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May 19, 2008

Conservative loony fringe for Obama.

Cartoon; The sort of ally the far right will have in trying to keep McCain out.

An Email from Tony Goprano this afternoon alerted me to a post titled “If McCain is “right of center,” pigs fly” on Seeing Red, a conservative McCain hating blog.

The comments section was an eye opener, diatribe after diatribe on McCain being liberal, not conservative enough, getting votes from liberals and independents as well as moderate Republicans (God forbid), and pretty much the sort of things that sane Republicans accuse Obama of.

I thought that the Libertarian Party purists were bloody dumb until I saw some of the replies there.

They scream their heads off about the mainstream candidates like Wayne Root and Bob Barr not being ‘pure’ enough and doing everything they can to block them from getting the nomination even though they are both capable of turning the party into a viable entity.

Then I see these idiots refusing to vote for McCain because he is not a ‘pure’ enough conservative for them, even preparing to vote for a 100% liberal like Obama with all that entails rather than the candidate who won the Republican nomination.

Gee doesn’t that make a lot of sense, if they don’t get what they want they will vote for a gun hating, elitist, condescending, big government, nanny stater. In short a total anathema to everything that Republicans stand for.

This is about the intellectual equivalent of throwing a tantrum and holding their breath till they are blue in the face, only less sensible.

Do they think McCain only got the nomination because everybody but them are stupid? For them to think that, the likelihood is that it is really the other way around. Seriously fellows, when you think you are the only sane person in the world you are either very unlucky or have a serious problem yourself.

If their preferred candidate had got the nomination they would have expected the McCain supporters to take the result with good grace and throw their full weight behind their candidate as Romney, Huckabee, Rudy, and Thompson have done for McCain already. But then, they are honorable and loyal.

These people are piss weak excuses for Republicans who, when they don’t get 100% of the result going their way throw hissy fits and want to bring the party down.


Well we are banned from the site. I guess that is the only way for them to deal with articulate argument.
seeingredaz Says:

We have allowed the last of the McCain bloggers to overtake this comment section. As First Amendment proponents, we mistakenly thought giving equal time to the other side was the correct approach to take. However, we have been alerted to the fact that Arizona’s lone sycophantic McCain blogger has been behind the onslaught of comments, which are coming from the McCain blogging network in various states.

Although we will allow the already posted comments to stay, it is our decision not to provide a continuing forum for these toadies on this site.

You were right, Joe. We were wrong. We apologize.
Seeing Red AZ


  1. Scary isn't it?

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. All I can say is: "Why are you not an American and so many crap artists are?"

  3. McCain is the only candidate who can win this for the Republicans, a far right conservative wouldn't have a chance even against as poor a candidate as Obama.

    What a terrible wast for it to be wrecked by spoilers.