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Mar 31, 2011

Rand Paul answers Obama on Libya.

H/t Thoughts on Freedom.

No surprises here to see Rand Paul delivering this. One of the most vocal critics of this action was the Republican Liberty Caucus which used a similar line. Probably the most ironic feature of the US actions in Libya and Egypt is that the probable winner will be the Muslim Brotherhood which is implacably anti American, anti freedom, anti democracy, and pro Sharia with dreams of the reestablishment of the Caliphate.

Mar 30, 2011

Is it any wonder Hanson could be elected?

Cartoon: by Zeg.

There is a bit of shock and awe in the Australian political camp today with news that the ever controversial Pauline Hanson, after jumping in late, stands a good chance of being elected to the NSW upper house. Recriminations have already started.

For overseas readers, Hanson has had a chequered career here, starting as a disendorsed Liberal candidate who won a safe Labor seat in the 1996 federal election. She went on to found One Nation, which won 11 seats in the 1998 Queensland election before imploding. She has been accused of racism and a number of other things although most are based on political correctness rather than reality.

She was jailed for fraud over electoral funding but was exonerated on appeal. The appeal court was scathing over the conviction, as well as a number of politicians including Howard.

So why did she get to the brink of being elected?

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that the first of many anti carbon tax rallies was held in Canberra and a number of other cities.

The leader of the opposition Tony Abbott addressed them, which sent the Gillard government into conniptions. It is of course to Labor, not about the deceitful manner in which Gillard promised prior to the election, that there would not be a carbon tax, the lie that carried her across the line. No, it has to be that they are dangerous, extreme, racist, tea baggers right wing nut jobs, and climate deniers.

That was just the politicians, their left wing creatures of the state that support them were less articulate. Generally the left has made numerous attempts to vilify average decent Australians for daring to disagree with Gillard and her Green masters.

Since this GetUp, the bastard son of US based MoveOn has at the behest of Media Watch has launched proceedings with the government regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, to take action against broadcaster Allan Jones and others for favoring the skeptic side of the climate debate.

Today there is a report on respected columnist, Andrew Bolt being charged with racial vilification over an article he wrote which questioned the motives of light or white-skinned people who identified themselves as Aboriginal, implying they did so for personal gain. Several years ago a prominent Aboriginal activist raised some hackles when he referred to blond haired blue-eyed ‘Aboriginals.’

Hanson is among other things the absolute antithesis to political correctness and the heroine of many who see her as, “one of us.” Given the politically correct nonsense above it is little wonder she was able to grab a solid vote.

Mar 29, 2011

Support for illegal building.

An article in the ABC online news drew my attention to a building company that says illegal dwellings are a logical solution to the housing shortage and appear to be doing something about it. This is quite reasonable to me.

Business owner Graeme Kolpus has taken out a large ad on the back page of a local newspaper promoting illegal building. The ad promises to keep secrets safe from authorities and offers to provide recycled materials for unapproved dwellings in the Byron Shire and beyond.

Mr Kolpus says he provides a service in terms of affordable housing.

"We find a lot of people that we deal with, are building either cabins or doing garage fitouts to help them with their mortgage," he said. "If it wasn't for things like that, renting out extra rooms or cabins, they would be on the street in the renting circle. …

"If the compliance officers want to come around for a cuddle and a chat I mean they won't get much out of us, we don't dob anyone in. I mean we've been helping people build affordably for quite some time so I think we're one step ahead of everyone who's talking about it," Mr Kolpus said.
As the item pointed to the NSW North Coast I did a bit of a search to try to find the relevant item in order to assess it but had no luck. I was able to find another item from what appears to be a real estate guy from Byron Bay, who seems to have an idea of the root cause and is realistic about it.
Our council is a great supporter of low cost housing but its action do not show this. It is the only one (or one of a few) councils in the whole state that is insisting on charging up to $25,000 council contribution for the extra dwelling. Of course, everyone is just going to do what has always been done which is make an extension under the house or out the back and add an illegal kitchen later.
Would be so much better to be able to have it legal with all the benefits that includes but that extra fee is too prohibitive. The BSC is currently considering coming in line with other councils. So now is the time to lobby council to drop the Section 94 contributions. …
While we are on the subject of illegal grannies (the backyard dwellings, not the elderly ladies on motor bikes) we have the problem of the insurance. If you have an illegal dwelling and your house burns down because of an unapproved cooking appliance then it may be possible for your insurer to renege on coughing up.
Which brings me to another wider problem of home insurance in this area. My experience is that a large number of dwellings here do not have a Section 109 Occupation (or Final) Certificate. Or maybe some parts of the home are not legal. … Some insurers will not pay up in these circumstances.
I am in contact with some good local insurance brokers and if you have any questions, contact me and I will refer you on.
This is a typical example of petty regulation creating difficulties for the average guy. With a $25,000 fee the council is really asking for most of the cost of building the bloody thing just to get approval to get Granny housed where the family can keep an eye on her. Some will argue that rental of such a building is a commercial activity which is irrelevant.

I recall some time ago, Palin was criticized for not agreeing to building codes in Wasilla when she was Mayor. She made the point that for any project to get finance it would need insurance, and no insurance company would cover a sub standard building. There was no point therefore in going to the expense of creating building codes and employing inspectors when the insurance would do it at no expense to the rate payer.

Mar 28, 2011

Kristen Davis to run for NY mayor if Spitzer does.

To mark the third anniversary of her arrest Ex-Madam Kristin Davis who supplied high priced call girls for former Governor Eliot Spitzer said she will jump in the 2013 New York City Mayor's Race if the former Governor, now a CNN talk show host makes a bid.

Davis filed 18,000 signatures to get on the ballot last year, participated in the televised debate between Democrat Andrew Cuomo and Republican Carl Paladino last year and got nearly 30,000 votes in the race for Governor running on a libertarian platform.

"If Spitzer throws his black socks in the ring I may have to throw in my lacy brassiere" said Davis who once ran the most successful high end escort service in US history.

"I had pretty much decided to focus on the sex trafficking issue and not to run for public office again," said Davis. "I am working to take the GOLD program, put forward by an advocacy group in Miami to combat sex trafficking nationwide." Davis kicked off Hope House, a New York based non profit to fight the conscription of women into prostitution last month.

"The women who worked for me chose to be sex workers. 80% of the women working as escorts are doing so against their will," said Davis. "Until prostitution is decriminalized we must provide an escape from this life for thousands of young women".

"Running for Governor was great fun and very educational but I decided to pursue advocacy activity and some entrepreneurial efforts in legal industries," said the ex Hedge Fund Vice president. "The one thing that could probably get me off the bench is a Mayor candidacy by Eliot Spitzer. I'd have to look at it. The opportunity to expose the inequality in our Justice system may be too great".

