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Jan 22, 2010

Another back to work post.

These are a couple of great jokes I received while I was home. Now before you all go racing off to Factcheck or Snopes, I shall point out that I know these do the rounds and regularly change parties. When Whitlam was in office there was the prayer which went:

Whitlams my shepherd, I will not work, He leadeth me beside the still factories, …

After the next election it went:

Frasers my shepherd, I will not work, He leadeth me beside the still factories, …

It is currently doing the rounds as:

Rudd is the shepherd I did not want, …

The Pope and Kevin Rudd are on the same stage in front of a huge crowd at the AFL Grand Final.

The Pope leaned towards Mr. Rudd and said, "Do you know that with one little movement of my hand I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy?
This joy will not be a momentary display, like those believers in a football match, but go deep into their hearts and they'll forever speak of this day and rejoice!"

Rudd replied, "I seriously doubt that. With one little wave of your hand? Show me"

So the Pope backhanded the bastard.


I bought a new Chevy Avalanche 
and returned to the dealer yesterday
because I couldn't get the radio to work. 

The salesman explained that the radio was voice activated. 

'Nelson,' the salesman said to the radio. 

The radio replied, 'Ricky or Willie?' 

'Willie!' he continued and 'On The Road Again' 
Came from the speakers. 

Then he said, 'Ray Charles!', and in an instant 
' Georgia On My Mind' replaced Willie Nelson.

I drove away happy, and for the next few days, 
Every time I'd say, 'Beethoven,' 
I'd get beautiful classical music, and if I said, 
'Beatles,' I'd get one of their awesome songs. 

Yesterday, some guy ran a red light 
And nearly creamed my new truck, 
but I swerved in time to avoid him. 

I yelled, 'Ass Hole!' 
Immediately the radio responded with, 
"Ladies and gentlemen, 
The President of the 
United States. 

Damn I love this truck...

Jan 21, 2010

John Stossel on “Crony Capitalism."

H/t Dr Sanity.

John Stossel is or should be known as one of the greatest advocate of libertarian ideas in the modern era. He has a unique ability to take apart accepted statist doctrine and show it as the ridiculous concept anyone with a rational belief in the free enterprise system know it to be. The only thing I am left wondering after watching him is how the hell we ever reached this point and why the hell we are not out there tarring and feathering the perpetrators.

When I was taking my first few faltering steps toward libertarianism, (actually I leapt in head first, rose to the surface with a joyous shout and knew that this time I had it right, but I digress) I watched the film “The Incredible Bread Machine,” and was outraged by much of what I saw, including at the 18/19 minute mark the stuff about lobbyists. Incredibly the film is up on Youtube, a bit old and washed out, but still there:

Stossel deals with the issue of lobbying extensively in this the first of six videos in the series. For those with less time there is a shorter clip here.

This is part one of six 10-minute clips:

The whole program is worth watching if you have the hour to spare, and part four (about the toy industry) is guaranteed to really piss you off with the government.

Jan 20, 2010

Brown slaps down Coakley.

Martha Coakley turned the MLK Breakfast into a blatant political pitch to try to drag out a few more votes for her sagging campaign. Scott brown was present, although not invited to speak, but made a blistering attack on her for inappropriate behavior, “I certainly didn’t realize that this was a rally for Martha and I thought it was inappropriate that she was starting to ask for other people’s votes when we were trying to remember Martin Luther King Jr.”

Here it is:

From Biggovernment:

“I thought it was inappropriate to be politicking when we are trying to honor Martin Luther King today. I don’t have any comments on what it says about her. Right now I am not going to comment on anything political right now, we’re going to start campaigning in about a half hour… I certainly didn’t realize that this was a rally for Martha and I thought it was inappropriate that she was starting to ask for other people’s votes when we were trying to remember Martin Luther King Jr. …I don’t remember hearing anything about Martin Luther King except for minor references.”

She actually claimed, “Dr. King would be standing with me if he was alive today.”

This is extremely doubtful as MLK was a Republican, having joined in 1956. This is not surprising as the only real support for civil rights since 1854 came from the Republican Party, which was formed on a platform of abolition of slavery. His contact with the Democrats were not what anyone would wish on his worst enemy.

