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Apr 22, 2010

“Gambling our Future on Sunbeams and Sea Breezes”

By Mr Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition, Australia.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused Australian politicians of risking Australian jobs and industry on a quixotic scheme to generate 20% of 2020 electricity from sunbeams and sea breezes.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that even if this were possible, it could only be achieved by tripling power costs to industry and consumers.

“The proposed Renewable Energy Target Scheme would legislate that 20% of Australia’s electricity must come from “renewable” sources. They tell us this will reduce our production of carbon dioxide and thus reduce global warming.

“This is a foolish gamble.

“Firstly, there is no evidence that man’s production of carbon dioxide controls climate. The pulsating sun, the churning cosmos, the restless oceans, the changing clouds, the swirling jet streams and the erupting volcanoes on land and under-sea are the real climate controllers. Man’s effect on global climate is insignificant.

“Secondly, there is extensive evidence that a warmer world with more carbon dioxide plant food in the air would be a cleaner, greener and more abundant place for most people.

“Thirdly, the only non-carbon fuel that can reliably supply the legislated 20% of Australia’s grid power by 2020 is nuclear fuel. But that is currently prohibited, and there is not enough time for development.

“Man has been using wind and solar power for centuries. They were invaluable for the cottages and cottage industries of yesteryear. They are not suitable to supply large modern cities and industries – they are very dilute energy sources needing large areas of land for collection, and they can never supply continuous power. Every large solar/wind facility in the world has to be backed up 100% by a reliable power source – coal, gas, nuclear, geothermal, hydro or some not-yet-invented large capacity storage unit. Of these, only gas is immediately available and politically acceptable in Australia.

“Compulsory development of wind & solar energy will thus force the wasteful construction of backup gas-fired power plants. Soaring capital and operating costs will then force Australia’s electricity prices to at least treble by 2020.

“But, alas, burning gas also generates the dreaded CO2. And it is not “renewable”.

“Every producer and consumer should be free to use wind and solar power at their own expense, but Canberra should not enforce such job-killing and job-exporting silliness onto every consumer and industry in the land.

“Abolish Renewable Energy Targets – Australia and its climate will be better without them.”

“Carbon Sense” has responded to a call by Penny Wong for comments on the proposed increases in Renewable Energy Targets. Our submission can be found here.

For an authoritative estimate of future power costs under the revised RET Scheme, see:

“The Great Kyoto Land Grab.”

Many Australian landowners have had their land devalued and assets seized in devious moves by Federal and State Governments over several years. This was prompted by Governments using bans on vegetation control to make them appear to be achieving Kyoto cuts to carbon dioxide emissions. The Howard government started it all and then Rudd levered moral obligations into real obligations by signing Kyoto. Both realised that, if they could say they had prevented tree clearing, they became eligible for Kyoto credits.

These credits have real value, but governments have expropriated this value leaving the landowners without the carbon credits but with the pain of the growing burden of eucalypt regrowth.

“Carbon Sense” (in a great hurry), lodged a submission entitled “Grasses, Trees, Climate and Food” which can be seen here:

We were then invited to appear before the Senate Committee when they conducted public hearings in Rockhampton. We accepted the invitation and Viv Forbes flew to Rockhampton. Our introductory presentation “The Great Kyoto Land Grab” is here:

The Iceland Volcano and Climate Change.

The alarmists have a problem. The temperature of the globe refuses to follow the IPCC computer predictions. There has been no warming for at least a decade despite continual increase in the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (from “almost nothing” to “very little”). The northern hemisphere has suffered two bitterly cold winters. After every year of failed forecasts, new excuses are offered up – some alarmists have even discovered the probable real cause – a quiet sun.

But now a volcano in Iceland offers hope to the alarmist cause - “Global warming is there all right, but it is masked by the volcanic dust haze obscuring the northern sun. If it weren’t for this volcano, the globe would be sizzling. Once the haze clears, warming will resume with a vengeance – we have no time to lose – we must pass the Ration-N-Tax Scheme bill as soon as possible.”

And of course we have the serial alarmists who now say that global warming is causing increased volcanic activity (just like wet roads cause rain?).

The volcano illustrates the remarkable potential of molten lava to melt ice and warm seawater. Now we also have a hint as to what process periodically warms deep ocean waters.
 The combination of warm oceans and cold skies is sometimes deadly for world climate.

Warming of the oceans increases evaporation, and winds carry that moisture over land. But the cold continental air turns that moisture into clouds, rain, ice and snow, presenting the sun with a blinding white blanket. Ice, snow and clouds reflect the sun’s heat, causing bleak weather. Once there is sufficient thickness of snow that it does not all melt next summer, more reflection of the sun’s heat causes further cooling. The real danger of all this is not global warming, which brings boom times to life on earth, but global cooling, which is deadly for most of earth’s creatures.

Abundant power supplies on the ground and abundant carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will help societies survive any global cooling. Destroying our capacity to produce cheap reliable power and food, and thinking of burying our valuable carbon dioxide, are suicidal policies.

To see how extra carbon dioxide can feed the world look at this time lapse video here:


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  2. the challenge on finding a renewable source of energy had made e think that what if we want electricity, we literally work for converting mechanical maybe we can add some kind of a pedal device that works like a bicycle, you keep cycling to keep your laptop on for instance

  3. the challenge on finding a renewable source of energy had made e think that what if we want electricity, we literally work for converting mechanical maybe we can add some kind of a pedal device that works like a bicycle, you keep cycling to keep your laptop on for instance

  4. From an engineering and financial point of view, green energy is a hoax. The numbers don't add up, the orders of magnitude are off; German energy statistics are proof.

    The Green Plan looks like it has been made in Germany; Global Warming looks like that too. In 1985, after some obscure Swede came up with the theory. Western countries fell for it, temporarily, in the Cold War mood of that era.

    Most research, including Climategate-caliber gems was financed mostly by the EU, which is a proxy for Germany.

    It has nothing to do with sinister theories, it is a masterful plan to promote and sustain German exports. The Germans are not in it alone, they have an assortment of mostly European business partners but it their effort.

    Desertec, a pharaonic project is also made in Germany. It is grander and quite more elegant than Rommel's Afrikakorps.