Mar 27, 2011

A snapshot of those radical extremist carbon tax protesters.

Image: courtesy Menzies House.

A couple of days ago the first of many anti carbon tax rallies got into full swing in Canberra and a number of other cities. It was in the main very successful with thousands attending. The crowd was orderly and peaceful, although there was an attempt by the frantics from ‘Getup’ a leftist fringe group and bastard son of US based, Move On to get something going. They may have been the originators of the odd inappropriate sign around.

The leader of the opposition Tony Abbott addressed them, which sent the Gillard government into conniptions. It is of course to Labor, not about the deceitful manner in which Gillard promised prior to the election, that there would not be a carbon tax, the lie that carried her across the line. No, it has to be that they are dangerous, extreme, racist, Tea baggers right wing nut jobs, and climate deniers.

That was just the politicians, their left wing creatures of the state that support them were less articulate.

Here are the protesters, so you can judge for yourself:

What they really fought for.

H/Ts to Thoughts on Freedom, and I notice it is up over at Ben and Bawb’s place.

A great satirical song on the efforts of troops through the ages, combined with the reality of today.

Mar 26, 2011

How to vote in NSW.

Cartoon: By Zeg

The cartoon here is not just appropriate for New South Wales. The sad fact we face is that across the country road safety measures are being increasingly used for revenue raising. The fines are savage, but any reflection from them in increased safety is purely incidental. When the Bligh government here in Qld. needed to top up the budget we were told that the traffic fines were too low to discourage bad behaviour and they needed to be doubled.

You know how it is, a young family with a couple of kids, a mortgage, and on the minimum wage just finds it too bloody easy to pay the odd $120 and drive on and forget about it. We didn't buy it, but the press treated it seriously and we are stuck with it. You guys down there are lucky enough to have a chance to fight back.

There is a party that is committed to reversing this situation and restoring freedom to all motorists, from bikes to semitrailers.

The ORP has a range of policies to please all of you who finding the activities you are accustomed to being restricted or banned by the snootty elites who are unable to understand why anyone would want to do the sort of things you do, and want have them banned or restricted for your own safety or for the planet.

To find out what they have to offer before you go out and vote away your rights go here and check it out.

Other parties have ideas as to what they will let you do, the ORP believe that you shouldn't be restricted in the first place.

Mar 25, 2011

Lights on for "Earth Hour".

Cartoon by Fewings.

A statement by Viv Forbes,
Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition.

Last night I put my post on this up, tonight is Viv's turn.

The Carbon Sense Coalition said today that celebrating “Blackout Night” at the time of the March equinox, half-way between mid-summer and mid-winter in both hemispheres, shows that "Earth Hour" is nothing more than green tokenism.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that this date, with the sun exactly on the equator, was cynically placed on the mildest night of the year to ensure that the candles and champagne parties are unlikely to be inconvenienced by summer heat or winter snow.

"Sensible people know that the sun, the planets and the seasons control earth's cycles of weather and climate, and they appreciate man's magic of electricity which allows them to moderate nature's periodic extremes of heat and cold at the flick of a switch.

“Instead of sneering at human achievements, they should salute the people who provide light, heat and cooling for the other 364 days of the year.

“Our salute will be to turn on every light on our property, and we urge all supporters to do the same."

For those who would like to read more see:

Return to the caves:

Hail to Electricity:

The Road to more Blackout nights:

Earth Hour – a Dissent

Authorised by : Viv Forbes

Human Achievement Hour.

On Saturday the 26th of March between 8:30 and 9:30 pm Luddites, carbon Nazis, ecofascists, pointless gesture makers, and joiners of fashionable causes will turn out their lights and sip chardonnay by candle light while watching the lights of the world go out on wide screen TVs.

Meanwhile those of us who do not subscribe to the theory that mankind is born of iniquity, nor feel we have anything to apologize for in being human, and admire the progress that mankind has made will celebrate Human Achievement Hour:

It is not recommended that we engage in gratuitous wastage of power as that only causes higher electricity bills and is a waste of energy, which can be used for fun stuff that is more rewarding. Of course if there is a way that by doing a little extra you can really get up the nose of those elitist pricks who feel they hold the moral high ground and have the right to tell you what you should be doing, then go for it.

Mar 23, 2011

No Carbon Tax Coalition Formed

A statement by Viv Forbes,
Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition.
23rd March 2011

Twenty two diverse organisations representing thousands of Australians all over the country have signed a letter to Prime Minister Gillard opposing the carbon tax.

Mr Forbes from the Carbon Sense Coalition comments:

"This tax on carbon dioxide will have no effect whatsoever on global climate, little effect on the production of carbon dioxide but a large effect on the cost of living and job prospects for Australians. This is merely a wealth redistribution scheme where most of the wealth will be consumed on compliance, regulation, red tape, subsidies and price supports for the Climate Change Industry."

See the letter and the signatories:

Many of these organisations are also supporting "No Carbon Tax Rallies" in various cities all over Australia today Wednesday 23rd March 2011.

Canberra Rally:

Other rallies:

See "No Carbon Tax" rally leaflet:

Authorised by : Viv Forbes

Funding green groups to shut us down.

Gillard has the gaul to expect taxpayers to fork out millions for an ‘information campaign’ to counter the misinformation as she calls it of those individuals and groups who oppose her plan for a disastrous carbon tax. If past form is any guide we can expect at least 20-30 million to come out of our pockets to fund her politically driven ad campaign.

Now it has become clear that we have also funded the environmental groups that are pushing this line to the tune of $10 million over five years. The Australian has given credit to the Institute of Public Affairs for a ‘joint effort’ however the gist of the article is mainly IPA.
The ACF has been one of the largest recipients with $2.9m over the past five years, while Environment Victoria has topped $4m. Environmental Defenders offices in various states have received at least $1.2m. The Wilderness Society ($125,000) and Friends of the Earth ($65,000) have won smaller grants.

IPA director John Roskam said taxpayers were now funding third-party political activity. "Many environmental groups are now running what are basically political campaigns financed by state and federal government departments," Mr. Roskam said.

The funded groups have supported community activism such as the "walks against warming" and offer advice to people on how to mount legal challenges against development. Some constantly campaign against industries, in particular the coal mining and coal generation industries.
Some of this money goes to groups who engage in political campaigning. The Total Environment Centre has been particularly active in the NSW election campaign claiming that opposition policies are an "environmental and planning disaster". They also insist that the Coalition's plans for Sydney's urban sprawl would "worsen global warming".

This is conflict of interest bordering on corruption as they have received $450,000 from the NSW government, which they are using in part to support the Labor Party who gave them the money.

In essence, what we have is governments paying taxpayers money to fund organizations that are supporting their own political agendas.

