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Jun 11, 2013

LP Endorses Kristin Davis for NYC Comptroller

This could be a huge breakthrough for the Libertarian Party in the upcoming election.  Kristin Davis, their nominee for NYC Comptroller appears to be the only candidate standing against Democrat, Scott Stringer.  Given that the Republicans are not there to split the vote, she stands a chance albeit a slim one of getting across the line.
This position is that of the chief fiscal officer of the city, one for which Kristin is eminently qualified, with her background of hedge fund Vice President and creating and running a successful business.  Her opponent is a career political flunky, bureaucrat, and small time politician with no experience in financial management.
The result should be a no brainer, but in New York this is no guarantee:
Ex-Madam Kristin Davis, best known for her role in supplying escorts for former Governor Eliot Spitzer, announced that she will run as the Libertarian Party Candidate for New York City Comptroller against Democrat Scott Stringer. Davis was endorsed by the New York City Libertarian Party nominating convention in Queens last night. 
No other Democrat, Republican of Independent candidate has surfaced to oppose Stringer.“It is unconscionable that anyone would be elected to an office as important as City Comptroller without opposition” said Davis, a former Wall Street Hedge Fund Vice President. “Stringer has no financial management or business experience whatsoever. He has never held a job in the private sector and has spent his adult life on the public payroll” she said. 
“I have run a successful multi-million dollar business” said Davis. “I served as a Vice President for Compliance of a Major Wall Street Hedge Fund. Scott Stringer’s entire financial background consists of voting in the New York State Assembly for higher taxes, more spending, more debt and more borrowing. 
“Mr. Stringer is a career politician completely lacking in the qualifications for this job,” Davis said. “I am anxious to match my qualifications with his.” 
Davis was convicted for her role in the Spitzer prostitution scandal and served 4 months at Riker’s Island. She now heads a non-profit organization, Hope House, to combat sex trafficking and writes for her blog Libertarian Lady. Davis successfully petitioned her way onto the ballot as a independent candidate for Governor in 2010. She supported gay marriage equality, marijuana legalization and taxation and expanded casino gambling in that campaign.

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