John F Kennedy who voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Act authorized his brother to arrange wiretapping of every place he stayed at, Lyndon B Johnson is said to have stated, "That goddamn nigger preacher may drive me out of the White House." Tossed into the mix were such well known Democrats as George Wallace, Sheriff Clarke, and former Klansman Robert Byrd, who launched a despicable crusade to smear and undermine him.

There is no evidence that King was a masochist so there is little reason to think he would stand with Coakley.

Jan 19, 2010

Allen West just got my vote, well if I could …

“GOP leadership needs to move away from “leadership by entitlement” and find people who will defend limited government, the free market and other traditional values.”

Here he is:

For those of you who have spent a lot of time on another planet lately the “viral video referred to is this one.

From Newsmax:

“It is just a matter of us connecting and getting them to contrast between liberal principles of victimization and conservative principles of empowerment,” he said. 

Republicans, he says, can reclaim the trust that many blacks, including Martin Luther King Jr., gave them by emphasizing the heritage of defending their rights going back to that party’s 1854 foundation and not by trying to be all things to all people.

The GOP pioneered civil rights for blacks through the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the U.S. constitution.

“The first congressmen of this country that were black congressmen were congressmen of the Republican Party,” West said. “Then you contrast that with the segregation laws, the Jim Crow laws and the founding of the Ku Klux Klan, which was the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party.”

He said it took Republicans such as late Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen of Illinois to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act in spite of Southern Democrats such as Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.V., who tried killing it.

“Go back to what you stand for, and the community will come back to you,” West said. “What we need to establish in our culture is a sense of individual responsibility and move away from victimization.”

Rudd and net censorship.

Those of you who are old enough will remember this being banned:

Even some of those who wholeheartedly endorse the principle of freedom of speech tend to leave open the door to censorship, political correctness, and oppressive regulation by accepting the possibility of ‘responsible limitations’ to such freedom. “We must,” they say, “accept that some usages of free speech can cause offense, hurt, and anger etc. and we must therefore have some sort of rules in order to avoid this.” Of course the busybodies of the state agree emphatically.

Just what those ‘responsible limitations’ consist of remains rather nebulous, and any hundred people will probably come up with close to a hundred differing opinions as to the nature of just what restrictions should be considered responsible.

In any society there are restrictions of a voluntary nature, which relate to courtesy and manners consistent with the mores of that society. Essentially if you step outside the acceptable you are no longer welcome, its part of being considered acceptable to the group.

At this point there are no rights issues at stake as the relationships between members of society are voluntary, there is no compulsion, nobody is forced to join in, nor is anyone forced to accept that which is not acceptable. Most of us are capable of interacting in different social environments, for example I can be relatively couth and cultured in polite society or at home, however in the rough and tumble of the mining industry I tend to use different adjectives from a rougher form of the language.

After all Mark Twain pointed out that, "Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer."

Problems arise however when the state gets involved with deciding what is acceptable, in that it opens the door to prohibitive legislation urged by all sorts of groups. Interestingly the Federal government is currently pushing the idea of internet censorship which they maintain is aimed at putting an end to child porn. Protecting the little children is a highly favored catch-cry of the state closely followed by the poor, the elderly, the disadvantaged, and so on, - you get the picture.

Once legislation is enacted and the mechanism for enforcement is in place it is a simple matter to expand the areas into which such laws will intrude and in the main can be done at ministerial or executive level without any form of public debate. It is easy for the government to find all sorts of things to disapprove of and extend bans.

The manner of achieving this flies in the face of professional opinion:
The chief regulatory officer at iinet – the third largest ISP in the country – was quoted recently in The Sydney Morning Herald as saying that filtering the internet at the ISP level was unworkable and would "affect the performance of the network quite significantly".

"It's hard to understand . . . how people will make decisions at the network about what Mr and Mrs Average ought to see, and you're talking about a censoring service provided by the private sector," Dalby said.

"It's much more efficient to do the filtering at the customer's end where they've got control over what they do and don't want to filter out."
Some time ago an Op-Ed appeared on the subject by Greg Wildie in the Gympie Times, which deserved a great deal more exposure than could be expected from that medium, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Here is an extract from it:
What is unwanted content anyway? Unwanted by whom? I track a number of web sites that many people would see as unwanted. There is no better way to know what the loonies are up to than to watch them at play. The mental gymnastics of the Ku Klux Klan are very enlightening. You might dislike the holocaust deniers, but not everything they say is either inaccurate or bad history.

