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Mar 12, 2011

Indiana lawmakers serenade Dems.

Image: Wisconsin border as the Senate Democrats see it.

Since the Wisconsin Democrat Senators ‘fled’ the state to deny a quorum for the bill to balance the budget, other state Dems have followed suit. In a relatively bizarre move the Wisconsin Democrats offered to negotiate at the border, something like North/South Korea do but were ridiculed for it.

The idea is for state senators to leave for another state so that legislation is held up until the federal cavalry and the unions can ride to the rescue. During this time they are to claim that they are in exile from Republican oppression, which serves the double purpose of: (a) making them look ridiculous, and (b) belittling the plight of those who have genuinely been forced to flee oppressive regimes.

Those cynics who are inclined to deny that they have achieved anything by this action should be reminded that they have managed to have the term ‘fleebagger’ added to the American lexicon.

The Indiana house has come up with a new ploy to bring them home, a serenade:

The lyrics are here, (I assume the 74 refers to a highway.)

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