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Feb 28, 2013

A lesson for Gillard and Abbott, from Hannan

Politicians on both sides of the aisle in Australia tend to view the economy in general and business in particular in the same way that locusts view a crop. A sign of this is the way they tend to refer to increased taxes or the dropping of exemptions to taxes as savings, meaning that they feel entitled to most, if not the lot of what is earned here.

Disturbingly, both sides are viewing big business as some sort of milch cow to be exploited at every opportunity. Labor makes this clear with its class warfare rhetoric, while Abbott intends to impose a tax surcharge on the nation’s most productive companies to install the world’s most generous parental leave scheme; up to $75,000 for six months off work after having a child.

The trouble with this type of thinking is that after being ripped off by the state for a certain a while, and after the price reaches a certain stage, business begins to think that it might be better off elsewhere. British Conservative MP Daniel Hannan makes the point here:
 Government forgets that there are huge resources overseas in places like Africa, South America, and Asia. Mining companies are already looking to those areas, and other business that works internationally can make themselves at home in nearly any stable country, especially those with more favourable tax regimes.

Continued application of the tax lash will result in a nation that only hosts the sort of business that is totally reliant on being here serving only local custom to survive.

Feb 27, 2013

Greedy Gas Giants Gazump Gullible Greens

Cartoon By Baloo

 By Viv Forbes, Chairman,
 Have you wondered why carbon energy giants such as Shell, Exxon, BP, BHP and Origin Energy are in favour of carbon taxes, carbon capture and green energy subsidies?

It’s neither altruistic concern about global warming, nor to boost the investment return from their solar panels. Rather, they have all made big investment bets on that other carbon fuel, natural gas. Killing off coal suits their bottom line.

Coal is the biggest competitor for gas in many energy markets. The carbon tax and mandatory carbon dioxide capture will fall heaviest on coal and will ensure that few new coal-fired power plants are built. And green energy targets and subsidies will force-feed electricity playthings like wind and solar power.

But wind and solar can only produce costly intermittent power, and must be backed up by reliable energy generators which can be switched on and off at the whim of the weather. In most places, that probably means GAS.

Thus, when coal and nuclear power have been assassinated by the greens, and the wind and solar farms are rusting away in industrial oblivion, the main generators left standing will be ... gas-fired power stations. And everyone will pay even more for electricity.

The gullible greens have been gazumped by the gas giants.

