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Jan 10, 2013

Jesse Ventura takes down Piers Morgan

Many Aboriginal activists claim that Australia was a much better place before the British arrived here. Since expatriate British nanny stater Piers Morgan has arrived on US shores many Americans understand what they mean to the point where there is a petition to send him back. There is a counter effort to keep him in America, but it is mainly from Brits led by Jeremy Clarkson.

 Piers is one of the media types trying to have gun control introduced over there, but seems to be making little headway against guys like Jesse Ventura who actually understand the American psyche and know what they are talking about:

 Morgan is being a little disingenuous here with his figures. The US has a great deal more gun related homicide than does the UK as he said; but according to UNODC figures while his figures represent some 67% of murders in the US, they only represent 6.6% of UK killings. This means that 93.4% of British murderers either prefer to strangle, stab, bludgeon, poison, garrote, or use some other method to kill their victims.

 While there is a possibility that greater access to guns might result in more murders in Britain, it is just as likely that guns would simply replace the more traditional methods used in British culture.

 Probably the best argument against gun control is the number of people killed by governments during the 20th century. This ranges from a fairly conservative 150 million, to a high of something in the order of 300 million. Despite two world wars and relatively little time at peace, it is estimated that the figures for murder by government are at least four times higher than wartime casualties.


  1. Morgan was completely out of his depth. I was amazed iat Morgan's response to Ventura's comparable analogy to guns being a tool with his car statement and Morgan calling the argument facile.
    Morgan promotes an agenda in order to indoctrinate the viewers. He then states stupidly to Ventura's carry and conceal statement that an another armed man would have turned the Colorado cinema shootings into a gunfight at the Ok Coral.

    RWL, I've not watched TV here in the UK for over six years and I was appalled at this clip. This was clearly more attempts by the msm to publicly ridicule truthers like Jesse Ventura. It was 100% bias towards gun control, mening it was totally opposed to the freedoms in the American constitution.

    Morgan is an odious, bought and paid for, Zionist banker's shill.



  2. I think our indigenous brother activists would be revising their positions had the Spanish or Portugese beaten the Poms here.