Who will make the choices for the banned list? Will our over-religious prime minister balance his team with a few atheists, to ensure the offensively religious sites get the chop? Are Christian and Jewish hate sites going to be banned along with the Islamic media or will we be too lily livered to dump on all sides equally? Who will stand up for freedom of speech, freedom of political expression and a plain old fair go for all in this brave new world of Big Brother Kevin? Who will really suffer?……..

This is Dot about porn. We have grown up and no longer need our mummies to tell us not to watch the naughty movie. Long gone are the days when Peyton Place and Lady Chatterley's Lover were too scandalous to publish. This is purely about dictating what Australians are allowed to think and know. It is the information control that the previous government lacked the guts to attempt. Don't buy the opposition whining about this. If they had not already smelled like week old dead whale they would have had a go at it. Every government in the world has been wondering how far they can go since Google got into bed with the Chinese regime to suppress "unsuitable" content.

Now is the time for all of us to call upon our internet providers to respond to the government request to test this monstrosity with two words, the second of which is "off' and the first can be of their own choosing. If we do not fight this at the highest levels, we doom our selves to being lead by the nose like cattle. We have already been treated like children in regard to guns, fireworks, video games, pocket knives and pseudoephedrine. We are expected to believe that every problem can be solved by a government ban and that every ban is for our own good. Remember, we are not talking about bans on activities that hurt other people.
The eventual breaking of the press blackout on the Peter Spencer issue was essentially achieved by internet activists.

The only major media to touch it until the last few days were Allan Jones early in the piece followed by a rather shallow coverage in a five minute segment by A Current Affair which did little more than show him up there and really would have left the average viewer wondering just what the hell that was all about. There was some regional coverage including regional ABC presumably caused by the locals knowing of the situation so it couldn’t be ignored. The national media were solidly in the tank for Rudd and not a word got out.

The protest at parliament was the straw that broke the camels back, (organized on the web.) There was even an attempt by the NSW government to shut this down using transport inspectors to threaten the bus companies involved.

The fact is that as the old ‘reliable’ media slowly sinks into obscurity and irrelevance the internet is the wave of the future. The selection of Palin as VP choice in the US was the result of an internet campaign.

Had it not been for the net the press would be currently reporting the discovery of a body of a farmer who appeared to have committed suicide up a wind tower on his property owing to imminent foreclosure. The government would have wanted it that way and given the involvement of the Howard government in this matter I doubt that Abbot would lose any sleep over it.

There is little doubt in my mind that if Rudd gets the chance he will extend censorship to block sites that do not concur with his and his governments interests, in the public interest of course. The ‘public interest has a remarkable habit of mirroring the governments interest. All in the name of protecting the little children of course.

Jan 18, 2010

White House attacks Pollsters;

Cartoon; by Nicholson.

Opinion polls are a useful tool for assessing what the public is thinking and if comprehensive enough, for assessing the reasons behind their thinking. To base ones own opinions on them would be a mistake as the majority view is not always right, Rudd being PM is an example of this.

History is full of examples of individuals or small groups who were right in the face of overwhelming public opinion opposing them. Most of them came to a bad end but went to their deaths with that smug feeling of being the only ones who were correct, although probably regretting that they would never have the chance of saying, “I told you so.”

WSJ has an article indicating that the White House is somewhat displeased about some of the opinions that are coming out in the latest polls:

Polling is both an art and a science, but recently it's also become a subject of political intimidation.

One shot was fired by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Dec. 8, when he dismissed Gallup's daily tracking of President Obama's job approval. It had hit a record low of 47%, and Mr. Gibbs called the results meaningless:

"If I was a heart patient and Gallup was my EKG I'd visit my doctor. If you look back I think five days ago. . . there was an 11 point spread, now there's a one point spread. . . I'm sure a six-year-old with a crayon could do something not unlike that. I don't put a lot of stake in, never have, in the EKG that is the daily Gallup trend. I don't pay a lot of attention to meaninglessness."