Feb 26, 2013

Labor members learn to suck it up again

A former Labor supporter, now with the LDP remarked the other day that nobody stays in Labor without learning how to swallow it.  This seems to be the case with preselection of candidates for seats at the next federal election.
Recently The Northern Territory supporters were effectively disenfranchised by the PM, who decided to attempt to shore up the indigenous vote by dumping a popular hard working senator, Trish Crossin in favor of Indigenous Olympian, Nova Perris who was not even a member of the party.  Party members had no say in the matter; it was dropped on them from above.
Now in what is normally the safe Labor seat of Capricornia, a similar action has taken place, although this time it is a factional matter pushed by Julia Gillard’s union henchmen. Former state MP Paul Hoolihan, a Rudd supporter won handily in the branch member’s vote but was ousted by unions in favor of a Gillard supporting councilor: 
A UNION deal delivered Labor preselection to a former country mayor for the Gillard government-held central Queensland seat of Capricornia despite his rival, a factional ally of Kevin Rudd, convincingly winning the rank-and-file vote on the weekend. 
Former state MP and lawyer Paul Hoolihan, who won 64 per cent of the branch members' vote in the Rockhampton-based federal seat, lost in the face of Australian Workers Union opposition in the electoral college ballot following a factional deal over campaign support and future division of state seat endorsements. 
Mr Hoolihan said the preselection of former Belyando Shire Council mayor Peter Freeleagus was a "disgrace" and that unions had too much power in the ALP.  "There have been calls for internal reform for years, including from Kevin Rudd, but unions are still able to impose their will over the majority of branch members," Mr Hoolihan said."Many of these people in the unions are not even members of the ALP, but they have more say than the rank and file, who are virtually being told that their opinion doesn't count." 
Mr Hoolihan won the branch member ballot by 65 votes to 37, but could not overcome his 41 to nine defeat to Mr Freeleagus in last Thursday's electoral college ballot -- which is made up of 48 union delegates, as well as a vote from Julia Gillard and state president Dick Williams. 
Former Beattie and Bligh government minister Robert Schwarten, who held the state seat of Rockhampton, said the preselection of Mr Freeleagus made it even more difficult for Labor to retain Capricornia, held on a 3.7 per cent margin, with the retirement of incumbent MP Kirsten Livermore.  "This is a case of the tail wagging the dog," Mr Schwarten said. 
"The local members are disgusted that they are being ignored and will still be expected to go out and campaign for a bloke imposed on them by a group in Brisbane.  "The unions are dominating the party, despite having less and less members across the country."
Labor seems to be prepared to sacrifice this seat rather than allow a Rudd supporter to win it for the party.  Capricornia has been Labor held for so long that the only interest it poses at an election is to see how much they won it by this time.  Despite Queensland resembling a slaughterhouse for Labor at the last election, they held the seat with a 3.5% margin.
Now with the incumbent retiring and the membership denied their choice of candidate, it will be harder for them.  While the majority of members will suck it up and do what they are told by the party elite, those who are angry about may make a difference especially with the Liberal Democrats and Katter’s One Australian Party in the mix.

Hayek; Masters of Money

It is unusual to see government broadcaster SBS featuring Hayek in one of their shows although they tend to be a bit more open minded than the other government broadcaster, (yes, we have two of them) the ABC. The video is the second of a three part series, “Masters of Money,” which despite the other two featuring Keynes and Marx, presents an even handed approach to the subject. Those who have the odd lazy hour to watch this will meet a few old friends of the free market movement with a couple of segments of Ron Paul.

Feb 25, 2013

Judge James Gray; joys and frustrations of campaign

Those of us who followed the Libertarian Party campaign in the Presidential election last year are probably still following the statements of Presidential nominee, Governor Gary Johnson.  So far, there has been little said on the VP nominee, Judge James P Gray.
This has changed with an article by him on his reflections on the campaign: 
Many people have asked me what it was like to be the 2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President of the United States, along with Governor Gary Johnson as our candidate for President.  I can say that, on the one hand, it was a deeply humbling, uplifting, interesting and gratifying experience, and I tried to represent all of the people of our country well.  On the other hand, believing that the Governor and I were far more qualified than anyone else in the race, and seeing us almost completely frozen out of the national media and excluded from the national debates, it was eternally frustrating. 
More specifically, I can tell you that it is a big country, which makes money much too important in elections.   But considering the fact that probably 75 percent of the people who voted in the election had never even heard of us, I think we did quite well. … 
… Throughout the campaign when people asked me for more information about the Libertarian philosophy, I referred them to two books.  One is “Libertarianism in One Lesson,” by my friend David Bergland, and the other is “Libertarianism: a Primer,” by David Boaz.  I also refer them to you. 
At the end of the campaign, I flew into Albuquerque from Kansas City and my wife Grace flew in from Orange County so that we could be together at the election celebration that evening.  Since my plane arrived before hers, I was able to meet her at her gate with a hand-printed sign that said: “Grace, remember me?  I’m your husband.”  Fortunately she did, and I am deeply grateful for her support throughout this whole process. 
It was a long campaign, and I believe that all of us did our best.  But it was also nice to have it over, and to return to my private life at home with my wife and family.  I am deeply concerned about the direction of our country, but Life is Good!
Apart from the lack of experience in political office, which seems important to Americans Judge Gray would have made a damn fine nominee in his own right.  His website can be found here. 