Groups like these who claim to act in the public interest should be supported by voluntary donations from the public. There is absolutely no excuse for such groups to be sucking on the public teat. If they are genuinely acting to promote the interests of the public at large then members of that public would support them as long as they remain within the bounds that those members expect from them. Government funding allows them to pursue more radical agendas without the need to be responsible.

Statements like those of Friends of the Earth, that it is vital that taxpayers funded them to ‘hold governments and corporations to account’ are elitist and designed to create the situation where they don’t have to be accountable to the public themselves.

Mar 22, 2011

Helen Thomas in Playboy.

Cartoon: Mike Skelton.

I am a relatively broad-minded guy and I have always liked Americans and understood that while in many ways they are a lot like us, they do have different tastes. I was however somewhat taken aback when I saw the headline above. The image that came to mind doesn’t bear too much thinking about; in fact I am trying to expunge it.

The initial instinct was, it can’t be true, but then it occurred to me that Hugh Heffner is well into his 80s and perhaps he thinks she is a bit of a babe, (Oh Hell there’s that image again, Brrrrrrrh.

It was somewhat amusing to think of being a fly on the wall when my mates, Ben, Bawb, Angry, Dondero, Pat Conlon and their ilk eagerly opened up their copies, and ….

Fortunately she was not the centerfold girl; it was an interview in which she expounded her views on foreign policy. As it happens she is something of a specialist on the Middle East, particularly Israel. Here are a couple of her gems:
"I went into self-imposed house arrest for two weeks…Every columnist and commentator jumped on me immediately as anti-Semitic. Nobody asked me to explain myself. Nobody said, 'What did you really mean?' (The Jews "can go home" to "Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else." seems to be a fairly clear statement with a fairly clear meaning.)

She explained her comment that Jews should go back to Poland and Germany meant "they should stay where they are because they're not being persecuted-not since World War II...If they were, we sure would hear about it." Thomas added that Jews "carry on the victimization. American people do not know that the Israeli lobbyists have intimidated them into believing that every Jew is a persecuted victim forever-while they are victimizing Palestinians."

When asked whether she believed there was a secret Jewish conspiracy at work in the US, Thomas stated that it is "not a secret. It's very open...Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood. Same thing with the financial markets. There's total control."
I have not followed her career, but at 90 she seems to be increasingly cantankerous and intemperate which may be an age thing. I have to question whether it is even decent to have these interviews. There comes a point where a person is not in complete control of their faculties and to keep bringing it up is a little like picking on the handicapped. It is a little like interviews with Charlie Sheen.

Still; when I figure out Photoshop, I’ll be able to have some fun with this kind of post.

Mar 21, 2011

The Battle of our Times

This year will see the climax of the Climate War in Australia. Once the new Senators take their seats Gillard and the Greens will try to legislate their carbon dioxide tax followed by the carbon rationing scheme.

We can expect no help from the big end of town – they are too busy designing exemptions or benefits for themselves. All stops will be pulled out with the government media, the research mercenaries, the climate change industry and paid spruikers like Garnaut and Flannery all firing broadsides.

Opposing them are a few independent scientists, a few sceptical journalists, a growing band of bloggists and thousands of concerned consumers and tax payers.

Politics is a numbers game, so we need help from every member and supporter. Please pass on these messages to friends and associates, write letters to the media, swamp the politicians with questions and opposition, swell the numbers at rallies and protests, ask awkward questions of politicians in public, and recruit new supporters.

The taxaholics will fail in the end, but the longer this scam continues the greater the cost and harm done to our economy, our cost of living and our environment.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Please play a part in this great battle of our times.

Viv Forbes

Politicians Produce Pollution.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colourless, non-toxic natural gas occurring in trace amounts in our atmosphere. It is crucial to all life on earth. Plants extract CO2 from the air and all animals get their carbon based proteins, sugars and fats from plants.

CO2 is also the source of that other crucial gas of life – oxygen. Plants use solar energy and the magic of photosynthesis to extract carbon from carbon dioxide and release the oxygen back to the air. Human activity completes the carbon cycle of life by burning the carbon food and fuels for energy and releasing CO2 back to the atmosphere.

Currently for every million molecules of air there are about 390 molecules of CO2 – a tiny amount which is almost the lowest it has ever been in the long history of the planet. At just 150 parts per million (ppm) plants starve and plant growth ceases. Most life probably evolved at levels of 1,000 ppm or more. The dinosaurs flourished in air with 1,800 ppm of CO2 400 million years ago, life flourished with 4,500 ppm CO2. US Submariners live comfortably in air with 8,000 ppm and normal human lungs exhale air with 40,000 ppm.

At what level does this gas of life morph into "pollution" and attract a carbon tax?

Or is the term "carbon pollution" just another misleading Wongism?

For a revealing look at the importance of wonderful carbon to our world see:

The Ultimate Goal of the Climatists is to
Lay Hands on a Massive Tax Stream and
Make the World Safe for Bureaucracy

Closing Down Australia.

Let's suppose that the climatists get their way and all man-made production of carbon dioxide ceases in Australia.

In this green utopia, all of today's cars, trucks, tractors, trains, ships and planes are scrapped. All refineries, cement plants, steel works and carbon-fired power stations are silent. All cows, sheep, goats and pigs have been slaughtered and rabbits and kangaroos feed on the weed infested wheat fields. Carbon forests have smothered our grasslands and all Australians are either holding their breath or have emigrated to sane havens.

Using the IPCC's own figures, such a total shut-down of all man-made CO2 in Australia would reduce global temperature in 2050 by just 0.0154° C below what it would have otherwise been. And the sea level may be 2mm lower.

It hardly seems worth it.

Let's just deport the climatists instead.

For those with an interest to dig further into this garbage heap have a look here:

The Lord Monckton Tour

Lord Monckton will return to Australia in late June. Details are still being worked out. The Carbon Sense Coalition has promised $500 towards the costs of this tour, which is $400 higher than our income since the start of the year. Assistance to close the shortfall appreciated!

Lights on for Earth Hour

Next week, on Saturday 26th March, the pretentious preachers of the green religion will try to score points by celebrating darkness, cold and poverty. Let's celebrate the magic of electricity instead – the source of light, heat, transport, safety, entertainment and pollution control in our world.

Those who prefer the world without electricity and all its benefits should move immediately to the disaster zone of Japan.

The Ron Kitching Letter Contest

It is my sad duty to report the death of my friend and great ally in the fight for Carbon Sense, Ron Kitching. Our obituary to Ron can be seen here:

Among his many achievements and accomplishments, Ron perfected the art of purposeful letter writing. His letters illustrated what a good media letter should be – short, one major point, short sentences, plain words, picturesque, good punch line.

