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May 31, 2008

Obama's Racist Church Attacks Hillary.

You have to love Obama's moves, using surrogates to attack other candidates, then publicly repudiating them in order to make himself look good while leaving the damage standing.

It is easy to understand the disquiet of Hillary supporters and the anger they must feel at the unprincipled efforts being made by the camp of their self righteous opponent who will of course choose to lecture them on 'divisiveness' if they respond.

I do not have much sympathy for any of the Democrat candidates, I really have no time for the sort of elitist, condescending attitudes that drive the desire to legislate on everything as if the public are too stupid to work things out for themselves.

Hillary is however entitled to be treated with courtesy and respect, and not be subjected to unjustifiable humiliation by persons who are supposed to be spiritual advisors, not participants in the boys club trying to dismiss her.

If these pastors and priests surrounding Obama are the best that Christianity can turn out, the case for separation of church and state remains strong.


  1. Mike Huckabee 08June 1, 2008 at 12:42 PM

    I found your blog by mistake and will certainly never return... you're definetly female and are probably bot even American or born in America... THis is ridiculous. Do you think Obama really wanted to have this story out there? I'm pretty sure he was doing just fine and was about to clinch the nomination before this. He is still going to win its just going to be harder because comments like this do more to hurt than harm him... And politics by association? I'm pretty sure I could dig up some narrow minded people that you are associated with (they probably just won't be as high profile). As for people trying to bully her out thats nonesense, the truth is she has no chance of winning and should have stepped out gracefully after the North Carolina primaries. Now all she is doing is destroying the party and fueling narrow minded people like you... Mike HUckabee is the best candidate but of the ones left Obama is way better than McCain and Clinton.

  2. MH08; Try not to be so shy and inhibited when you are over here, speak your mind, oh thats right you are not returning, and just when I thought we were seeing eye to eye too. Its a real shame you wont be back, I have done a lot of really good stuff on Obana that I really wanted to show you, especially the one a couple of posts up where his campaign is lying about his position on Iraq and the surge.

    After that I could lead you back a couple of months to my feelings on Mike when he was standing.

    you're definetly female and are probably bot even American or born in America... Wrong on the first bit, (what is it that you ultra-conservatives have against women anyway, is there something I don't know about you?) and you are xenophobic but right on the second.

    Politics by association is reasonable when he has had 20 - 30 year associations with these racist bigots and regarded them as mentors. He seems to have a lot of quite disturbing people endorsing him like William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Tony Rezko, Al Sharpton, the terrorist group Hamas, Chevaz and so on.

    An item in American Thinker is highly relevant and to the point: -

    Obama's relationships with radicals should be setting off alarm bells in every newsroom in America. The question of how the press can continue to portray Obama as a "bridge" between the races when his closest spiritual advisors are out and out bigots is amazing - and frightening. If the press is that much in the bag for Obama, what else would they be capable of hiding for the candidate?

    Frankly I don't think I am the narrow minded one here, You are seeing all of this yourself and are so bigoted against moderate Republicans that you would prefer to vote for a 100% socialist than someone who you don't consider 'conservative enough'. I note in Libertarian Republican that the Huckster is mouthing off about libertarians being a threat to the Party: -

    I wonder which libertarian Republicans Huckabee is aiming his guns at? Does he despise Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake and his anti-earmarks campaign? Florida Congressman Tom Feeney of Orlando and his efforts to support tax cuts? Is it Butch Otter, Governor of Idaho and his brand of Western individualism that Huckabee dislikes? Maybe it's Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's government reform-minded libertarianism? Or, maybe it's California State Senator Tom McClintock and his staunch fiscal conservatism, that Huckabee finds as "soulless."

    Just how dumb do you and he have to be to attack good Republican supporters in election year against the type of person described here? You and him are so bloody narrow minded that both of you could look through a keyhole at the same time with both eyes.