Feb 24, 2013

Electricity prices; Queensland LNP learns the art of spin

Curiously in the wake of a recommendation by the Queensland Competition Authority for a 21% hike in electricity prices, the Premier is claiming that the government has delivered on a promise to lower the cost of living in the state.  Such a promise was always a rash one, given the extent to which factors influencing that cost are out of state government hands.
The determination of the federal government to increase energy costs with its carbon tax, and the growing costs of regulation across the economy is always going to be born by the consumer.  The previous government amalgamated many of the local authorities in the name of efficiency, which has caused massive hikes in rate bills owing to bigger councils getting bigger ideas for bigger projects along with bigger edifices in their own images.
The increase this year is exacerbated by the government’s action last year in freezing the power price until now.  Mandated sourcing of expensive ‘alternative’ energy from wind farms and solar panel subsidies are not helping.  Now Newman is talking up the old subsidies chestnut: 
Although Mr Newman acknowledged his price freeze was a "component'' of what the QCA was putting forward, he described the increases as "unacceptable''.  "What I do say today, is that the government will act to make sure people aren't hit with a double-digit increase,'' said the Premier. 
"The government might have to subsidise it, in fact probably will have to subsidise it, but we're determined to find a way to ensure people don't get hit with a double-digit increase."  He said it was too early to talk about the cost of subsidising power bills, or who might benefit. 
"Another day, another time when we've done the work we'll be able to talk about our plan here,'' Mr Newman said.  "But...we are determined that people are not hit with an unacceptable double digit power increase." 
Under the QCA determination, households currently paying about $1426 a year for power, will see that rise to $1715 in the year from July.  Earlier it was revealed households could soon be paying almost $1 per day for electricity before flicking on a single switch.Phased in over three years, the cost of just having a power connection would rise from 28 cents to almost $1 per day by 2015/16. … 
Continuing investment in the power network, coupled with subsidies to solar households and lifting of the Government's price cap accounted for more than 70 per cent of the increase under the new pricing model. … 
Mr Nicholls conceded the Government would introduce whatever price rise the QCA recommended rather than override the independent authority. However, the Government will consider making State-owned power generators and distributors absorb some of the increase. …
Subsidies are not effective in that unless they are financed by substantial expenditure cuts elsewhere; they end up costing consumers somewhere along the line.  They have to be paid for unless the LNP continues to do the old Labor trick of borrowing and living on the never never.  Even this, raises borrowing costs and we all end up worse off.
It is doubtful how much of the rise can be absorbed by power generators given the need for expanded infrastructure.  Companies have been accused of ‘gold plating’ the grid, meaning that they spend a great deal more than they could get away with in order to ensure a reliable supply 24/7.  Were they to desist from doing this there would be a massive scream at the first hints of brownouts or blackouts. 
It is not that many years ago that generators were accused of irresponsibly failing to upgrade the grid, making it unreliable.

Feb 23, 2013

Time to Build Better Infrastructure.

By Viv Forbes, Chairman,
Floods, fires, cyclones and drought are ever-present features of the Australian landscape and have been here far longer than cars, cattle, coal miners and timber getters. 
Yet every time we have a natural disaster, we find government infrastructure washed away, burnt down, blown apart or lacking water. Meanwhile billions of dollars of community savings are wasted on vain attempts to cool the climate of the next century.  
This surely is the year to stop wasting money on climate-change follies in order to allow more spending on real present-day problems like disaster-proofing government controlled infrastructure and land. 
Two policy changes are needed. 
First, stop all federal, state and local government spending or legislative support for climate commissions and bureaucracies, UN-Kyoto junkets, carbon sequestration, green energy, biofuels, carbon taxing and accounting, global warming research and climate change foreign aid. In short, abolish every department, position or budget with “climate”, “warming” or “carbon” in its name or description. 
Second, re-build government infrastructure and manage government lands to standards that can better withstand the inevitable floods, fires, cyclones and droughts.

