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Jan 1, 2013

Celebrities pushing gun control outed

America is incredibly lucky in having a huge entertainment industry that is not only able to keep us amused during our idle hours, but provides us with a never ending stream of advice on what is best for us. Hollywood in particular, has the ability to transform the average person from ordinary, to a towering intellect at the moment a name rolls across the credits for the first time.

 From that moment on, Americans are able to follow their gratuitous advice on every subject that makes the news. The current issue is gun violence and what these celebrities believe needs to be done about it, namely removing guns from the hands of anyone who abides by the law of the land. They have made a video to urge it.  

 Someone though has remembered the image these people present on film and has put together a compilation of their finest moments. (H/t RedState)

 It is uncertain what influence these people’s movies have in the wider community given that most of them are pretty predictable and nobody accepts them as real. In their little world, a reasoned argument is portrayed as two people shouting at each other, and being upset is done by knocking everything off shelves or tables, smashing some furniture, then having from slug from any bottle not smashed in the effort.

 Unfortunately, the more we learn about them, the more this sort of action seems compatible with the actor rather than the character.

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