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Nov 5, 2012

Smallest mainstream political rally ever

Speakers   Check
Lights        Check
Cameras    Check
Action       Check
Crowd       Oops

Libertarian Republican reports on a rally that was Anti-Romney, Anti-Scott Brown in Worcester, Massachusetts: 

Eric reports:

You will be amazed. At first it seems rather exciting, lots of support for Elizabeth Warren, as bigtime local politicians put on a great show in support for the Democrat Senate nominee. Then... the camera pans around. There is nobody, nada, zilch, niente, in attendance, with the exception of a few reporters and scattered campaign aides. (Maybe 3 genuine people if you count the one guy walking past on the street?) Way to go Dems.
The Libertarian, Constitutional, or Greens Parties could be excused for this owing to small organisation, low budget, or inexperience.  For a major party to screw up like this is unbelievable.

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