Feb 22, 2013

‘Topher’s’ forbidden history of terrible taxes

The following clip is an excellent production by Chris "Topher" Field, detailing the contradictions, excesses, and arrant stupidity of a redistributive tax system such as the one we have in Australia. Readers from other nations should not feel too smug about this as most countries are doing the same.

We hope though, that your governments don’t watch this and get some new ideas from it.

Feb 20, 2013

An American view of Aussie politics

Here is an assessment of Australian politics from the libertarian American perspective of Cliff Thies, the Eldon R. Lindsay Chair of Free Enterprise and Professor of Economics and Finance at Shenandoah University.  (Pinched from) Libertarian Republican 

Julia the Red, tubthumper

by Clifford F. Thies 
Rolling Stone placed Chumbawamba's Tubthumping as #12 on its list of the most annoying songs of all time. Its catchy but repetitive lyrics, combined with its head-banging beat, eventually devolved the tune into mind-numbing drivel. 
So it is with the politician this website just loves to hate, the most alluring woman of the left of today, Julia "the Red" Gillard of Australia.   
 Since Julia announced the date of the next general election in Australia, September 14th, she has been falling in the polls, like a hit single that has played out its course. A just released Neilsen Poll shows her party twelve points down in two-party preference, and even her rival for prime minister, Tony Abbott of the Lib-Nat Coalition, leads her in personal popularity. (Losing to Tony Abbott is like losing out in a popularity contest to a cardboard cut-out of Mitt Romney, or - even worse! - to Mitt Romney himself).  
BTW: A Tubthumper refers, in England, to a politician who seems to "jump on the bandwagon" with a populist notion or idea, in Julia the Red's case, Global Warming.
This is probably a little unfair to Tony Abbott, who despite having no real charisma is not the rather wooden and bland type of person Romney is.  Abbott has, unlike many of our politicians spent time out in the real world and has an understanding of the Australian people, something Gillard can never hope to emulate.
On the other hand, he is rather wild and feral in the policy area, probably owing to having no real instincts for real liberalism in the classical sense.  He is not alone on this; you would have to go back a long way in time to find a Liberal Party member who did.

Feb 19, 2013

Gillard adopts ‘wet nurse’ concept from Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s novel about a dystopian future, is widely regarded by many supporters of the free market as prophesy.  Since publication much of the world described in it has come to pass, especially in such areas as market intervention, social engineering and the intrusion of the state into most areas of human existence.
In the Australian government’s new ‘jobs plan’, which is meant to create lots of high paying blue collar jobs in part by giving the manufacturing sector a ‘fair share’ of major contracts, one of the more improbable themes of the novel has been created in what passes for reality these days. 
Ironically, in section two of Shrugged the government passes the ‘Fair Share Law’ with one of the consequences being the government appointment to Reardon Steel of a bureaucrat, ‘the Wet Nurse’ as ‘Deputy Director of Distribution’ to ensure each customer is given a ‘proper’ proportion of production as determined by the authorities.  Gillard has adopted this as policy: 
A recurring theme of this government's policy approach is that obligations can be imposed on businesses and they should somehow be grateful for the (compulsory) guidance.  We also see this approach being rolled out in the Plan for Australian Jobs, this time overseen by Uncle Greg [Combet], who is the Industry and Innovation Minister. 
Here are some of his supposedly innovative ideas. Projects worth more than $500 million will require an Australian industry participation plan. I guess these plans will be judged by bureaucrats sitting in offices in Canberra. 
For projects worth more than $2 billion, Australian industry opportunity officers will be embedded - bureaucrats moving from Canberra to sit in the offices of private businesses - to monitor purchasing. An agency called the Australian Industry Participation Authority will be created. 
There will also be innovation precincts; an investment fund; an enterprise solutions program so Canberra bureaucrats can help businesses bid for public sector work; an anti-dumping commission to protect local businesses ... and the list goes on. 
The net result of this frenetic and pointless government interference in business, according to Uncle Greg, is $6.4bn in extra activity for Australian companies. This is according to modelling undertaken by bureaucrats in the federal capital.
While most of this policy is simple a compilation of old forgotten promises dragged out of the back of the shed, cleaned up a bit, given the old ‘Dulux overhaul’ and presented as new, the idea of embedded bureaucrats is definitely a new one.  Well, outside Rand’s novel that is.

