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Mar 21, 2011

The Battle of our Times

This year will see the climax of the Climate War in Australia. Once the new Senators take their seats Gillard and the Greens will try to legislate their carbon dioxide tax followed by the carbon rationing scheme.

We can expect no help from the big end of town – they are too busy designing exemptions or benefits for themselves. All stops will be pulled out with the government media, the research mercenaries, the climate change industry and paid spruikers like Garnaut and Flannery all firing broadsides.

Opposing them are a few independent scientists, a few sceptical journalists, a growing band of bloggists and thousands of concerned consumers and tax payers.

Politics is a numbers game, so we need help from every member and supporter. Please pass on these messages to friends and associates, write letters to the media, swamp the politicians with questions and opposition, swell the numbers at rallies and protests, ask awkward questions of politicians in public, and recruit new supporters.

The taxaholics will fail in the end, but the longer this scam continues the greater the cost and harm done to our economy, our cost of living and our environment.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Please play a part in this great battle of our times.

Viv Forbes

Politicians Produce Pollution.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colourless, non-toxic natural gas occurring in trace amounts in our atmosphere. It is crucial to all life on earth. Plants extract CO2 from the air and all animals get their carbon based proteins, sugars and fats from plants.

CO2 is also the source of that other crucial gas of life – oxygen. Plants use solar energy and the magic of photosynthesis to extract carbon from carbon dioxide and release the oxygen back to the air. Human activity completes the carbon cycle of life by burning the carbon food and fuels for energy and releasing CO2 back to the atmosphere.

Currently for every million molecules of air there are about 390 molecules of CO2 – a tiny amount which is almost the lowest it has ever been in the long history of the planet. At just 150 parts per million (ppm) plants starve and plant growth ceases. Most life probably evolved at levels of 1,000 ppm or more. The dinosaurs flourished in air with 1,800 ppm of CO2 400 million years ago, life flourished with 4,500 ppm CO2. US Submariners live comfortably in air with 8,000 ppm and normal human lungs exhale air with 40,000 ppm.

At what level does this gas of life morph into "pollution" and attract a carbon tax?

Or is the term "carbon pollution" just another misleading Wongism?

For a revealing look at the importance of wonderful carbon to our world see:

The Ultimate Goal of the Climatists is to
Lay Hands on a Massive Tax Stream and
Make the World Safe for Bureaucracy

Closing Down Australia.

Let's suppose that the climatists get their way and all man-made production of carbon dioxide ceases in Australia.

In this green utopia, all of today's cars, trucks, tractors, trains, ships and planes are scrapped. All refineries, cement plants, steel works and carbon-fired power stations are silent. All cows, sheep, goats and pigs have been slaughtered and rabbits and kangaroos feed on the weed infested wheat fields. Carbon forests have smothered our grasslands and all Australians are either holding their breath or have emigrated to sane havens.

Using the IPCC's own figures, such a total shut-down of all man-made CO2 in Australia would reduce global temperature in 2050 by just 0.0154° C below what it would have otherwise been. And the sea level may be 2mm lower.

It hardly seems worth it.

Let's just deport the climatists instead.

For those with an interest to dig further into this garbage heap have a look here:

The Lord Monckton Tour

Lord Monckton will return to Australia in late June. Details are still being worked out. The Carbon Sense Coalition has promised $500 towards the costs of this tour, which is $400 higher than our income since the start of the year. Assistance to close the shortfall appreciated!

Lights on for Earth Hour

Next week, on Saturday 26th March, the pretentious preachers of the green religion will try to score points by celebrating darkness, cold and poverty. Let's celebrate the magic of electricity instead – the source of light, heat, transport, safety, entertainment and pollution control in our world.

Those who prefer the world without electricity and all its benefits should move immediately to the disaster zone of Japan.

The Ron Kitching Letter Contest

It is my sad duty to report the death of my friend and great ally in the fight for Carbon Sense, Ron Kitching. Our obituary to Ron can be seen here:

Among his many achievements and accomplishments, Ron perfected the art of purposeful letter writing. His letters illustrated what a good media letter should be – short, one major point, short sentences, plain words, picturesque, good punch line.

He would be delighted to know that many other people were picking up his banner. So please honour Ron by keeping up his output of letters. Every month we will select and publish the best letter we get.

Green Ghouls Chase Catastrophes

We all sympathise with those unfortunate Japanese people hit by the multiple disasters – earthquake, tsunami, infrastructure destruction and nuclear damage and dangers.

Naturally the Green ambulance chasers are ready to blame carbon dioxide and nuclear power for all the evils.

Immediately after the quake one site had a story and pictures headlined "Today's tsunami: This is what climate change looks like"; another "climate change may cause tsunamis directly . . ."; another "some islands affected by climate change have already been hit . . . we need solidarity in combating and adapting to climate change . . . . Mother Nature has again given us a sign that that is what we need to do".

Soon it was claimed that the earthquake and tsunami were also caused by that mighty powerful gas, carbon dioxide: "When the (polar) ice is lost (from global warming) "the earth's crust bounces back up again and that triggers earthquakes, which triggers submarine landslides, which cause tsunamis." Unfortunately the Arctic ice is floating, so has no effect on the earth's crust and neither of earth's ice caps are melting unusually.

Slow off the mark but more scary in their predictions of imminent and world-wide doom are the anti-nuclear crowd, rejuvenated by the best disaster they have enjoyed for decades. Time will tell what damage will be done by the nuclear damage in Japan, but scare mongers will ensure that nuclear power is delayed and regulated to death in western societies.

Sometime soon, surely even the ABC/BBC alarmists will grow tired of these green ghouls and serial scaremongers.

Let us teach our children that the world is a lovely place, that the sun will rise tomorrow, that there are good humans who can achieve miracles and we have a place in this world.

The Carbon Dioxide Tax
Ten dishonest slogans about global warming, and ten little facts.
Professor Bob Carter has produced an analysis of the dishonest propaganda used by Gillard and the Greens to support their tax on carbon dioxide. This tax will have no effect on global climate, no benefits for Australia, will have a huge regulatory and compliance cost, and the wealth redistribution and exemptions planned negate the stated purpose of the tax.

For more information see:

Can You Help?

We need to get people laughing at the stupidity of the arguments and proposals of the climatists. If you are a cartoonist, write limericks or write parables please send them in. If you are a good editor who can respond quickly to improve draft reports and statements, please let us know.

The Carbon Dioxide Tax Revolt

Gillard and the Greens are determined to introduce the carbon dioxide tax within the next twelve months. This has provoked a storm of community protest. Diverse groups all over the place are planning protests.

This Hot Air Tax proposal has provoked the biggest public outcry I have seen for a long while. The internet is shimmering with rage, and now even the climate alarmists are becoming alarmed at the opposition they have suddenly stirred up. Web sites, petitions, new organisations and rallies are springing spontaneously into life. Naturally the Green Regiments supported by government propagandists and government advertising will try to defuse and denigrate this protest as the work of a few vested interests. So we need many ordinary people to show up in force with sensible placards and cutting comments all over Australia.

For petitions: Canberra Rally:Other rallies:

Brisbane rally:
A rally will start in King George Square, Brisbane at 12.30pm next Wednesday March 23 rd. It is planned that there will be speeches until 1:15pm and then a march to Parliament House where the protest will be repeated.

There will be another Brisbane rally on May 7th.

Authorised by: Viv Forbes

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