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Mar 26, 2011

How to vote in NSW.

Cartoon: By Zeg

The cartoon here is not just appropriate for New South Wales. The sad fact we face is that across the country road safety measures are being increasingly used for revenue raising. The fines are savage, but any reflection from them in increased safety is purely incidental. When the Bligh government here in Qld. needed to top up the budget we were told that the traffic fines were too low to discourage bad behaviour and they needed to be doubled.

You know how it is, a young family with a couple of kids, a mortgage, and on the minimum wage just finds it too bloody easy to pay the odd $120 and drive on and forget about it. We didn't buy it, but the press treated it seriously and we are stuck with it. You guys down there are lucky enough to have a chance to fight back.

There is a party that is committed to reversing this situation and restoring freedom to all motorists, from bikes to semitrailers.

The ORP has a range of policies to please all of you who finding the activities you are accustomed to being restricted or banned by the snootty elites who are unable to understand why anyone would want to do the sort of things you do, and want have them banned or restricted for your own safety or for the planet.

To find out what they have to offer before you go out and vote away your rights go here and check it out.

Other parties have ideas as to what they will let you do, the ORP believe that you shouldn't be restricted in the first place.

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