More Destructive Green Policies

Creating Bushfire Hazards

By Viv Forbes, Chairman,
A recent report from friends who suffered terrible losses of buildings, fences, pasture and cattle in the Coonabarabran fire commenced with the ominous and oft-repeated message: “a raging fire came out of the National Park straight for us”.
There is only one way to limit fire damage – reduce the fuel available.
Fuel load can be reduced in three ways – by grazing animals, by planned small “cool” fires, or by mechanical reduction with slashers, mulchers or dozers.
Australia’s grassland landscape was created and managed by generations of Aborigines who were masters at using man’s most useful tool – fire. Every explorer from Abel Tasman (1642) and Captain Cook (1770) onwards noted the smoke in the sky and the burnt trees whenever they landed. This burning created the open grassland landscapes that dominated pre-European Australia. Aborigines lit fires continually, mainly to keep their fires sticks alight. Their small patchwork fires caused no permanent damage to the environment and fortuitously created and maintained the healthy grasslands and open forests on which many animals and Aborigines depended.
There have been two major changes to the tree/grass balance since European settlement. In the fertile well-watered coastal strip, large areas of thick scrub and open forest were logged and cleared for timber, farms, towns, roads, schools and the domesticated grasses of suburban lawns. Most of those trees have been displaced by those people who now, in ignorance, are also destroying the grasslands and remaining open forests by locking up land and preventing any form of regrowth control. Having destroyed much of the coastal forests and scrubs, they are now destroying the open forests and grasslands.
Misguided tree lovers and green politicians have locked the gates on ever-increasing areas of land for trees, parks, heritage, wilderness, habitat, weekend retreats, carbon sequestration etc. Never before on this ancient continent has anyone tried to ban land use or limit bushfires on certain land. The short-sighted policy of surrounding their massive land-banks with fences, locked gates, fire bans and exclusion of livestock has created a new alien environment in Australia. They have created tinder boxes where the growth of woody weeds and the accumulation of dead vegetation in eucalypt re-growth create the perfect environment for fierce fires.
Once ignited by lightning, carelessness, or arson, the inevitable fire-storms incinerate the park trees and wildlife, and then invade the unfortunate neighbouring properties.
Many of today’s locked-up areas were created to sequester carbon to fulfil Kyoto obligations. Who pays the carbon tax on the carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere by wild fires?
The green bureaucracies and politicians are clearly mis-managing their huge land-bank. Aborigines and graziers did a far better job. There should be a moratorium on locking up any more land and a return to sustainable management for existing land holdings.

For a fascinating report on the condition of Australia when Europeans arrived.

An Environmentalist writes about ‘Hazard Reduction Burning:

Abel Tasman comment, Nov - Dec 1642. From Blainey’s “Triumph of the Nomads”, p 67. 

“He sent men ashore - and they returned with the news that the trunks of many trees had been deeply burned and that patches of earth had been baked hard by fire. There was no sign of the Tasmanians but the smoke of their fires could be seen from the ship when she anchored or sailed along the east coast”.

