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Mar 11, 2011

Celebrate Human Achievement Hour.

I notice a page on Facebook telling us that ‘Earth Hour is upon us again. On Saturday, the 26th of March all of the thoroughly indoctrinated, will once again go through the gratuitous gesture of turning all their lights out and holding a Barbie out on the balcony.

Last year’s Earth Hour winner, North Korea celebrates ‘Earth Hour’ every night. Compare it to South Korea that keeps its people warm, well fed and working (with the help of Australian coal)

Of course we will be subsequently shown TV images of the lights in tall buildings around the world going off. Call me cynical if you wish, but I tend to wonder when I see this, why the hell all of those lights are on in the first place. It cannot be for security as if it were they would hardly switch them off. Especially given that it is at an advertised time burglars are aware of.

If they are for security, then this idea is incredibly stupid, which I suspect is the case.

On 26/03 at 8:30 PM, rather than sit in the darkness feeling self righteous, join me instead for the joyous celebration of Human Achievement Hour, and leave your lights on as a beacon to all those poor brainwashed souls, sitting in darkness and despair.

My message of hope to humanity and especially those guilt ridden souls who have fallen under the influence of the drab grey messengers of doom from the greens, and all those followers of bizarre lines of thought that lead down the road to authoritarianism, is:

It’s OK to feel good about yourself.


  1. Always amuses me that this is the same weekend that F1 teams compete to see how many carbon dioxides they can make while thrashing the arse off a car around Albert Park. It's also the first Saturday of the footy season so a lot of people will be spending Dirt Hour either in front of the TV or under some bloody big floodlights. But of course the timing for that weekend has been carefully chosen so that people in both hemispheres can make their pointless annual ritual sacrifice of an hour without actually having any significant impact on their lives whatsoever, and maintain the delusion that that's all that's really going to be asked of them. I'll tell anyone that takes part in this that it's a cop out - if they want me to take them seriously they should either do it for a whole week, preferably in the middle of winter, or just fucking stop pretending that sipping Pinot by candlelight in a manicured Toorak garden is about anything more than joining in the modern world's biggest circle jerk.

  2. Anyone know where I can rent 10 or 12 of those big ass old WWII searchlights for one night to make my own little "statement"?

  3. Political correctness is just lost on you two isn't it? Same here.

  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to turn extra lights on while I drive around the neighbourhood for the sake of it. I'm too much of a tight bastard for that. But I will mark Dirt Hour - or Mud Hour as it should be called because of all the extra drought induced rainfall warble gloaming has caused - by doing absolutely nothing different from what I'd normally do on a Saturday night. And if anyone spots the lights on and rings the bell to tell me I'll go and tell them that they've just used up some precious electricity making the automatic porch light come on and not to be such a selfish, planet hating bastard. I just hope my "Fuck The Planet - I Want To Live On Mars" tee shirt arrives in time.


  5. Yeah, I'm a miserable bastard too and generally ignore the event.

    Bawb, on the other hand lives on a mountain top and those searchlights may enable him to point them at a town down below who are observing the event. If he provides them with light they may just be grateful.

  6. I suspect that, in my town of 950, only about 5% have even heard about "Earth Hour" and of those perhaps 3 people will actually participate. Since our entire county (pop. 2,700) probably uses less energy in a day than Al Gore does personally, I think we'll pass.

    In a very ironic aside, our county not long ago wanted to put an old but completely intact hydro-electric plant back into operation. Ah, nice clean, renewable energy. Unfortunately, the whole project was torpedoed because the mandatory ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STUDY alone was going to cost in excess of $400,000.

    Way to go, Greens!

    Maybe I will rent those search lights after all.

  7. Hi Bawb, I was just sitting here writing my next post when this came through. Not sure if I will get it in tonight.

    When I read it I was about to say "unbelievable" but I have come to know better.

    The transport department here has just announced that they will be repairing a bridge, but will not reopen an existing but disused side track for environmental reasons.

    Apparently they found a couple of plants that have regrown since the last repair.

  8. The video of Human Achievement Hour 2011:

  9. Thanks Kuing, I'll run it up a bit closer to the event and have recommended it to some mates.