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Mar 1, 2012

Fail mark for 10’s The Circle.

American shows like ‘The View’ are standard daytime TV fodder over here on Channel Ten ever since ‘I Love Lucy’ got a bit too aged for further reruns. Being a forward and progressive channel wanting to increase Australian content the heads decided to make a local chat show with female hosts.

Lacking what most Americans consider the towering intellects of Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, or Barbara Walters, they settled on Corgi Coghlan, and Yumi Stynes, calling it ‘The Circle’, a sort of The View Lite. By inviting aging celebrity current affairs host, George Negus to be a guest, they have managed to answer the question, “What could go wrong?”

Corporal Roberts-Smith stated that the comments were not intended to be malicious and is probably correct in that they are puerile babblings of brainless twits. It is though, a good indication of the reaction of the wet liberal self appointed elites to being confronted by a real man.


  1. Did he "win" it, or was he awarded it? Is it a prize or an honour? There is a difference.

  2. This is a common error in the press and elsewhere. It is an award, but many refer to it as something that is "won."

    While it is the wrong context to put it in, it seems to be the common usage in the modern vernacular.