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Apr 15, 2007


“Anzac Day May Offend” So say the headlines in the papers here.

Anzac day, to those of you who are non-Australian is virtually our second national day, April 25 where we pay our respect to those of our servicemen who lost their lives in wars. Ironically it is the anniversary of the Gallapoli campaign, in which we and our allies copped an absolute thrashing. The only good things that came out of it was the incredible courage and honour of the troops, the brilliance of the withdrawal, and a healthy respect gained for the Turks.

Reading on, it is found that the article referrers to a study done at the instigation of Multicultural Affairs Queensland, by Monash University, and funded by the Queensland and Victorian state governments.

Reading further, it is then found that it is based on interviews with a whole 183 people in those two states, as a representative proportion of the 20+ million people here.

Reading the report itself, it is found that a conscious decision was taken not to interview people of Aboriginal origin, and “no conscious effort was made to interview people of Anglo Australian descent, although some Anglo Australians were interviewed as migrants from the UK or US, members of migrant organizations, Christian organization, converts to Islam or Buddhism, and tourist operators,” etc.

Apparently in the eyes of the multi-cultural industry here, the opinions of actual Australians are not worthy of consideration, unfortunately a view that we are getting used to from the arrogant twerps who seem to infest these committees.

It is claimed in the report, that some of this great sample (apparently mainly the Muslim sample) felt that Anzac day inspired “increased nationalism”, and blame a “climate of fear”, on the federal immigration and anti terrorist policies and the media.

Recommendations of the committee include: - more regulation of the press, compulsory teaching of Islamic history, Islamic religious teachers, and scheduling exams around the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

It is apparent that in the eyes of Australia’s multiculturefuhrers, that when people fleeing from oppressive regimes arrive here, they have the right to demand that we toss our own values out to suit them. They are so out of touch with reality it is only to be expected that the only employment they can find is on government committees and academia.

People arriving in this country have the right to have their culture and traditions respected. If they wish to dress a certain way they can, if they observe a different faith they can, if there are certain things they don’t eat of drink they needn’t, in fact they should have the freedom to do anything that does not interfere with the rights of others.

They do not however, have the right to demand that we abide by those rules. We should be tolerant of them, and they should return this in kind.

One positive that came out of the press report was the statement of Dr Mohamad Abdalla, an imam at Brisbane’s Kuraby Mosque, who said, “Embracing events such as Anzac day does not contradict Islamic teachings, Muslims have joined the Australian armed forces and received medals. Anzac day events are not factors in inciting hatred. In fact they can help Muslims and non-Muslims to interact positively.”
“It’s not sufficient for Muslims to say that others should take action, the onus is also on them to go out and engage with non-Muslims”.

Welcome Dr. Abdalla, I hope that you represent the majority of your faith and I also hope that those who take your advice find it reciprocated.


  1. Great Blog you have here. Love the title.

    Hope you cover the whole world, and not just the Aussies.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I see that you have linked to me. Thank you. I have returned the compliment.