Polling is a science because it requires a range of sampling techniques to be used to select a sample. It is an art because constructing a sample and asking questions is something that requires skill, experience and intellectual integrity. The possibility of manipulation—or, indeed, intimidation—is great.

A recent case in point is what has happened to Scott Rasmussen, an independent pollster we both work with, who has an unchallenged record for both integrity and accuracy. Mr. Rasmussen correctly predicted the 2004 and 2008 presidential races within a percent, and accurately called the vast majority of contested Senate races in 2004 and 2006. His work has sometimes been of concern for Republicans, particularly when they were losing congressional seats in 2004 and 2006.

Most recently, Mr. Rasmussen has been the leader in chronicling the decline in the public's support for President Obama. And so he has been the target of increasingly virulent attacks from left-wing bloggers seeking to undermine his credibility, and thus muffle his findings. A Politico piece, "Low Favorables: Democrats Rip Rasmussen," reported on the attacks from blogs like the Daily Kos, Swing State Project, and Media Matters.

Well its great to see the other side in solid denial, “The polls say we stink, they must be biased.” But wait, despite the polls being wrong Obama is making a rush trip to Massachusetts To try to pull Coakley out of the flaming wreck of her campaign, although he must believe they are wrong about him or he would stay the hell out of it to give her a better chance.

Interestingly Massachusetts if Cloakley wins will be known as MassachusettEs, although I probably shouldn’t put shit on her over proof reading as I have my own faults in this area. I quite often let really badly split infinitives get through.

Jan 16, 2010

“The Climate is Changing”

You may find yourself needing this.

By Viv Forbes; Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition.

Important News:

Climate Change: Fact & Fictions

Lord Monckton & Ian Plimer


Graham Readfearn & Professor Barry Brooks

Hilton Hotel Lunch, Brisbane 29th January 2010.

To book, fill out the registration form here.

Lord Monckton will star in other functions in all mainland capitals. Details here.

“The Climate is Changing”

Tom Switzer of the IPA in The Wall Street Journal says it all:

“When I say the climate is changing, I do not mean, as many people do, that man-made global warming is destroying Planet Earth. I mean that the politics of climate change is changing rapidly all over the globe. Al Gore's moment has come and gone.

“In the United States, Democrats, nervously facing mid-term elections, are calling on President Obama to jettison the cap-and-trade bills before the Senate. In Canada, the emissions-trading scheme (another term for cap-and-trade) is stalled in legislative limbo. In Britain, Tories are coming out against David Cameron's green stance. In the European Union, cap-and-trade has been the victim of fraudulent traders and the carbon price has more than halved to $18.50 per ton. In France, the Constitutional Council has blocked President Nicolas Sarkozy's tax on carbon emissions that was set to take effect in the New Year.

“In Copenhagen, meanwhile, the United Nations' climate-change summit went up in smoke. And in Mexico City later this year hopes for any verifiable, enforceable and legally binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gases-and to bring in developing nations such as China and India that were, insanely, omitted from the Kyoto protocol in 1997-are a chimera.

“Add to this that Washington was buried by record-breaking snowfalls last month, that hurricane activity is at a 30-year low in the U.S., that London is bracing itself for its coldest winter in decades, and that there has still been no recorded global warming this century, and it is no wonder public skepticism is rising across the world.” Link to full article:

However, even though the political climate is changing rapidly, it is no time to relax.

Rudd, Wong, Turnbull and the Greens are still determined and there is undoubtedly much scheming going on. We need to keep the pressure on the weak reeds in the Liberal Party, as well as turning up the heat on ALP Senators. Are they voting for draconian measures that will destroy the jobs of their union supporters, turning many decent hard working Australians into paupers and mendicants?

Rudd is still planning to reintroduce his bill. Call his bluff. Reject it and let him bring on an election. It will be a fight worth having. We must defeat this bill. Once it is introduced, there will be so many sucking on the carbon tax teats we will never manage to eradicate it.

Don’t assume that Copenhagen was a failure. They will have some plan to use “International Treaties” to shackle us with an international Ration-N-Tax Scheme that bypasses local parliaments. It is not about climate or the environment – it is about international carbon taxes funding international wealth redistribution under the control of an unelected bureaucracy in the United Nations. See:

“Climate Madness and Electricity Realities.”