He would be delighted to know that many other people were picking up his banner. So please honour Ron by keeping up his output of letters. Every month we will select and publish the best letter we get.

Green Ghouls Chase Catastrophes

We all sympathise with those unfortunate Japanese people hit by the multiple disasters – earthquake, tsunami, infrastructure destruction and nuclear damage and dangers.

Naturally the Green ambulance chasers are ready to blame carbon dioxide and nuclear power for all the evils.

Immediately after the quake one site had a story and pictures headlined "Today's tsunami: This is what climate change looks like"; another "climate change may cause tsunamis directly . . ."; another "some islands affected by climate change have already been hit . . . we need solidarity in combating and adapting to climate change . . . . Mother Nature has again given us a sign that that is what we need to do".

Soon it was claimed that the earthquake and tsunami were also caused by that mighty powerful gas, carbon dioxide: "When the (polar) ice is lost (from global warming) "the earth's crust bounces back up again and that triggers earthquakes, which triggers submarine landslides, which cause tsunamis." Unfortunately the Arctic ice is floating, so has no effect on the earth's crust and neither of earth's ice caps are melting unusually.

Slow off the mark but more scary in their predictions of imminent and world-wide doom are the anti-nuclear crowd, rejuvenated by the best disaster they have enjoyed for decades. Time will tell what damage will be done by the nuclear damage in Japan, but scare mongers will ensure that nuclear power is delayed and regulated to death in western societies.

Sometime soon, surely even the ABC/BBC alarmists will grow tired of these green ghouls and serial scaremongers.

Let us teach our children that the world is a lovely place, that the sun will rise tomorrow, that there are good humans who can achieve miracles and we have a place in this world.

The Carbon Dioxide Tax
Ten dishonest slogans about global warming, and ten little facts.
Professor Bob Carter has produced an analysis of the dishonest propaganda used by Gillard and the Greens to support their tax on carbon dioxide. This tax will have no effect on global climate, no benefits for Australia, will have a huge regulatory and compliance cost, and the wealth redistribution and exemptions planned negate the stated purpose of the tax.

For more information see:

Can You Help?

We need to get people laughing at the stupidity of the arguments and proposals of the climatists. If you are a cartoonist, write limericks or write parables please send them in. If you are a good editor who can respond quickly to improve draft reports and statements, please let us know.

The Carbon Dioxide Tax Revolt

Gillard and the Greens are determined to introduce the carbon dioxide tax within the next twelve months. This has provoked a storm of community protest. Diverse groups all over the place are planning protests.

This Hot Air Tax proposal has provoked the biggest public outcry I have seen for a long while. The internet is shimmering with rage, and now even the climate alarmists are becoming alarmed at the opposition they have suddenly stirred up. Web sites, petitions, new organisations and rallies are springing spontaneously into life. Naturally the Green Regiments supported by government propagandists and government advertising will try to defuse and denigrate this protest as the work of a few vested interests. So we need many ordinary people to show up in force with sensible placards and cutting comments all over Australia.

For petitions: Canberra Rally:Other rallies:

Brisbane rally:
A rally will start in King George Square, Brisbane at 12.30pm next Wednesday March 23 rd. It is planned that there will be speeches until 1:15pm and then a march to Parliament House where the protest will be repeated.

There will be another Brisbane rally on May 7th.

Authorised by: Viv Forbes

The Carbon Dioxide Tax Revolt

This is the first of two posts by Viv Forbes, a guy who has worked tirelessly for a long time to expose the myths of Global warming and oppose the imposition of massive taxation and regulation governments across the world would like to impose on us. Viv heads up the Carbon Sense Coalition.

The Carbon Dioxide Tax Revolt

Gillard and the Greens are determined to introduce the carbon dioxide tax within the next twelve months. This has provoked a storm of community protest. Diverse groups all over the place are planning protests.

This Hot Air Tax proposal has provoked the biggest public outcry I have seen for a long while. The internet is shimmering with rage, and now even the climate alarmists are becoming alarmed at the opposition they have suddenly stirred up. Web sites, petitions, new organisations and rallies are springing spontaneously into life. Naturally the Green Regiments supported by government propagandists and government advertising will try to defuse and denigrate this protest as the work of a few vested interests. So we need many ordinary people to show up in force with sensible placards and cutting comments all over Australia.

For petitions: Canberra Rally: Other rallies:

Brisbane rally:

A rally will start in King George Square, Brisbane at 12.30pm next Wednesday March 23 rd. It is planned that there will be speeches until 1:15pm and then a march to Parliament House where the protest will be repeated.

There will be another Brisbane rally on May 7th.

Authorised by: Viv Forbes

Green Peasants of the Pacific

The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that Australia and New Zealand were in danger of becoming the green peasants of the Pacific.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that the only way the two countries could achieve their unrealistic emissions targets was by exporting their industries, reducing their population or creating chronic recession.

In a detailed submission to the New Zealand Government, the Carbon Sense Coalition concludes that their emissions targets are not feasible, not sustainable and not justified.

The submission, entitled "Clean, Green and Barefoot in the Snow" can be found here.

"The submission analyses the maths of the proposal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 50% of 1990 levels by 2050.

"In the period from the base year of 1990 to 2010, New Zealand emissions have grown by 22%. This 22% growth will need to be eliminated before the Kiwis get to the start of the process of achieving 50% cuts from 1990 levels.

"Moreover, New Zealand's population has also grown since 1990, and is expected to rise from 3.5 million in 1990 to 6.2 million by 2050.

"As a result, the maths shows that the 50% cut to 1990 levels by 2050 will require Kiwis to reduce emissions per capita by 73% from 1990 levels. Will their grandkids learn to happily live on just 27% of the resources used now?

"Even in the Great Depression, production of carbon dioxide only fell by 25% from booming 1929 to the dreary bottom in 1932, when many people minimised their emissions by queuing quietly outside soup kitchens.

"These targets thus promise to be three times worse than the great depression.

"There are four major sources of man's production of carbon dioxide in Australia and New Zealand - transport, electricity generation, agriculture and basic industries such as cement, steel and aluminium. (Of course this excludes heavy breathing from 25 million humans).

"Politicians need to explain to us how they plan to massively cut our use of carbon fuels in all of these essentials of modern life. (Their preferred solution is ration cards, called Emission Permits.)

"The only options feasible today are greatly increased use of hydro, nuclear or geothermal energy to produce electricity and some use of electric powered cars and buses in cities.

"It seems politically improbably that large new hydro or nuclear plants will be built in a hurry in either country and geothermal will never fill the gap in time. Meanwhile the green subsidysuckers like wind, solar and biofuels are already causing the de-industrialisation of Europe.

