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Mar 4, 2011

Death threat hysteria.

Cartoon: by Zeg.

Tony Windsor, has launched a ‘poor victim me’ campaign of late. One of the independents occupying conservative electorates here, he earned the displeasure of his voters by combining with others to give Gillard government at the last election.

Now that Labor has revealed itself to be the captive of the Greens who will hold the balance of power in the new Senate, Tony is finding himself a couple of places lower in the opinion polls than a dose of clap. The carbon tax we were promised we were not going to have seems to have brought things to head, enraging the voters.

Using logic that makes Charlie Sheen look like an intellectual he is claiming that it is not about his decision, it is about people getting stirred up by, among other things “radio shock jocks.” Likening himself to Gabriel Giffords, (always good for a bit of sympathy) he is now claiming that death threats are being made against him.

When pressed as to their nature however he is evasive, but has released the following:
"You're a f**kin liar, a dog, a rat, a big f***en MP dog doing damn nothing. You wait. You're not going to get voted in again. I hope you die you bastard."
On the surface, I would be prepared to label it somewhat intemperate, and maybe not as couth and cultured as I would wish to appear, but hardly a death threat. It could only be considered a threat if it were assumed that the sender is one of those rare characters who has all his wishes met.

Other than this, it is hard to fault it. Perhaps the word, 'toad' would have sounded better than the second use of dog, - makes it less repetitious. There is the implied threat of being voted out but thats legal, while the, "I hope you die you bastard," is not a particularly good thing to wish for, but is not unreasonable.

One of the problems with the last sentence is that trying to make it better can change the meaning. If you were for example to change it to: "I look forward to your imminent demise, you bastard," you actually makes it sound somewhat threatening.


  1. This was a reply to me from famous Youtube video maker, 'AngryAussie', after a back and forth with one of his followers on the subject of Bob Brown blaming the coal companies for the floods, leading to my eventual blocking by him.

    "You are a worthless spamming c**t and I certainly don't go to the trouble of making videos to provide a platform for c**ts like global warming deniers. Die in a hole you c**t."

    I suppose this means that I was threatened with death too.

  2. It sounds like he may not be wishing you the best of health, lets just hope he is not one of those deeply religious types whose prayers are always granted.

    Its a shame he has cut you off as if you were still able to comment over there, you would have been able to send him this.

  3. He's definetly no religious type. I think he fancies himself as a budding Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins or Pat Condell as he is always bashing religion. Yet in reality, because he spends most of his time bashing Christians and Republicans (yawn), he's more of a Catherine Deveny. And all the mental imbalance of her comes included.

    While on the subject of gutless idiots, here's Windsor hanging up (again) on a radio show.

  4. I know the type, they are often little inhibited pricks socially and become Idi Amin on the net from their mothers basement or wherever they come from.

    The link to Windsor hanging up is a classic, and about what I would expect from him. I feel pretty sure he has some sort of narcissistic personality disorder, which I guess in laymans terms means he is a politician.