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May 8, 2008

Hilary Obama, Its still on.

The Democrats are still going to be going at it hammer and tongs for a while yet as Hilary is showing no sign of giving up the fight, certainly as at the moment she has not definitely lost all hope, there is no real reason for her to do so. Onya Hilary.

While cheering her on I feel grateful that Mike Huckabee and Mit Romney, were gracious enough to step aside in favor of McCain when they could have gone on for longer.

I am beginning to think that barring an absolute disaster, the Clintons will carry on to the convention and fight it out on the floor if they have to. They are not finished yet by a long shot. While there is life there is hope for them.

The problem is for the Democrats that they have ended up with two politically correct candidates neither of whom are particularly good, just black or female and able to mouth the semantics of the left. Both are actually divisive, both having supporters who if their candidate is beaten will not support the other candidate as even the tired old NYP admits: -

The other big hope for the Clinton campaign is making the argument that Mr. Obama would suffer against Senator John McCain, the likely Republican presidential nominee. The exit polls gave Mrs. Clinton ammunition in that regard: half the Democrats who voted in Indiana and North Carolina said Mr. Obama’s association with Mr. Wright was very or somewhat important.

And in Indiana, for example, less than half of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters said they would support Mr. Obama in a general election, while one-third said they would vote for Mr. McCain. About one-fifth of Mr. Obama’s supporters in Indiana said they would vote for Mr. McCain in a general election should Mrs. Clinton get the nomination. Many of those Democrats can probably be expected to stay with their party in the end, but the figures suggest the intensity of the passion dividing Clinton and Obama supporters at the moment and the challenge facing the eventual nominee in uniting the party.

This has been discussed among us for a while so it is no surprise but now it has reached the stage where a Democrat mouthpiece has had to acknowledge it.

What should be of concern to the eventual nominee is the mutual lack of integrity of the contenders, in that if the nominee gains the Presidency the loser will not be able to have another go for eight years, whereas if that nominee loses it will be only four years.

Meanwhile the Dem/Rep contest goes on. Howard Dean is intent on proving that whatever qualities he has (if any), integrity is not one of them. Skiteing about the DNC's 100-years ad: "I think if you've seen some of the ads that we've put out on Senator McCain, they've been very powerful. The Republican committee is going crazy because of those ads, because they show John McCain in his own words, he drops 10 points when people — independent voters see our ad about his Iraq policy, the 100-year policy that he's got." By McCain's "own words."

The fact of the matter is that they are not McCains own words but the deliberately untrue words the Democrat challengers have chosen to selectively edit from what he actually said.


  1. Jim- love your writing, but I think you are missing the point- all of our libertarian candidates heard John McCain make the 100 year statement and policy about Iraq too. Ron Paul almost broke a blood vessel on that one. As bad as the democrats can be, McCain is going off the deep end, I wish you could be here and see it for yourself, it is like nothing we have ever experienced in the states. I asked the older folks and they tell me that nothing in their memory has been like this campaign season. Here is a quote from life-long, I am talking Ike era, republican, “We have never had anyone who is so astoundingly horrible.”

    The Libertarians, as you know, do not even get a place at the table to debate.

    There was a quote on his campaign website that caught my interest, "We have not had enough American casualties in Iraq. We need a policy that keeps us fully engaged with enemy...."

    I think his neoconservative contingent have lost their minds.

  2. The statement as reported by CNN was as follows: -

    Last month, at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, a crowd member asked McCain about a Bush statement that troops could stay in Iraq for 50 years.

    "Maybe 100," McCain replied. "As long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed, it's fine with me and I hope it would be fine with you if we maintain a presence in a very volatile part of the world where al Qaeda is training, recruiting, equipping and motivating people every single day."

    Hilary, Obama, and Dean et al are deliberately promoting the dishonest line which they have made up, and I reiterate that, they have made up, that McCain wants a 100 year war.

    There is a significant difference between a military presence and a war. The proviso; "As long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed," clearly indicates that he doesn't want a 100 year war and Dean knows that yet keeps repeating it.

    I would much prefer that an Iraqui government which respected the rights of all people and had the support of the people was put in place and we were all able to get the troops out.