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Oct 3, 2014

Senate ‘Q&A’ style panel to investigate Qld government

Or: Beware of Greens bearing gifts

Cartoon: By Paul Zanetti 
About the only thing that inspires any confidence that the Newman government is doing anything right is that crony capitalist and white shoe brigade wannabe, Clive Palmer has an obsessive hatred of it.
After years of being in bed with the LNP and a major donor to it, Clive has spat the dummy after receiving unfavourable decisions on some of his projects. 

While most ex-mistresses settle for writing tell-all books or at least a series of well-paid television interviews, Clive has instead used his diminishing wealth to establish his own political party, which he uses to obstruct the federal government’s agenda and use as a stalking horse against the Newman government.
He has now done a deal with Labor and the Greens to set up an inquiry into the Queensland government: 
... Clive Palmer has been engaged in a bitter and long-running personal feud with Premier Campbell Newman and has now been given a significant weapon to use against him.  It is a loss for the Federal Government which had successfully seen off a previous attempt to establish the inquiry, arguing it was without legal precedent and overrides parliamentary convention. 
Over the next six months the committee will examine Queensland's use of Commonwealth funds, the administration of the state's judicial system, and questions around development and environmental approvals. 
The select committee, which will consist of five members but only one from the Coalition, has a reporting date on or before March 27 next year, very close to the date of the next Queensland election. 
Mr Newman is on holidays but issued a statement calling the inquiry a stunt. His federal counterparts said the inquiry would abuse an established principle that federal and state parliaments stay out of each other's business. 
Senator Eric Abetz, the Leader of the Government in the Senate, said it was part of Mr Palmer's vendetta against Mr Newman. "Basically it's a bitch session about Queensland," Senator Abetz said. …
The composition of the inquiry is very reminiscent of the ABC’s Q&A show in which one member of the right is confronted by three or four lefties plus the moderator.  In this case, the Liberals who have 33 senators have a single representative, Labor (25) have two, the Greens (10) have one, and PUP (3) also have one.
The inquiry was scuttled on an earlier attempt to set it up when the Liberals moved to include the Bligh Labor government’s activities as well.  This one was supposed to avoid such scrutiny.
In further developments, Labor and PUP have found they have been duded by the Greens
The backing of the Greens was crucial to the Palmer United Party’s third attempt to secure a Senate investi­gation into all ­aspects of Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s Liberal Nat­ional Party government. 
Greens senator for Queensland Larissa Waters denied her party had been caught up in what the Abbott government has dubbed Mr Palmer’s “personal vendetta’’ against Mr Newman. 
“The terms of reference that we’ve had included will ensure that we can look at not just the Newman government’s environmental track record but the dodgy coal-seam gas approvals under the Bligh (Labor) government, and also Mr Palmer’s own activities with his mega mines in the Galilee and his Yabulu refinery on the shores of the Great Barrier Reef,’’ Senator Waters said. 
Yabula is Australia’s highest emitting nickel refinery.  
The Newman government is taking legal advice on the inquiry, and is expected to turn the tables on PUP and use the Senate probe to retaliate and dump on Mr Palmer and Labor. ...
Palmer and Labor would do well to remember the old adage; beware of Greens bearing gifts.


  1. I think you're naive if you think these strings are being pulled by the Greens. More likely theres European influence at work - nobody in the EU sphere wants any autonomy for the coal exporters, Halal trade resisters or anti-warming campaigners! the treaties are well and truly on fire and the time will come where the questions we had on who pulls the strings will just look dumb.

    Foreign capital, largely linked to ancient blood feuds amongst de-throned royal families, has got this one well and truly under control, and throw in the Halal-meat economy now in full swing in the Gulf states...I think you can see where this will lead! the "committee's" report has probably already been drafted.

  2. If anyone faces an existential threat, it’s Queensland, surrounded by neighbours which want it obliterated eh Federalists to the north, socilaists from the south.

    The apologists won’t admit Queensland used common sense in sacking public servants and nurses deliberately to create civilian casualties for its propaganda war against outide influence and despotism imposed by Federal bureaucrats.

    When the Qld Government sent warnings to public servants it was targeting, Abbott would not allow people to evacuate their buildings without being paid. It punished those who disobeyed. In the third week of the campaign unionists inspired by Fabian propaganda (ie Slipper/Thompson) staged two major protests against Newman, and showed very unflattering pictures of him to some as young as 5.

    Socilaist propaganda images of dead children found fertile ground with blinkered Western leftists.

    Yet what would they have Abbott/Hockey/Newman do? Disarm the economy? Then you would see ordinary workers and social welfare recipients suffer the same treatment as the Christians, Yazidis and Kurds of Syria and Iraq, and any Muslims who don’t get with the program. The only reason the LNP still exists is because it can defend itself and believe me, they have some good old masters to refer to!

    But the morally confused don’t care to grasp this reality.

    In much the same way, leftists of a previous generation laughed off mounting evidence of Stalin’s atrocities.

    It’s a bit more difficult now to ignore the totalitarian threat of militant unionism, with the internet showing you images of starving North Koreans all the time.Time for Aussies to defend their QLd brothers in this committee.

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