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Apr 15, 2010

World heritage double speak.

Australian governments are learning fast from the Americans. Over there they have developed a habit of passing bills written in haste by the bureaucracy without any understanding of the content. In fact I posted a couple of days ago on a prominent Congressman, John Conyers who made the point that it was pointless reading the health bill as he didn’t have the time to read such a large document, and wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway.

“I always voted at my parties call;

And I never thought of thinking for myself at all”

Over here Sustainability Minister Kate Jones had called for public submissions last week over the proposed listing of a large slice of the coastline opposite Fraser Island as “World heritage.” Despite this, her department had already spent up big on a glossy pamphlet extolling the virtues of doing so regardless of any submissions.

Politicians over here love listing vast tracts of land into “World heritage” in order to score brownie points with the Greens. Even the Liberals are not above it, even though they know they will never get a Green preference while their arses point earthwards. Well, live in hope.

There is the usual claims in the document of positive benefits to the community, and goes on to say “the Cooloola area shares the same outstanding values as neighboring Fraser Island” and “Cooloola is a natural extension of the Fraser Island World Heritage Area.” There is no need of course to explain these claims or giving examples, “Look hicks, just do as you are told and bend over and take it.”

The biggest problem with this is the statement that, “There will be no impediment to existing or planned land uses, “unless they threaten the World Heritage values of the area.”

These “World Heritage values” are not defined in any way, shape, or form. It seems we just have to assume that it’s all going to be OK and we have nothing to worry about.

The agenda of the deep greens has no consideration for the rights of the individual. Not property rights, not freedom of access, not anything that we normally assume as free people unless they have their approval, and being lefties, commercial enterprise is frowned on.

Any person with a vested interest in the area should be very worried.

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