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Jun 27, 2013

Gillard, Swan, and Conroy gone

Now former PM Julia Gillard was defeated in a leadership ballot by previous former PM, Kevin Rudd by a margin of 57 – 45.  As result, she will quit her seat at the next election in line with the agreement by both candidates.
The ABC is claiming that this will bring about stability in national politics.  For the uninitiated, stability is regarded by the left wing media as a really good thing in the same way that they see the prospect of a new tax coming to fruition as ‘certainty’, which removes all of that destabilising doubt about not having it.
The real benefit to Australians though Is that in the wholesale bloodbath following the ballot, the world’s worst treasurer outside Zimbabwe, Wayne Swan, and the censorious Communication Minister, Steve ‘Red Underpants’ Conroy have quit their jobs.
In addition to this, Trade minister Craig Emerson, Education Minister Peter Garrett, and Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig have resigned.  The Liberal Party will sorely miss Garrett, as his unswerving line of screw-ups has been fertile ground for them.
The Climate Change Minister, (fair dincum, it’s a real position) Greg Combet has also quit, but as the minister responsible for diverting lashings of taxpayer dollars into pointless green schemes, the only sadness there is that he will be replaced with someone else to do the same thing.
Rudd will gain a little momentum for Labor for a time as many have forgotten just how bad he was at the time of his ousting and the reason why all of those polls were so bad at the end of his tenure as PM.  Gillard has been so much worse than him that some voters are positively nostalgic for him.
The important news of the night though was that In an exciting contest, Queensland won the State of Origin match by 26 – 6.


  1. Joe Ludwig won't be missed as agricultural minister. Michael Trant congratulated Ludwig on his retirement in this blog entry.

    "Congratulations on your early retirement. We trust you found your time as Agricultural Minister an enlightening one, and that after a few years in the job, you are now able to tell a sheep from a cow from a horse’s arse. We also hope you have learnt that livestock are not like iron ore, and that they cannot sit idle at wharf side while you attempt to appease some 18 million voters on the Eastern seaboard."

  2. Loved the post. I went over to it from the link on your site earlier.