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May 24, 2008

John McCain Slams Obama, “military know-nothing”

The following is an article from Libertarian Republican, by Eric Dondero titled “Obama’s non service in the military finally becomes an issue in the race in contrast to John McCain’s War Hero status.”

by Eric Dondero

It's about time. McCain's resume boasts 10 years in active duty in the United States Navy, including 6 years in a North Vietnamese POW camp.

Obama's resume in service to his country, includes nothing. Yet Obama feels the need to lecture McCain on what Military Veterans and Active Duty want from their government.

Typical for a Socialist, Obama views Military service strictly as a means for young men and women to receive more government hand-outs.

From the NY Daily News this morning:

WASHINGTON - John McCain hammered Barack Obama Thursday as a military know-nothing who shied away from service after being accused by the Democrat of going AWOL on helping veterans.

In a blistering attack, McCain told Obama to butt out on lecturing him about funding college aid for vets in a new version of the G.I. bill that passed the Senate 75-22.

"I will not accept from Sen. Obama, who did not feel it was his responsibility to serve our country in uniform, any lectures on my regard for those who did," McCain said in a statement.

Obama threw the first punch in what was viewed as a preview of what could be a nasty general election White House campaign.

"I respect John McCain," Obama said, "but I can't understand why he's lining up with the President to oppose this bill," which provides funding and housing allowances for vets at private and public colleges.
As a decorated US Navy Veteran, I can tell Mr. Obama that Military guys would rather have Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a lifetime of honor in knowing that they served their country in a winning War against Islamic Terrorism and Radicalism, rather than more government hand-outs.

Note from Jim; Obama has a habit of engaging in dishonest and unprincipled attacks, then when he gets slapped down whining about it being unfair.

Eric has more;
More good polling news for Republicans out this morning from various states. According to Hedgehog McCain has a decent lead in tough swing states of Florida, Ohio and Nevada. And this from Quinnipiac on Missouri:

John McCain (R) 48%
Barack Obama (D) 45%

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