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Jan 19, 2013

Queensland Government to interfere with FIFO mining

Image source: Courier Mail

Fly in fly out mining is a contentious issue in some areas owing to a number of factors.  Some local authorities welcome the development of mines in their areas but on the other hand would be happier if that led to an increase in permanent population rather than outsiders flying in and living in camps during their time there. 
Many miners prefer this system as it allows them to base themselves and their families in a single point while flying out to work and back as required.  This tends to be better for families in a transient industry, avoiding the necessity for constant relocation and disruption of children’s education and so on.
Now the premier Campbell Newman has decided to stuff it up with directives as to where it will be allowed and where miners will have to relocate their families if they want to work there: 
THE fly-in, fly-out staffing of Queensland mines that helped develop the coal mining boom was no longer guaranteed, Premier Campbell Newman said.  In a visit to Mount Isa, Mr Newman said FIFO was appropriate in remote mines but may not be necessary in projects close to cities. 
"This Government believes in regional cities and towns like Mount Isa and we want to see regional Queensland built up.  "We don't want everyone to live in southeast Queensland. 
"So what we have to do is take it on a case-by-case basis. If there are new mines to be built in close proximity driving distance from Mount Isa, preferably we will see the families coming here and people relocating here." 
The Government has the ability to restrict FIFO through its conditions and approvals to mines. Central Queensland communities have voiced their concerns about the huge impact the rostering system has on small towns where infrastructure and services are limited.
Such a move would cause considerable disruption in regional cities, which might find themselves suddenly having to cope with a substantial increase in population at only a couple of years notice.  Projects will be held up just in the effort to provide accommodation for the influx, if the mining companies are able to find the experienced personal who are willing to move.
HE will become the landlord’s friend with this.  People with rental properties where ore bodies are discovered can easily look to increasing rents by at least double as demand increases.  People with limited means in such accommodation will have to get out off town though.

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