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Nov 22, 2012

Threat to blow up Gillard; fail

When you burn toast and are too pissed or stupid to open the windows and let the smoke from the applience dissipate enough for the smoke alarm to stop, calling the emergency services is probably not he best option.  Abuse of the operator, and making threats, is only likely to land you in trouble.
When in trouble, most people like a bit of attention, but threatening to blow up the Prime Minister seems like overkill: 
A SUNDAY night snack went so wrong for one Gympie man last weekend that he will now have to face the magistrates court on a charge of improper use of a telephone.  The man allegedly yelled at a 000 operator after burnt toast set off his smoke alarm and he could not turn it off. 
Gympie police said the man twice phoned 000 and verbally abused the operator on the other end when she tried to put his call through to the fire station.  He also allegedly threatened to blow up the Prime Minister. 
The police eventually sent the firefighters around to sort out his alarm, and the next day visited the man themselves and issued him with a summons to appear in court.
It is doubtful whether a threat to ‘blow up’ Gillard would get people racing to oblige.  Her popularity is in the basement and going down the gurgler, so doing this might cause procrastination.

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