely to be experienced in the atmosphere and there is clear evidence that more carbon dioxide makes plants grow faster and bigger, and makes them more tolerant of drought, heat and salinity. Current levels are below those optimal for life.

A related scientific fraud is the claim that grazing animals increase atmospheric carbon. Any competent biologist can debunk this fraud by explaining the carbon food cycle.

Built on these frauds are the fraud-riddled carbon credit and carbon trading empires. The revelations of massive fraud in European carbon credits and the collapse of carbon trading on the Chicago Climate Exchange are harbingers of crises yet to surface. Carbon credits have no intrinsic value – they are dependent on political support, and this will always evaporate in time.

The next level of fraud is the alternate energy industry. Despite decades of subsidies and tax breaks the wind/solar power industry cannot survive unless the handouts continue, and their coal competitors are taxed heavily. To call these activities "industries" is a fraud – they are corporate mendicants.

Finally, those who waste millions on projects designed to prove the feasibility of burying carbon dioxide are committing a fraud on taxpayers and shareholders. There are no benefits of burying atmospheric plant food from any source. With zero benefits and huge costs CCS can never be "economic" and it is fraudulent to pretend it can ever be otherwise.

The global warming industry is a huge pyramid of financial and political fraud resting on a quasi-scientific foundation of quicksand.

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Feedback from a Reader 

From: Andrew Rettman
To: Viv Forbes
Subject: Re: The Pyramid of Frauds

do you get paid by fossil fuel or tobacco companies to say this?

No unfortunately, Andrew.
Here in Australia the big coal companies are supporting the alarmists and funding carbon capture and storage. Are you a stooge for them?
I have no idea what tobacco companies say or think on the man-made global warming scam.

Have a nice Christmas

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