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused the Rudd/Turnbull Alarmists of pursuing the same silly energy policies that are converting once-Great Britain into Poor Little England.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense” Mr Viv Forbes said that people need to note conditions today in Britain.

“Ice laden wind turbines sit idle in the still air; solar panels are covered in snow; gas reserves are down to 8 days; pensioners are burning books to keep warm, and a bankrupt government chants global warming mantras.

“This is happening because politicians have been conned by anti-industrial greens to neglect the UK’s reliable and economical coal and nuclear generators, while wasting time and money on pointless climate crusades.

“Australia is treading this treacherous path. The Wong energy plan will consume our savings, uglify our headlands with wind turbines, pave our deserts with solar panels and entangle our countryside with a spider-web of costly and poorly used transmission lines. And still we will need coal and gas to deliver power when the winds don’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.

“When this global warming madness passes, future generations will remove this derelict solar/wind infrastructure and return to the only reliable and economical electricity options for Australia – coal, gas, hydro and nuclear.

“Reality exists, even if there are few who recognise it.”

For some hard realities on Emissions Targets and Electricity Generation Options for Australia see:

Gore’s Books cause Warming in Britain

Washington, DC., January 8, 2009 – It has been reported in the London press that poor old-age pensioners are having to resort to buying books at thrift shops to burn to keep warm during the prolonged bitterly cold weather in the United Kingdom. In response to this humanitarian crisis, Freedom Action is calling on former Vice President Al Gore to join an effort to collect and airlift copies of his science fiction bestsellers to British people in dire need.

“We are collecting copies of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Our Choice, and Earth in the Balance and will send them to Oxfam in the UK to distribute for free to vulnerable people trying to survive the cold weather,” said Myron Ebell, Director of Freedom Action. “We call on Mr. Gore to co-operate in our effort to relieve human suffering by providing copies of his books for burning in stoves and fireplaces.”

“It is appropriate that Al Gore’s books should be used to help keep poor people warm,” Ebell explained, “since the principal reason the British government is totally unprepared to deal with the brutally cold weather is because they have fallen for the global warming myths propagated by Gore himself in his bestselling books. Burning Gore’s otherwise worthless books to keep people from freezing is their highest and best use.” 

For the story on how UK Wind Farms produced almost no power when it was most needed see:

Latest Calamitous Forecast for 2010 from the Government Forecasters

“There is a 40-60% chance that 2010 will be the tenth warmest year in the last decade”.

Power Station Images – incompetence or propaganda?

It seems that never a night passes without TV images of a power station cooling tower with white clouds emerging. This is no doubt intended to promote their mantra of “carbon pollution”.

This illustrates either gross incompetence or planned propaganda by the Alarmist media. All that emerges from those impressive cooling towers is warm air and water vapour. The vapours are as dangerous and polluting as is the boiling kettle on your stove. And all that comes up the real chimneys is carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapours – all harmless natural gases. To understand and combat this nightly propaganda, see how a power station works:

Jan 15, 2010

Massachusetts Senate seat looking good for Republicans.

Some time ago Steve Maloney from Pennsylvania mentioned the campaign of Scott Brown who is attempting to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Ted Kennedy. As I am attempting to concentrate on local issues to some degree I haven’t bothered to report on it but the guy has really impressed me with some of his performances.

Today I found an item on “Delaware Libertarian” strongly supporting him. What is really unusual about this is the fact that DL tends to be orientated more toward pure libertarian thought and for them to support a Republican is almost unheard of. For this to happen, Scott Brown has to be strongly aligned towards limited government, the sort of guy the Tea party movement would support.

“Gurgling” Dave Gergen, empty-suited establishment media gatekeeper, career presidential brown-noser, recent Obamaphile, and otherwise all around elitist jackass, gets put in his place with his hoity-toity attempt at a gotcha question, trying politically to exploit the memory of Senator Ted Kennedy against a Republican.

Shoved very skillfully and understatedly back up Gergen's ass (which to his mind, weighs a ton) is Gergen's typical DC inside-the-beltway elitist premise: that public seats of power belong to the personalities and the politicians who hold them (friends of Gergy, of course) rather than the people.

