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Nov 14, 2012

Carbon Fools Day.

By Viv Forbes
The Carbon Sense Coalition

Australian Senate passes Carbon Tax Bill - Nov 8 2011.
-     a date that will be remembered as Carbon Fools Day.
Cartoon: By ‘Baloo’ 
Just a year ago, Australia joined the ranks of Carbon Fools by passing the Carbon Tax Bill (actually 18 separate bills called the “Clean Energy Bills”.) Now the same fools who introduced it are among the front rank of volunteers for carbon suicide by trumpeting their intention to sign Kyoto 2.
Barack Obama and Julia Gillard are founding members of the Carbon Fools Club, and have learned tricks from one another on how to betray the electorate without getting punished.
Before the election Gillard said “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Her Treasurer confirmed the promise. After the election, she changed her mind and introduced it. Now she is proceeding to bribe enough of the electorate into acceptance of the betrayal.
In America, there was little if any mention of a carbon tax by Obama during the election campaign. But before the celebratory election victory hangovers were gone, the headlines read “Obama May Levy Carbon Tax to Cut U.S. Deficit”.  No more green flummery about saving the planet – just the truth – “we need the money”.
We face troubling times, and the next year will be critical.
Obama cannot stand for re-election, and the Democrats will probably lose the next presidential election. So they have four years to introduce their green utopia in such a way that no future administration will dare to undo the mess. In Australia, the Green/Labor coalition may not survive the next election either, so they too have an urgent need to cement their anti-industry, anti-mining, anti-farming, anti-fishing, green energy and carbon-tax agenda in just 12 months.
The American election shows us there is no guarantee that Gillard will lose the next election. And the green-ants within the Coalition may undermine Tony Abbott’s promise to abolish the carbon tax. Naturally there will also be a claque of vested interests opposing the loss of their green feather beds, and they will be supported fully by the ABC in Australia (just as the BBC supports climatism and those who benefit from it in the UK). So there is a big battle ahead for Australia and the US.
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