From the Journals of Captain James Cook, Sat 28th April 1770, Botany Bay:

“After this we made an excursion into the country which we found diversified with woods, lawns and marshes; the woods are free from under wood of every kind and the trees are at such a distance from one a nother that the whole country or at least a great part of it might be cultivated without being oblig’d to cut down a single tree;…”

(The Grassy Plains of Queensland in the 1860’s)
Richard Daintree was a, scientist, explorer, pastoralist, miner and historian. He spent much time in the years 1860 – 1876 exploring, photographing and promoting Queensland. A large collection of Daintree’s photographs is held in the Queensland Museum, and some were published by the Queensland Museum in 1977 in “Queensland in the 1860’s – the Photography of Richard Daintree”, by Ian G Sanker.
Here is a picture taken by Daintree, in the Richmond area -not a tree to be seen. Daintree wrote about the vast soil-covered plains: “The resulting physical aspect is that of vast plains which form the principal feature of Queensland scenery west of the main dividing range”. He described them as first class pastoral country totalling about one third of the area of Queensland.
 “Having destroyed much of the coastal forests and scrubs, coastal dwellers are now destroying the 
open forests and grasslands by locking up the land or preventing any form of regrowth control.”
Viv Forbes

Feb 18, 2013

Climate Change Minister puts the bite on LDP Executive for $10

Image Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet
Generally being a member of the national executive of a political party gives little reason for levity or frivolity, especially if it is not one of the major parties that get generous taxpayer funding.  Normally it’s just a hard slog with little other than extra work moderated by the occasional success, although usually small ones.
The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is one such party and has a policy on global warming/climate change or whatever the politically correct title is these days, that states that we are skeptical of government claims to have any competence to change the climate, especially for the better.  
It was therefore amusing to get an email from the Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet laying it on with a trowel over the fact that some Yank called Barack Obama had come out with a call to adopt the Australian government’s position that the climate can be fixed up with a tax.  Most government solutions involve taxes.  On top of that, he put the bite on me to donate ten dollars towards defeating Tony Abbott at the next election:
From:     Greg Combet <> 
Subject:    We're not alone on climate change 
Date:    13 February 2013 4:51:30 PM AEST 
To:     Jim  Fryar 
Dear Jim Fryar, 

Have you had the chance to catch up on President Obama’s State of the Union Address today? Here’s what he had to say on climate change.

President Obama called on Congress to put in place a market-based mechanism to deal with carbon emissions. 

That means President Obama is calling for a price on carbon. Just like we have here in Australia thanks to this Labor Government. 

From our experience, we know it won’t be easy and that the President will meet tough opposition. 

For years climate sceptics have argued the United States is not acting, so nor should Australia. Can you share this video and show them that’s not true?

The President also pointed out that China is going full steam ahead on moving to renewable energy sources and the United States has to do the same.

These shifts on the international stage make it more important than ever that Australia continues to act on climate change. We must not go backwards. 

You can check out some handy facts on China’s action on climate change by clicking here.


PS. Can you help us defend the carbon price from Tony Abbott by chipping in $10? We can't afford to fall behind the rest of the world on this issue.
Naturally, being a big hearted fellow and anxious to defeat Tony Abbott at the next election I am prepared to donate the ten dollars.  It will not be quite as Greg wants it to be; I will be giving it to the LDP, after all, they have a better chance of beating Abbott than Labor has.

Feb 17, 2013

Gillard’s ‘human rights’ advertisement

The Australian Taxpayers Alliance has had a little fun with the Gillard government’s so called human rights legislation, which seems designed to stamp out any form of freedom of speech.
 Owing to public outrage over the possibility that lawsuits could be launched over nothing more than a vague claim to having offended on nearly any issue, abolition of the presumption of innocence, and public funding of claimants, the government is creating an image of having backed off some of the more draconian provisions. The problem though is that it hasn’t: 

