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Nov 2, 2012

US; Election fatigue setting in

In the US politics is played hard, and with the massive budgets available to candidates and parties, voters are inundated with advertisements, posters, rallies, and even calls. By the end of our relatively short campaigns, Australians tend to be sick and tired of it, so we can empathize with our American cousins who cop much worse. Massachusetts Republican, Richard Tisei seems to think that voters in his district need a break from the constant barrage and has come up with something different. Libertarian Republican suggests it is either the best or stupidest political ad of all time:

 Four year old Abigael Evans has become an internet sensation after expressing her frustration with both major party candidates:

We are all a bit tired of 'Bronco' and Mitt. As one headline put it, “We are all Abigael Evans now.”

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