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May 1, 2008

Democrat Political Police and thugs in Michigan.

'Mr. Perks,' who has been arrested.

The Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA) is an alliance of Michigan citizens who believe the state government of Michigan is hurting citizens and our economy by taking too much money from citizens and redistributing it through ever-increasing spending.

In the western style of democracy one of the basic principles is that the police, military and public service is apolitical. Once this starts to break down you are on the way to Zimbabwe style of ‘Democracy.’

This seems to be the case in Michigan where the police have been used to try to prevent a recall petition from succeeding in an effort to remove the state house speaker, Andy Dillon from office. Members of Dillons staff are among a group of Democrat thugs who stalk and harass petitioners, as well as potential signatories.

This is a video of a tax day protest complete with ‘Mr. Perks,’ the large pink pig (on the trailer that is) and police harassment.

The next clip gives some idea of the type of harassment the petitioners are putting up with.

As if the use of taxpayer funded staffers and police being used (in what the Democrats euphemistically refer to as educating the public) wasn’t enough the use of convicted felons is really getting to the stage of Zimbabweic.

This from Detroit News: -
The feisty campaign to oust House Speaker Andy Dillon took another twist Thursday when organizers blasted the Democratic Party for hiring a convicted felon to dissuade voters from signing recall petitions.

Party spokeswoman Liz Kerr acknowledged that
Marcel L. Mitchell -- who has been convicted eight times of armed robbery, gun charges and other offenses since 1990 -- was hired to inform residents about the Redford Township lawmaker's voting record. She said there's nothing illegal about hiring Mitchell, who got out of prison last year and is on parole.
But foes targeting Dillon for shepherding tax increases through Lansing last year to balance the budget say Mitchell's job is to scare voters. The accusation is the latest in a volley of claims between supporters and foes about deception and intimidation.

"It's a perfect hire," said Leon Drolet of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, a Macomb County commissioner who is leading the recall effort. "They are pulling out all the stops ... hiring a violent felon with a rap sheet and throwing him in the field for stalking and intimidation efforts."

I leave the final word to one of the commenters on Michigan Votes.

They just don't get it. [By Ben Clarkson on October 2, 2007]

There are a myriad of cuts that could be made before public safety and schools are impacted. My neighbor just had her pay cut $10,000 a year because her Michigan based company is going in the tank. She had a choice, pay cut or unemployment. I can tell you for sure she is planning cuts in her family budget, just like most of the rest of us. As I read through this forum I am stunned at the abuse of power by our "representatives." Allowing the DEQ to write rules that have the power of law, padding government pensions, adding new entitlement programs, what are they thinking!

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