Gergens assertion that the seat is somehow the hereditary property of the Kennedy’s, is so incredibly banal and ridiculous as to defy belief, but that’s the modern media for you. While the seat was bought and paid for by Joe Kennedy’s moonshine profits, the people still have a say in who gets elected to it.

At this time Brown has closed to within two points of Democrat Coakley, well within the margin of error for the poll. The DNC campaign is now moving into negative scare tactics, and the Democrats are thinking of sending big names from the party to support her. It is difficult to imagine who they will send as from Obama down the political reps from the DNC are about as popular as a dose of clap. It would be nice to see Reid and Pelosi go there, as this would almost assure Brown of the seat.

The Obama factor has wilted with his popularity as voters have started feeling buyers remorse over their choice. It is therefore unlikely he can be used in the campaign except by Brown.

Meanwhile Radley Balco has published an article which indicates that Coakley is a right nasty piece of work in her attempts to deny defendants the right to question the providers of scientific evidence in their trials, many of whom have been proven to be in the tank for the prosecution who have paid them.

Jan 14, 2010

“EPA Declares Mothers’ Breath Toxic.”

Cartoon by Ramirez.

By Viv Forbes;Chairman; Carbon Sense Coalition.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused the Australian and US governments of ignoring real pollution problems while conducting a vendetta against an innocent bystander, carbon dioxide.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense” Mr Viv Forbes, said it was a sick joke that the Australian EPA calls carbon dioxide, the gas of life, a pollutant, while the US EPA has declared the same harmless gas a health hazard.

“The earth’s atmosphere contains 386 ppm of CO2, whereas human exhalation contains 40,000 ppm, over 100 times as much. These asinine laws have thus effectively decreed that a mother’s warm breath on her baby’s face is a toxin.

“And still these imbeciles are not laughed out of court.

“Meanwhile, Asia gasps in a brown cloud of real pollution like the smogs that smothered London and Pittsburgh in the 1950’s.

“The Asian smog is not caused by carbon dioxide.

“It comes from dirty combustion – uncontrolled peat and forest fires in Indonesia, open air cremations and cow dung cooking in India, smoky mosquito repelling fires in SE Asia, rubbish dump fires, dust and ash from dirty old boilers and plants, and poor people everywhere scrounging dung, sticks, cardboard, coal, rags, waste oil and anything that burns for cooking and heating.

“The London smog was cleared away with “coal by wire” – clean silent electric heating and lighting from distant steam generators.

“Anyone concerned about Asian air pollution would be encouraging the construction of clean reliable modern power stations to replace a myriad of dirty open fires and old boilers.

“Instead, fools try to ration and tax a life-supporting, non-polluting, invisible, will-o-the-wisp like carbon dioxide – fiddling while Asia burns.

“Maybe the people promoting the war on carbon dioxide should set a good example and cease exhaling”.

Viv Forbes is Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition which opposes waste of resources, opposes pollution, and promotes the rational and sustainable use of carbon energy and carbon food.

For more information on Asian smog see this.

Go here for more information on carbon dioxide, climate and life see:

Editors note:

This is a particularly dangerous time for climate realists and for freedom in general. Most of the arguments supporting the cause of the climate alarmists have been discredited, and climategate has revealed deep flaws and deliberate malpractice in the scientific methods employed in arriving at those conclusions. There is no evidence whatsoever that government action will modify the climate in any way, nor is there likely to be.

While there may be some politicians who genuinely believe that reducing the miniscule proportion of CO2 produced here, of the miniscule proportion produced by man worldwide, of the miniscule proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere, will result in modifying the worlds cyclic changes in climate, these people are delusional.

Despite this Rudd and his cronies both here and abroad have stepped up their efforts to enact legislation, which has the strong appearance of wealth redistribution and increased state interference about it before their cause is completely destroyed.

This month is crucial. Rudd will reintroduce his deeply flawed and dangerous legislation soon. The alarmists see this as their last chance to enslave us all to their doomsday religion. Once this legislation is on the books, it will be very difficult to remove it.

Jan 1, 2010

Back to the salt mines, well Gold.

Image: from The Peoples Cube.

After a break to recover from pneumonia last time, I am heading back to work.

In line with usual practice I bring you this from The Karl Marx Treatment Centre, and Che Mart.