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Mar 17, 2012

Katter gets a little gay love.

Queensland has produced more than its share of political eccentrics over the years and Bob Katter is only the latest in a long line. Vince Lester was a favourite for many years and was remembered for walking backwards for charity. Bob Katter, founder of Bob Katter’s One Australia Party has also been known for offering to do a long backwards walk. Bob happens to have something of an unhealthy obsession with gays, denying that any of them exist in his native North Queensland and offered to walk backwards to Bourke if anyone were able to locate one there. It was not mentioned whether Bob was starting his reverse trek from Canberra, Cairns, or Cunnamulla if it happened.

 Bob’s latest act of stupidity is his advertisement for the party condemning LNP leader Campbell Newman over statements on gay marriage:

 Unfortunately for Bob, he has a gay half brother who nobody much had heard of until Bob made some over the top statements at an anti gay rally in Canberra to which he felt the need to respond. The One Australia Party ad has caused the same to happen, with the following ad likely to appear until election day:
 The good news is though, that he is getting a little love from the guys at Gays4katter, a satirical site dedicated to the great northern homophobe:

A limerick from Paul Moore 

There was an old Katter called Bob,
Who spewed so much crap from his gob.
With the help of young Carl,
He could become such a darl,
If he doesn't, could cost him his job

 Image and poem: courtesy; Gays4katter.

 One of the common misconceptions of the conservative mind is that if they fail to try to prevent any activity, they will be seen to approve or even promote it. Bob in his small mindedness is probably convinced that if he fails to oppose allowing gays to go about whatever it is they do, it will cause the whole of his electorate to turn queer and develop a desire among all the guys up there to ravish him. Being based in the electorate, he probably feels that there is a danger that if this were to happen, he might feel inclined to agree to it. Doesn’t work like that Bob.

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