"Our politicians are gambling massive community assets on some wobbly computer forecasts of global warming. But nature will continue to surprise us with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornados, fires or even global cooling.

"Climate is always changing. Mankind must do what successful humans have always done – be prepared for the next disaster, whatever it is. Then be equipped to recover and rebuild afterwards. And take all forecasts with a grain of salt.

"Both Australia and New Zealand would be better off today if all the money wasted on the climate change industry had been spent building more robust infrastructure and establishing shelters and emergency resources. Money spent on preparation for provision of water, electricity, communications, medical services and shelter after a disaster will be far more appreciated by victims than knowing that our politicians are playing a leading role in the Climate Change Circus. Reliable forecasts of flood levels and research into earthquake prediction would be far more useful than wild guesses about minute change in global temperature, many decades ahead.

"New Zealand aims to be the Leader of the Lemmings in our region. The Green/Gillard government in Australia is longing to follow.

"But who else in our region will renew their Kyoto vows of poverty?

"Not India or China; not Japan or Taiwan; not Canada, USA or South America - no one will follow us in the race to become the Green Peasants of the Pacific."

"Some consensus!"

Goofy Green Gas Policies –
The Greens promote the consumption of gas 
but oppose the production of gas.
Let's look at what will keep the lights on in the Green New World?

• COAL - their insistence on carbon capture and burial and carbon taxes are stupid and unnecessary ideas but they will ensure that generating electricity from coal is uneconomic and too wasteful of resources to contemplate. 

So coal is out (in some places, for now).

• HYDRO – no emissions, generally low cost, "renewable" but every site with have some threatened species that will prevent any significant hydro developments. 

So hydro is out (except in China).

• WIND and SOLAR – the subsidysucker jokes of the power game. A very diffuse source of unreliable energy with a huge environmental footprint, growing opposition from landowners and producing a piddling output of high cost power. Doubtful if either reduces emissions of carbon dioxide. Both will require backup generating capacity, which in Australia means gas.

So wind and solar are out (the real power will come mainly from gas or coal). 

• GEOTHERMAL and TIDAL – both can deliver reliable low cost power in a few special locations. Neither is likely to deliver significant power to Australian cities or industries in the near future. And should they start to look feasible somewhere, the serial scaremongers will appear to create some new environmental scare.
So geothermal and tidal are out (in most places).

• NUCLEAR – will undoubtedly supply large quantities of economical and reliable power using new technology in places like China and India, and mini nuclear plants will power remote or disaster sites. Old nuclear plants will continue in France and USA. But few new stations will be authorised elsewhere because of the new generation of scared children.

So nuclear is out (for quite a while).

GAS –gas is another natural hydrocarbon, just like coal and oil; when burnt it produces heat, water and carbon dioxide, just like coal and oil. However in the fairyland world of the green dreamers, gas is somehow "clean, green and renewable" (for now at least). 

Gas is also becoming cheap and abundant thanks to deep shale deposits and new drilling and extraction techniques. And gas power plants are relatively cheap and quick to erect. Gas can also power transport vehicles. 

So the ironic result of all the green scaremongering on energy is that much of the new supply of electricity in places like Australia will come from gas. 

But gas has to be collected from large areas of land. Already greens are trying to scare up votes from landowners threatened by numerous gas wells and pipelines. Greens thus promote the consumption of gas but oppose the production of gas.

Risk-Free Cost Free Energy?
"By now, the following fact should be quite obvious: All sources of energy pose some sort of risk or cost. Risk-free, cost-free energy is a complete myth and simply does not, and will not, exist.

"Groups that never propose realistic solutions are simply not worth taking seriously. Unfortunately, this characterizes the arguments put forth by some environmentalists. They should not be given a seat at the adults' table until they demonstrate an ability to propose a serious solution to the most serious of problems. - Alex B. Berezow, Editor RealClearScience.

• And so we get back to . . . . . . COAL.

Absolute safety is unobtainable for anyone this side of the grave. However some day soon, out of the rubble of all the green energy waste and destruction, we will again discover the cheapest, least harmful, most reliable and least obtrusive energy source for most places today. China and India know that already, we will spend a fortune to re-discover it. 
KING COAL will rise again.

Mar 19, 2011

Climate change wealth redistribution tax.

Cartoon: Bill Leak.

The government’s climate change czar Ross Garnaut wants half of the revenue raised by the Gillard/Brown carbon tax to be redistributed to the poor and middle class. For those of you who consider yourselves to be ‘middle class’ and therefore better off, think again. Whether or not you are in fact middle class will depend on Gillard’s definition, not yours.

He has called for $5.75 billion worth of income tax cuts for low and middle income earners in the first year of a carbon tax. This he said will generate ‘positive effects on income distribution’ as well as national productivity. He pointed out that overall, middle income earners would be better off directly as a result of these arrangements.

He also called for a separate safety net for disadvantaged households, including pensioners and the unemployed, who were unable to improve their energy efficiency without extra help.
There are a grab bag of policies designed to give money to industries the government approves of, marginal seats in disadvantaged areas, (which are referred to as regions likely to have loss of livelihood as a result of the implementation of a carbon price,) and so on. Basically it boils down to total government regulation of production, distribution, and exchange, whereby success or failure will depend on government patronage.

Garnaut is calling for the tax, which he calls market based to be in the order of $26 per ton which will increase average household power bills alone by $300 per year without taking into account other increases that are already a daily reality or those caused by this tax. This figure is not realistic as several major conservation lobbies as well as the Greens already oppose it. All are claiming it is far too low. Gillard will be depending on the Greens to get this passed, so the figure will probably be around double what he is asking.

Food prices are rising worldwide owing to ethanol mandates, which have resulted in around 20% of the world’s corn being diverted to this purpose as well as other grain crops.

To exacerbate this he is proposing, that about 15 per cent of the revenue should be used for carbon farming which he waxes lyrical in claiming it would create the equivalent of a new wool industry for the rural sector in carbon offsets. Carbon farming in the commonest use of the term is the removal of large swathes of productive land from food production into growing trees.

It is widely favored by the same spivs who were the promoters of jojoba, aloe vera, ostrich farming, olives, and tax forests, all of which were given breaks as new generation industries, and all of which have burned most of the investors.

Governments simply do not have the competence to handle such matters as cyclical climate change, especially this one. These are the people who tried to insulate houses and burned them down and killed people plus leaving in their wake a host of other failed schemes.

If in fact they were able to affect the world climate I shudder to think of the result.

Mar 16, 2011

Nanny state MP wants short-term rentals banned.

Recently on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, the council attempted to close down the holiday house of Don and Anne Stanfield. The couple has been using the property for their own family holidays since 2008, and rent it out for short-term accommodation for the rest of the year. This is a common practice, especially in popular destinations, where it serves the dual purposes of a place for the owner to stay, and an income for the rest of the year from tourists.

