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Jan 16, 2013

Kristin Davis for NYC Mayor

 The Queens Libertarian Party has endorsed former Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis Party as their nominee for NYC Mayor.  As a successful businesswoman over a number of years, she has the skills to carry out the job without the petty nannyism of the incumbent, and to bring sane government to the city.
This Saturday, January 12, 2013, in a unanimous vote at their convention, the Queens Libertarian Party Endorsed Ex-Madam, Kristin Davis, as their candidate for Mayor of NYC in 21013. 
Kristin Davis, the former Manhattan Madam, who supplied prostitutes for Eliot Spitzer, was convicted for promoting prostitution and served four months on Riker’s Island. Since her arrest and motivated by the inequities in our criminal justice system, Davis has become one of New York City’s most vocal Libertarian activists and ran for Governor in 2010 on a Libertarian platform of decriminalizing marijuana, marriage equality and legalizing casino gambling. 
The Queens Libertarian Party is the largest Libertarian group in the state and their early endorsement of Davis sets the tone for her to become the official Libertarian Party Candidate in the 2013 NYC Mayoral Race. 
Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson won over 42,000 votes in New York State last year. Davis is expected to announce her candidacy in early 2013 and will file for campaign matching funds under the city’s campaign finance system. Davis opposes the NYPD Stop and Frisk program, supports legalizing marijuana, opposes the restriction on soft drinks to 16oz and favors casino gambling in NYC over upstate.
The only problem I have with Kristin is the constant mentions of Elliot Spitzer in her press releases.
As a madam she was an honest broker of prostitution services from a string of classy ladies who were hired out to a wealthy and discerning clientele.  This is a middleman position like the local real estate agent who puts buyers in touch with property sellers, or the local stock and station agent who does much the same in relation to producers wishing to sell livestock, or buy seed and fertilizer. 
The mention of Spitzer as a client though tends to be damaging to an otherwise reasonable reputation.  This guy was a degenerate, slimy, probably corrupt sleazebag of a politician, who on appearance alone ought to have been unelectable in a decent world. 
While the connection is well known, it would pay Davis to play it down as any association with him is only going to damage her credibility.


  1. The libertines have truly misused the term libertarian; both socially and economically.

  2. Prostitution is a victimless consensual activity and should not be the concern of the state.