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Jun 17, 2013

Australia to deport criminal refugees; Abbott

Most Australians have developed a growing sense of disillusionment over criminal activity of refugees to this country.  We have had to put up with Islamic rape gangs, violence on the streets, rioters carrying signs urging the beheading of those who insult Islam, not to mention arson in detention centres.
TONY Abbott will automatically deport asylum seekers and other non-citizens convicted of criminal offences and sentenced to one year or more in jail if elected Prime Minister. 
Foreign-born criminals could be banned from re-entering Australia for 20 years under the proposed laws after their visas are cancelled, a doubling of the current penalties. 
The Liberal leader has vowed to close a loophole that has allowed foreign-born criminals convicted of violent crimes and the ringleaders of riots in Australia's detention centers to remain in the country for years while legal appeals are heard. 
"Australians have always welcomed people who want to contribute to our country and abide by our laws but they also have a right to be protected from those who don't," he told the Sunday Telegraph. 
"To maintain people's faith in the integrity of our immigration system, it's our duty to ensure that those who commit serious crimes are swiftly deported and sent home.  "If any visitor to our country flouts our laws or puts the safety of Australians and communities at risk, then they have forfeited their right to our hospitality.”
Predictably, some bleating has already started from the left about sending people back into danger.  If we are to offer them sanctuary from the depredations of their own governments, they have an obligation to abide by our laws. Nobody wants to see these people put up against the wall and shot, but if they are not willing to respect our laws and customs, they just have to take their chances.
Australians are warned by Foreign Affairs that when they visit other countries, they are subject to the law of the land, some of which are very different to those here.  It is not unreasonable to expect refugees to give us the same courtesy.
It is the responsibility of the Australian government to protect the Australian public from violence.  Those seeking refuge here are also entitled to such protection, but they have no entitlement to defy our laws and place law-abiding people in danger.
Editorial note: A late friend of mine, Peter Filla joined the Czechoslovakian resistance at the age of fifteen and fought the Nazis for the duration of the Second World War. He didn’t wimp out, or seek refuge in another country, he stayed on and went head to head with the oppressors.
Perhaps the world would be a better place if the oppressed actually stayed on and kicked a bit of tyrannical arse.

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