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Jun 15, 2013

US to back al Qaeda in war against Hezbollah

It seems like the urging of Bill Clinton has done the trick in getting President Obama to commit to aiding the rebels in Syria.  We should not forget the campaigning for intervention by John McCain who just loves to see the troops deployed, and Lindsey Graham who can think of a dozen good reasons to invade most countries, from Austria to Zimbabwe and in a pinch, even Hutt River Province. 
Reports indicating that up to 100 – 150 rebels may have suffered injuries from chemical weapons have helped him make this decision as well.
Several months ago there were clear indications that the rebels also possessed chemical weapons, which seems to have been forgotten. With the relatively small number of injuries by these weapons, it is not inconceivable that they were caused by weapon strikes on their own stocks, unless it is assumed that Assad is not very good at targeting.
Owing to the fact that the Syrian government is backed by Hezbollah, and the rebels are backed by al Qaeda, it makes no sense at all to be involved.  Putting advanced weapons into the hands of radical Islamists is a recipe for having them used against you in the future and regardless of who wins they will be opposed to the West.

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