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May 11, 2008

More Democrat Deceit, or Is it a horse, is it a donkey, no its an ass.

I got this video from Flopping Aces.

Note in the segment below the difference between what the DNC advertises that McCain said and what McCain actually said.

Note that FactCheck. Org has said that “What the DNC conveys is the opposite of what McCain said.

McCain’s defence has always been to show the clip or to repeat what he actually said, and Fox played that clip. Dean’s response was to claim that “our problem is that McCain is distorting what he [McCain] said.” The Dems feel that if their edited out sections of what he said are left in it is a distortion. Shout the lie again, fellas someone might believe it this time.

What the Democrats should be highlighting is that immature idiot who says that he intends to withdraw from there and then redeploy if Al Qaeda becomes active there. Well shit they are already active there so why pull out, then have to reinvade with much more difficulty owing to loss of the trust of those who relied on America’s good faith last time, the survivors that is.

Oh sorry, That is their front runner isn’t it.


  1. A lie will be around the world while the truth is still in bed...

    Same old tired liberal 'spin'.

    Which of course is a polite term for 'lies'.


  2. Unfortunately people tend to go for the most interesting story, Al.