It appears the Senate committee examining the bill will next Monday be presented by the Attorney-General's Department with "options" that include the removal of clause 19(2), which would have outlawed conduct that caused offence or insult.  
However, those who have seen the bill for what it is - an outrageous attack on our most fundamental freedoms - shouldn't be opening the champagne yet. No decision has been made to abandon the provision, notwithstanding the strength of the community reaction against it. Besides, there is a lot more wrong with the bill that the government has shown no sign of giving up on.  
The entire history of the Gillard government's attempt to use anti-discrimination law as a Trojan horse to impose a far-reaching regime of political correctness, which would reach into almost every corner of Australian life, has been marked by deviousness and outright dishonesty. 
Roxon has sought to conceal the radical ambition of her social agenda by repeatedly asserting the bill is nothing more than "a consolidation" of five existing anti-discrimination acts. (How often have we heard members of the Gillard government, from the Prime Minister down, use the "nothing to see here" defence?) 
As recently as last week, cabinet secretary Mark Dreyfus (who, as the government's only QC, should have known better) claimed, falsely, that the bill was "nothing more than a consolidation" that did not "expand the range or scope" of existing law. 
Normally a government simply uses spin to disguise its intentions rather than deliberate deceit and outright lies. If this passes though, nobody will be able to point this out because of the act.

Magic-gas Discovery.

Viv Forbes, Chairman,
 It has been discovered that Australian coal has a magical property – it is one of a small group of coals which produces an invisible gas with super-natural properties.
This magic gas, carbon dioxide, first became famous for its claimed ability to warm the whole world, thus removing the threat of a new ice age. The British academic who reported this magic power claimed that winter snow would become “a very rare and exciting event”.
Then an Australian guru predicted that just a tiny addition of magic-gas to the atmosphere would abolish floods, and billions of dollars were spent constructing water desalination plants to combat his forecast of never-ending droughts.
Then after massive snows in Britain and huge floods in Australia, it was widely reported that magic-gas could produce both heatwaves and snowstorms, floods and droughts and even bushfires, cyclones and tornadoes, depending on the way the political winds were blowing in that country.
Strangely, only a few countries are able to produce “magic-gas”. A special exclusive club called the Kyoto Club was formed for these lucky countries. Membership fees are stratospheric, but members are rewarded with invitations to lavish UN conventions at top tourist destinations. However, many founding members have allowed their membership to lapse, leaving only EU, Australia and New Zealand as fully paid up members.
Coals burnt in Russia, India, China, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Canada and USA produce carbon dioxide but their gas apparently lacks the magic climate-altering properties of Australian magic-gas. Amazingly, these properties are lost if Australian coal is burnt overseas – once loaded on a ship the magic disappears.
There are a few unpatriotic Australians who think the whole “magic-gas” thing is a big con, and just an excuse for a new tax. Worried that the world may become sceptical of the magic-gas story, CSIRO has been charged to re-educate these dangerous and deluded sceptics. Vast sums are also being spent by academics to invent more climate-bending properties for carbon dioxide, and regular dramatic announcements are expected on the ABC and the BBC.
 Editorial note; Some warmists are so neurotic that they raise the possibility of global warming induced asteroid strikes.

Extreme Weather is Nothing New

The great snowstorm NSW 4-5th July, 1900 – an extreme weather event before CO2 was invented. 

This is a copy of the original report.(scroll down past some blank space).  
Prof James Lovelock on:
 The Blind Worship of Windmills
 “We never intended a fundamentalist Green movement that rejected all energy sources other than renewable, nor did we expect the Greens to cast aside our priceless ecological heritage because of their failure to understand that the needs of the Earth are not separable from human needs."
The veteran environmentalist added:
"We need to take care that the spinning windmills do not become like the statues on Easter Island - monuments of a failed civilisation." 
The Last Word

CSIROh! Malcolm Roberts has taken a close look at the main taxpayer-funded organisations in Australia promoting the idea that man-made production of carbon dioxide is causing dangerous climate change. His findings demand answers.

Reminder, Lord Christopher Monckton is returning to Australia and New Zealand. For details see here.

Finally, Politicians on Drugs. 
Footballers on drugs don’t worry me, but politicians can do a lot of damage, even on caffeine.
Some politicians believe a tax on the production of carbon dioxide in Australia will change the world’s climate. They are surely hallucinating and should be drug tested.