Following a complaint from a neighbor, the council decided they were in breach of planning laws and eventually won in court on the basis of rather nebulous definitions under the planning laws. None of the other neighbors were consulted.

This decision was subsequently overturned in the court of appeal, which was scathing in its judgment. Justice Anthe Philippides said the council’s application for an enforcement order should have been dismissed when it first came before the court. “(The Stanfields)’ contention before the learned judge was that the premises were properly characterized as a ‘detached house’ and as such did not require a development permit,” she said.

“The learned judge erred in finding the premises were not a ‘detached house’ and that they constituted an ‘accommodation building’.” As result costs estimated at over $100,000 were awarded against the council.

Now the local Liberal National Party MP, Glen Elmes has called for a crackdown on short-term rentals, calling them “Party houses.” This guy has to be really out of touch with his electorate, as Sunny Coast is kind of known for partying.

"The regional council here went before the Planning and Environment Court, won, then lost on an appeal," he said. "Now we're going have a talk to the local council here and see what can also be done but certainly these (partying and short-term rental) things will continue to happen in tourist type areas unless we regulate it in some way."

Well, killjoys will be killjoys.

Mr. Stanfield said, the court’s classification of their house made house-swaps, home-based businesses and on-site manager’s units potentially illegal too. “It was mainly targeting short-term rentals and that covers probably hundreds of houses and units on the Coast.”

“Taking us to court on the word of one neighbor without speaking to other neighbors or even meeting with us at the property seems to us to be gross negligence on the part of the officers involved. We were taken to court for having a holiday house yet at the same time we were paying a Tourism Levy which was expressly applied because our house was used for holiday accommodation.”

In a lot of these matters concerning local, state, and federal government, those who are friends or supporters of the members get the attention of those members while the rest of us get screwed.

Mar 14, 2011

Carbon tax questions for Juliar.

Cartoon: by Nicholson.

Tim Blair has come up with a brilliant set of questions for Julia Gillard on his blog at the daily telegraph. Here is part of it:

DEAR Prime Minister Gillard, Thank you for making the weather nicer by forcing us to pay more for everything. Who knew that fixing the global climate was so simple? Still, one or two questions remain about your new plan and a few related matters.

Yours in climate justice,

BY how much will your carbon dioxide tax reduce Australia's temperature?
IF after five years there has been no recorded decline in temperature, will the tax be abandoned?

MULTIPLE choice! How much money has already been wasted by Australian federal governments on pointless climate change initiatives that have done nothing:
a - $2,000,000,000 b - $3,500,000,000 c - $5,500,000,000

IF taxing Australians at a certain level will make us more competitive with the rest of the world, as you claim, then surely taxing us at even higher levels will make us more competitive still. Universal taxation at, say, 80 per cent should make us a global powerhouse. Why are you holding Australia back?

YOU claim that Australians want this new tax. How about testing your theory at an election?

IF I announced on television that I was going to kidnap the federal Cabinet and put them through a series of deadly Saw-style torture tests, do you think I could avoid charges by asking the police to stop going on about "semantics" and "word games"?

DO you have any experience in herding cats? This might be important during your coming 16 months of negotiations with the Greens, who you seem to have forgotten are completely insane.

CONSIDERING Labor couldn't run a simple grocery pricing website and Labor's attempts to insulate houses ended up setting them on fire and killing people, what are the odds Labor can successfully run the country's largest and most complicated tax regime?

LABOR promised to reduce the number of boat people arrivals. As with everything else, Labor's policies resulted in exactly the opposite outcome. Now you're trying to change the weather. Where should people hide?

CARBON dioxide contains two oxygen atoms for every one carbon atom. Shouldn't we call it an "oxygen tax"?

IF the aim of the carbon tax is to change behaviour, why are you planning to compensate so many households? They'll just keep killing the planet and get no penalties at all.

AT what point does carbon dioxide's necessary presence in the atmosphere become "pollution"?

IF the carbon tax is definitely going to be introduced on July 1, 2012, how come Tim Flannery is going to be paid $720,000 over the next four whole years while he roams the country "explaining" it? ISN'T explaining new taxes your job? Or, more specifically, Wayne Swan's?

For that matter, where was Wayne the other day when you announced this massive new tax? You were there, and so was Bob Brown and Christine Milne and Greg Combet and Tony Windsor and the Hairy Princess. But no Wayne. The next time you see Wayne, could you ask him why he said this last August: "What we rejected is this hysterical allegation that somehow we are moving towards a carbon tax." This question should really be asked by journalists, I guess, but they're too busy making excuses for your hilarious lies.

WHAT is the point of building a $27 billion national broadband network to deliver computer connectivity across the nation when Greg Combet is telling people to turn off lights and televisions?
Read the rest here.

Update: Alex has let me know that there is a Youtube video of answers.

Mar 13, 2011

Carbon tax and gifts to crony capitalists.

Cartoon: Bill Leak.

Gillard’s on again, off again, on again carbon tax/price has been back on the agenda now for a while. After trying for a carbon price/tax for most of the last term, apart from when Rudd dropped it, the government promised there would be no carbon tax on the eve of the last election. Here are Gillard and treasurer Swan on the subject:

Immediately after the election her pet crony capitalist Marius Kloppers, the CEO of BHP Billiton called for a carbon price to give business, “certainty.” There is some speculation as to why, “no carbon tax,” is not an acceptable certainty for him, although he may have been thinking of the old adage about ‘death and taxes’ or on the other hand it could just be his knowledge of the Labor Party.

More on BHP further down.

To cut a long story short, a few days ago, Gillard, her Green master and her sycophant independents held a press conference to announce a carbon tax to an outraged public. Now we are told that we always knew it was her policy to put a price on carbon. Those who took her at her word in a close election must now be kicking themselves, which will save us the job.

The idea of a carbon price is to pick winners. Talk of encouraging a move to newer technologies with smaller carbon footprints is semantics. The government has made a decision that a small group of generating processes that are uneconomic without subsidies or competition restraint are preferable to other means.

If the government were in any way serious about low emission energy, they would allow nuclear, which can do the same job efficiently, cheaply, and without the need for subsidies or base load generation.

Initially it appeared that the scheme was a massive redistribution of wealth, with ‘the big emitters’ taxed, hence heavier costs to the rest of us, with the proviso that the po’folks would be ‘compensated for the higher prices. The idea that the poor should be ‘compensated’ for the effects of the tax is to assume that their use of energy is somehow nobler than other peoples.

The reality is that a fair amount of the power generated by ‘big polluters’ is being produced to meet the demands of poor people. I would like to see a reason why those who earn less than whatever arbitrary line in the sand the government chooses as the rich/poor people line, should be rewarded for their energy consumption.

Here’s where BHP comes back into the equation. As I said they intend to compensate the little fellers for the rise in prices. Now we find that during her US tour she has promised business leaders that those little fellers shall include Alcoa, BHP Billiton, Dow Chemicals, and other overseas companies with investments here.

The public should be outraged, not just by the broken promise but also by the slimy and slippery way Kloppers and BHP have sold us down the drain for their own ends. More on BHP shortly.

Mar 12, 2011

Indiana lawmakers serenade Dems.

Image: Wisconsin border as the Senate Democrats see it.

Since the Wisconsin Democrat Senators ‘fled’ the state to deny a quorum for the bill to balance the budget, other state Dems have followed suit. In a relatively bizarre move the Wisconsin Democrats offered to negotiate at the border, something like North/South Korea do but were ridiculed for it.

The idea is for state senators to leave for another state so that legislation is held up until the federal cavalry and the unions can ride to the rescue. During this time they are to claim that they are in exile from Republican oppression, which serves the double purpose of: (a) making them look ridiculous, and (b) belittling the plight of those who have genuinely been forced to flee oppressive regimes.

Those cynics who are inclined to deny that they have achieved anything by this action should be reminded that they have managed to have the term ‘fleebagger’ added to the American lexicon.

The Indiana house has come up with a new ploy to bring them home, a serenade:

The lyrics are here, (I assume the 74 refers to a highway.)

Mar 11, 2011

Celebrate Human Achievement Hour.

I notice a page on Facebook telling us that ‘Earth Hour is upon us again. On Saturday, the 26th of March all of the thoroughly indoctrinated, will once again go through the gratuitous gesture of turning all their lights out and holding a Barbie out on the balcony.

Last year’s Earth Hour winner, North Korea celebrates ‘Earth Hour’ every night. Compare it to South Korea that keeps its people warm, well fed and working (with the help of Australian coal)

Of course we will be subsequently shown TV images of the lights in tall buildings around the world going off. Call me cynical if you wish, but I tend to wonder when I see this, why the hell all of those lights are on in the first place. It cannot be for security as if it were they would hardly switch them off. Especially given that it is at an advertised time burglars are aware of.

If they are for security, then this idea is incredibly stupid, which I suspect is the case.

On 26/03 at 8:30 PM, rather than sit in the darkness feeling self righteous, join me instead for the joyous celebration of Human Achievement Hour, and leave your lights on as a beacon to all those poor brainwashed souls, sitting in darkness and despair.

My message of hope to humanity and especially those guilt ridden souls who have fallen under the influence of the drab grey messengers of doom from the greens, and all those followers of bizarre lines of thought that lead down the road to authoritarianism, is:

It’s OK to feel good about yourself.

Mar 9, 2011

The Obama Whisperer.

From Wayne Allyn Root.

Wayne has come up with an amusing take on how Obama would handle a possible NFL players strike. There is only one area where I feel he has misjudged it. My thoughts are that prior to taking any action Obama will dither until things are really out of hand:

Some are now suggesting that President Obama get involved in the NFL strike talks. I was his college classmate at Columbia University and have studied his political career for years. My record of predicting where Obama will come down on the side of an issue and what lie he will tell to rationalize his decision is near perfect. Just call me "The Obama Whisperer."

Here's a quick lesson in how he thinks:

First, Obama is a Socialist who believes in the redistribution of wealth. He hates those who have worked hard and earned money -- unless they give him massive campaign contributions.

Second, he's a union hack, who will do anything for unions, even break the law and violate the Constitution -- at least for those unions that give him massive campaign contributions. Don't believe me? Ask the shareholders and banks that loaned billions to GM and Chrysler, only to see their ownership and legal contracts erased by Obama in order to hand ownership to the unions that destroyed the automakers in the first place.

Third, like a true Socialist, Obama believes government has the solution to every problem, and that solution is more government and higher taxes, combined with a prescription of social justice and affirmative action.

Based on his lifetime body of work, here is how I predict Obama will settle the NFL labor crisis:

Like "Cap and Trade," Obama will produce scientists to declare that football is a dangerous sport threatening the health and welfare of the players. He'll then pass "Helmet and Trade" legislation putting government in control of football -- setting salaries for players, prices for fans, and giving new powers to the NFL players union.

Never letting a serious crisis go to waste, Obama will then pass legislation called "NFLCare" that demands that the NFL pay for the lifetime pension and healthcare of the players, paid for with massive new taxes on the NFL and its fans. The doctors who treat the NFL players will have caps placed on their fees. Of course this will lead to shortages of doctors and rationing, so eventually NFL Limb Panels will be set up to decide who gets a new knee, or shoulder, or hip. These decisions will be based on years of player life expectancy remaining, or the size of contributions to the Obama campaign.

He'll then decide what income is "fair" and what is "greedy," placing wage controls on players. Obama will say, "There is no longer a need for million dollar salaries. After all, just like government union employees, I'm going to guarantee NFL players -- even the failed ones -- pensions of $100K per year for life and free healthcare. We'll call it 'NFL Tenure.' It's like a government job -- a guaranteed job for life, without any performance necessary."

Like American businesses, players will react to lower wages and higher taxes by leaving the USA to play football in Canada and Europe, destroying the NFL. Obama, of course, will blame the "greedy NFL owners" for sending American jobs offshore and pass a huge tariff on each player leaving the USA.

Then, Obama will state proudly, "We've got to spread the wealth around" and pass "NFL Financial Reform," requiring ninety-five percent of revenues be redistributed to employees, vendors, peanut salesmen, ticket takers, security, and parking lot attendants. A peanut vendor will be seen crying and telling a reporter, "I'll never have to worry about paying rent or putting gas in my car ever again."

But, Obama is just getting started. Fifty percent ownership of NFL teams will be turned over to the Players Union, just as in the case of GM and Chrysler. Obama will state, "The working man needs a stake in his own future." This legislation will also demand teams have a minority owner in their ownership group and 50% of all NFL contracts be awarded to minority owned businesses. Not losing the opportunity for a teachable moment, Obama will say, "The NFL must reflect the diversity of America. It is time for the ownership, players, and contractors to reflect social justice. To get this party started correctly, I have fired Commissioner Goodall and appointed Reverend Al Sharpton as Commissioner of the NFL."

Next he'll pass rules limiting work hours for players and declare off-season workouts as "overtime." The White House will set up a Toll Free (800) number for players to call the Bar Association, one of Obama's leading contributors, who will provide lawyers free of charge to sue NFL teams within hours of a reported violation.

Finally, various new taxes will be imposed including "draft taxes," "trade taxes," and a "championship tax" (doubling taxes on Playoff teams; tripling on the Super Bowl winner). He'll impose VAT taxes on everything bought at the games and a "wealthy fan confiscation tax" for prime, sideline seats. Skyboxes, of course, will be seized for the use of government officials, bureaucrats, politicians, and Obama campaign contributors.

At this point NFL owners will plead insolvency and threaten bankruptcy. Obama will ask "So, what's in it for me?" Understanding EXACTLY what he means the owners will make massive campaign contributions to Obama and receive billion dollar bailouts from the U.S. Treasury as part of his next "stimulus" package.

Problem solved. NFL Strike/lockout averted. Obama has done it again. How did business survive before Obama?

Wayne Allyn Root, is the author of the new paperback, "The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold, and Tax Cuts." He is a Las Vegas oddsmaker turned Vice Presidential nominee.

Mar 8, 2011

Laurie Oaks wants us to be civil to bastard polys.

Cartoon By Nicholson.

Some time ago, I had this to say of Laurie Oaks:

“Laurie Oaks is one of the most respected and feared political journalists in Australia today. He is relatively bipartisan in his approach, and gives me the impression that he detests hypocrisy and loves exposing it. …”
Now he has turned around and written a rather lazy, mealy mouthed, diatribe on the strong opinions being expressed in the current row over the carbon tax.

Laurie, on one hand deplores what he refers to as politics with an unsavory feel with insults from both sides getting nastier and more personal, while on the other hand using the term “Teabagger” to describe Tea Party members. This expression is used by the left as a disparaging reference to these people. Laurie may be a bit too old and staid to understand the meaning of the term and has been too lazy to look it up.

It’s a little difficult to be even handed while referring to the right, or elements of it with a term that is, shall we say, somewhat ‘vulgar and biological’ in origin.

Starting off with poor old Tony Windsor getting hate mail for putting Gillard in power and supporting a carbon tax, he fails to mention Tony’s claim to have received death threats which were widely publicized until they turned out to be some guy saying, “I hope you die, you bastard.” This may be intemperate and uncalled for, even a bad thing to wish for, but it is not a threat.

Windsor really needs to harden up a bit.

His issue of Howard proposing a carbon-trading scheme is completely irrelevant as Howard is gone, and it is Gillard who is insisting on it now. Any reasonable person has a right to assume that a clear statement on the eve of the election that there would be no carbon tax means that this issue is off the agenda for the duration of the term. This includes other schemes and Gillard’s explanation is an exercise in semantics.

I am surprised that Oaks has fallen for the line about, “compensation for low-income households,” and claim it is better than Howard offered. To tax the nation on the basis of attaining lower carbon emissions by making energy prices higher, and then give a substantial proportion of the revenue to lower income earners turns it into a wealth redistribution scheme.

Political discourse has not changed to any great degree in the forty odd years I have been involved in it. Right back in the sixties the type of language that is occurring now was happening. Anyone who criticized the Nationals, Labor Party, and Liberals back then knows how vitriolic it could get. There was a rather nasty incident where a National Party supporter verbally abused the wife of our Progress Party candidate, and I copped a rather dirty whispering campaign from both sides.

The main difference these days is not the level of discourse, but is that owing to the net and better communications it is more visible.

Mar 6, 2011

Ray Stevens’ TSA song.

Ray Stevens has been around for ages, starting with Ahab the Arab, through to the smash hit Everything is Beautiful. He has now started doing comedy like “The Global Warming Song.” I found this one on the TSA 'junk checks' over at Human Events:

Mar 4, 2011

Death threat hysteria.

Cartoon: by Zeg.

Tony Windsor, has launched a ‘poor victim me’ campaign of late. One of the independents occupying conservative electorates here, he earned the displeasure of his voters by combining with others to give Gillard government at the last election.

Now that Labor has revealed itself to be the captive of the Greens who will hold the balance of power in the new Senate, Tony is finding himself a couple of places lower in the opinion polls than a dose of clap. The carbon tax we were promised we were not going to have seems to have brought things to head, enraging the voters.

Using logic that makes Charlie Sheen look like an intellectual he is claiming that it is not about his decision, it is about people getting stirred up by, among other things “radio shock jocks.” Likening himself to Gabriel Giffords, (always good for a bit of sympathy) he is now claiming that death threats are being made against him.

When pressed as to their nature however he is evasive, but has released the following:
"You're a f**kin liar, a dog, a rat, a big f***en MP dog doing damn nothing. You wait. You're not going to get voted in again. I hope you die you bastard."
On the surface, I would be prepared to label it somewhat intemperate, and maybe not as couth and cultured as I would wish to appear, but hardly a death threat. It could only be considered a threat if it were assumed that the sender is one of those rare characters who has all his wishes met.

Other than this, it is hard to fault it. Perhaps the word, 'toad' would have sounded better than the second use of dog, - makes it less repetitious. There is the implied threat of being voted out but thats legal, while the, "I hope you die you bastard," is not a particularly good thing to wish for, but is not unreasonable.

One of the problems with the last sentence is that trying to make it better can change the meaning. If you were for example to change it to: "I look forward to your imminent demise, you bastard," you actually makes it sound somewhat threatening.

Mar 1, 2011

Great idea from Kristin Davis.

Image: Proposed promo for the new show.

Ex Madam Kristin Davis has sent out a press release offering her services to CNN to replace Kathleen Parker who is leaving the show:


Ex-Madam Kristin Davis, who supplied call girls for Eliot Spitzer, has a message for CNN executives--"I'm available."

CNN dumped Spitzer's co-host Kathleen Parker from the ex-governor's ratings challenged show after reports that Spitzer felt that Parker, rather than his banal analysis of current events, was responsible for dismal ratings.

"Now that Kathleen Parker has learned that Eliot Spitzer is a misogynist pig, perhaps it's time for CNN executives to pair Spitzer with someone who will challenge his sanctimonious know-it-all rants," "I've spent years dealing with Spitzer, I'm quite sure I can handle him" said Davis, who worked as the Vice President of a hedge fund before founding the most successful multi-million dollar escort service in history. "I'm available."

Davis was convicted on one count of promoting prostitution and served four months on Rikers Island. Her probation ended in November of 2010. She recently founded Hope House, a non-profit program to combat sex trafficking and assist women who have been conscripted into a life of prostitution.

"Ms. Parker's contract, which she most likely got paid in full despite her termination, most likely prevents her from telling the truth about the circumstances surrounding her leaving the show," said Davis, who ran for governor in 2010 to protest the inequalities in the justice system, which caused her prosecution while Spitzer went unpunished.

"If CNN really wants someone who will confront Spitzer instead of a lap dog, I'm their woman," said Davis.
I think it would work and wish her well in her new profession.